Saturday, May 14, 2011

Persecution & "Clean" Torture

I have another instance of persecution to document. But I'll get to that after I describe "Clean Torture".

From now on, I may as well just document as I go along, and it is time for me to buy a journal again and a voice recorder as well.

Not only that, after having some come into an office and try to listen in on my conversation, and seeing this one woman's dislike of me before she had a chance to change her expression, I ascertained (right or wrong) at least 1 of them was Jewish. Instead of asking the mossad question, I said, "How do you spell Mossad?" as I was doing a google search. The woman who was left snapped back at me, "M-a-s-s-a-d." She left after giving me the Arabic spelling for Mossad. I just "wonder" what that was supposed to mean. The woman who said this to me actually struck me as Catholic rather than Jewish. It was her earrings. She reminded me of Canadian Catholics.

Then I looked up "Mossad" and "torture". In the same google search. And that's when I came across the definition of what has been done to me and my son. Along with sheer brutality that has been covered up, we have been victims of what is classified as:

"Clean" torture.

As it turns out, there is no cause for ever calling me mentally ill, at any time, or for any reason, ever again.

Normal Americans who could never imagine doing anything to harm another person, like me, are completely in the dark about the dynamics and modern edge of torture.

The U.S. CIA and FBI are not although I would bet fewer people in the FBI know what it is and even some in military would not know.

"Clean Torture" is the organized and official description for torture that is "clean", i.e., "doesn't leave marks".

This is the goal.

The goal is to be able to torture someone repeatedly and endlessly, and not leave marks and not get caught. This is exactly what my son and I have been put through.

I am going to enclose several links that describe the widespread use of "clean torture".

*Containing Torture: How Torture Begets Torture (Slate), October 27, 2006.

*Interview: The Rise Of Clean Torture (Michael Bond), February 23, 2008.

*Simone Signoret: the star as cultural sign. (book) on clean torture (defined first in WWII era. The "dirty war" was countered with "clean torture" 15, "The torture itself often left no traces and so was called 'clean torture'."

*"White Torture" (Weisse Folter) by Julian Heynan, Briggitte Koelle, Gregor Schneider describes "white" or "clean" torture. "'White' or 'Clean' torture aims to destroy a person's psyche without leaving any demonstrable traces."

*Torture Unit Under Construction In Virginia (Red Onion). (see link enclosures). This one talks about clean torture as psychological torture, but the clean or white torture is used for both physical and psychological torture--as long as it doesn't leave traces.

*White Torture (The Economy Point).
I just had someone use something against me at the hotel I'm at. It was some kind of laser and 2 preppie or yuppie types walked out after it was done. The only other person in the area was/is a black man who works here who was also around the last time I had something happen at this particular hotel. It happened at Embassy Suites, at 23:42-44 p.m. (they have their computers set to military time).
* Torture by Citizendium.

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