Saturday, May 14, 2011

Michael Middleton & The Irish

Pressing on.

I told my grandmother today two things:

Gary Middleton is not just a drug user--he is a dealer.

The second thing I told her, this late afternoon, was something that came to me after I had blogged that Michael Middleton was self-interested and not the type to help the working class though some groups backing them were political.

I had Irish come to my mind. It was after I blogged this and set it aside, the idea kept coming to me, "Irish, he is politically 'in' with some of the Irish and they have supported that family." I have never looked him up in my life. And I said earlier that I didn't plan to do so, but tonight, after being persecuted again (kicked out of the women's shelter for no cause by a woman who has hated me from Day 1: "Deborah"...and it's Deborah though I accidentally called her Donna before) and tortured again, since I have so much free time now, I decided to look him up.

I haven't come across anything really. But the strangest thing is that in trying to find just a byline about the Irish and Middleton, I tripped upon something else that was fascinating.

Be back in a bit.

I'm back. So yeah, never once, because, I guess, I never had any interest in the Middletons, did I look anything up about them. I should have a looong time ago but honest to God, the only things I ever read were a couple of very random clips or bylines in maybe the last 2 years. Seriously. I never cared. Possibly the most shocking thing for me to do, by total mistake, was to find this hilarious youtube video of a woman in what looked like a tennis outfit talking about magic. I joked about it reminding me of Kate and then to my horror, I discovered she had just been photographed by a guy while she was playing tennis. So it was bizarre to me because it sounded like a spoof on something I knew about but it was unintentional.

I think I didn't want to look up anything about the Middletons because I was afraid of what I might find. I didn't want to think about them. With everything that was going on and being done to me, I should have wised up and done some research. While others were afraid of my tipping the basket, I was afraid to do the same and then be called responsible. I suppose I also felt that if I did it before the wedding, it would look as if I was just out to ruin something, so I said nothing.

But actually, having that wedding out of the way really freed me up to feel comfortable to talk about some things that have been going on. So much came through for me with that wedding--just the treatment I was getting and many things became clearer when it went through--I was finally able to see some motives and notice how I was treated and pick up on things. I suppose, for the sake of myself and my son, I owe it to us both to do what I can to investigate. There has been an extreme amount of interest in me from Irish. I think some of it good and some of it bad.

I haven't found much yet, just that some Cardinal was invited to the wedding.

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