Friday, May 27, 2011

Correction On Tub Sitch

Not that it matters, but since my mother emailed me indignantly about how "we did not put you in a tub!" I have to correct the record. I was sort of thinking about myself, lolling about in the tub on a blanket, and thinking "Is this why I like baths so much?" and wondering, "Did I see my reflection in a silver spout when I was lying there? What did I think of the tub? Rub a dub dub, 1 baby in a tub..."

It was a tiny 2nd bath and 2 of the legs of the crib were in the tub, in the bath that wasn't used. I'm sure I was surrounded by ceramic tile and tinfoil though.

(No, just kidding on the tinfoil)

AND! He did not "turn blue", he turned "grey".

So it was laser.

He was fine at the hospital, and they went to a hotel of their choice and during the night...

(HOTEL is even worse. Who knows what kind of weirdos were next door? What, the Seals moved in and set up a little station on the other side of the wall?)

They were not at their own house.

He was totally fine and then twice in the night he turned grey. The doctor paid a house call and all of a sudden he was fine again but then after the 3rd day they took him to the hospital because he still wasn't breathing well, and the doctors said it was a "bacterial infection" but nothing came of it.

They supposedly "did tests" and ruled out some bacterias, but they never discovered what it was, (staph, strep, what) and didn't get to find out, but why didn't they bother to do an autopsy.

Also, if they went to a hotel, I am thinking they were in Seattle, next to Children's Hospital already.

Which puts them in the "laser, technology, & research zone".

It would almost be harder to believe if my parents were at their own house next to the Wenatchee River, in the country, and someone drove all the way over to Monitor to do something.

No, it was in Seattle.

Which is where the Pacific NW Lab was located and other clinics as well. How did he just get a "bacterial infection" anyway, and die from it within 3 days?

It doesn't make any sense.

Oh, but I may have been right about what I got from impressions because I saw an incubator glass as if I were in the incubator myself and I also saw hands on the glass as if people had their hands up and were looking at me. The glass was really close to my face but the hands were farther away.

I have always thought my parents were able to hold him and be right there the whole time but I think they're saying they weren't always allowed to be there for some reason. I don't know, still finding out. I also asked them if they had a teapot on the stove. The pot I saw was white with a silver slightly tapered (barely) spout. Or silver or metal ribbed or trimmed tip but at least a 1/4 inch or so showing. The spout type looked like this (see link above) for Early Wedgewood but the pot was white not black. It was silver trimmed like this and about that length and width. I didn't see the shape of the white pot, just some idea it was white possibly or light and I did see the spout like that.

Something just now, at 4:25 p.m., "aye-yie-yie." A woman said "aye yie yie" (sounds like EYE-YIE-YIE). Probably my aunt Holly to my son or something.
I sort of snuck over to the royal monarchy site but didn't click on any links. Was wondering about shirts but I don't want to look right now. I did see a link to art that looks interesting but maybe some other time.

Oh, my other not-worthy notable. When I saw the CNN footage of Obama-Cameron, I could only see them waist up and I was hoping for a little Marilyn Monroe action with the wind, like a jacket to ruffle up by the wind. I couldn't tell, from CNN but then when I looked at the other clip which I put on one of my posts, I did! see at least Cameron's jacket tip up on one side. I think it's pointless because of course it could have, with that wind, but I was sort of happy to see it just flap up a little bit and wondered if I thought about this when it happened or before. I couldn't tell, from the angle, if Obama's did as well.

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