Monday, May 16, 2011

"Cecile"--Woman Who Mocked Me After Wedding, About Blood

One of the women who mocked me the day after William and Kate's wedding is named "Cecile".

She says she is Catholic (told me today) and when I asked her in the past what her accent was, she said it was "French" but it's not just French. It's Caribbean. It's a French-Carribean dialect. So she is originally from one of the islands. She wanted to conceal where she was from Day 1, even telling me that she was "FROM" France. But she is not originally from France.

She made a snide comment to me, the evening of the 29th or the next morning, that it was terrible when people bleed from being gored, and went on with odd comments and then looked over at me sharply and smugly and then left. There was only 1 other person there, and they appeared to be a friend of hers.

This was how I knew someone had deliberately hoped to humiliate ME, specifically, even with the wedding, and knew for a fact that some of the problems I've had are because of fear of someone being more interested in me than Kate, or figuring out who the criminals are.

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