Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fairfax Psychiatric Hospital

I'm getting the record of the abnormal lab I had at Virginia Mason and then the separate notes where the psychologist named "Chris" tried to evaluate me and defamed me.

I went to their website and the entire site is "off" and I immediately had bad vibes from going to it. I realized, "Someone is seriously gangster there, and this site reeks of it."

Then I clicked on the link to the CEO.


His name is Ron Escarda and he's hispanic.

Reading his photo, the first thing I got, right at the start, without any doubt whatsoever, is this man is involved with the mafia.

I don't know which mafia, but he's in deep.

The woman who was sent out to evaluate me, when anyone in their right mind would have known I would have to go to the hospital after an assault like I experienced, was a woman sent by him, and lined up. Her name was Chris.

This man, Ron Escarda, knew some of the people who were in Seattle, causing problems to begin with. I wouldn't trust this man with anything.


This is a man who will do favors for those in his family, in his church, and his mafia and he is cut throat about what he does. How he stays under the radar, and works as a CEO at a mental health facility is beyond me.

I believe he has at least one solid FBI contact from Seattle as well. A dirty one.

The Middleton backers are indebted to this group, right here.

He put a bullet in my attempt to get my son back with a false report that I was psychotic when I wasn't, after his gangsters assaulted me and knew I would have to go to the nearest hospital. They planned it out.

He's dirty.


Ron Escarda, I would not ever think, from this moment on, that you are safe any longer, from surveillance, and investigation. And neither is your friend Chris.