Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Of My Son's Names is William?

I swear, this is strange, but...maybe my memory is poor? Have I ever written that I realized one of my son's names is William?

If I did, or if it ever registered with me, I totally forgot about it and had it brought to my attention a few minutes ago as I was writing a Birthday letter to my son.

Today is his birthday and I was writing to him about how special he was to me from the moment of conception and how I talked to him and sang to him when he was still in my tummy.

And do you know what, someone in some mafia likes to humiliate me or gets freaked out anytime I EVER mention the name "william" because no matter who they are, they get some order from someone to start cleaning around me, or bringing trash in around me, or spraying the table. It's not about William of Wales. It's about MY SON.

So as I was saying, I was writing this letter to him and after describing the things I used to do when he was still in my "tummy", I explained what his name meant and how I had chosen his name.

So I was writing along, that "Oliver" means "affectionate" and "peace" and that "Robert" means "bright fame" and then I got to "Guy" and thought "I don't know what that name means, I just gave it to him because it's a family name..." and then it occured to me that "Guy" was short for "Guillaume", which is the french version of "William". And then I thought "His name is William?" and then I wondered what "William" meant. I first looked up just "Guy" and it's "Guide" but Guillaume is for William which means "Determined Protector" or "Will, desire+helmet, protection" or "Desiring Protector".

I actually think God brought this to my mind for some reason. It makes sense, because on that side of the family, the name is supposedly passed down through a French connection.

And so I wrote these things to my son and then added what the last name means: "Garrett" means "Spear Brave" or "Strength of the spear" and then all of a sudden I remembered the dream I had of a woman throwing a long handled spear at a deer in the woods.

So I wrote this note to my son and I don't think I'll forget one of his names is William if I didn't remember it before. In English translation it is: Oliver Robert William Garrett. I also told him I almost added in "Edward" (I liked it and couldn't get it out of my mind for some reason), and "Henry" (my Granny's father's name) but thought it would be too wordy.

I like the meaning of "Guide" too, for Guy.

God as my guide.

I guess in Spanish it would be Oliveiro Roberto Guillermo Garrett. Lots of O's! ro-to-mo, ro-to-mo, ro-to-mo.

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