Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lo Ami & goodbye norma jean

Good Morning.

Psalm 110:1.

"My Lord said unto my lord, sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool."

I put these words as my title today, because it came to me this morning while I was at the gym. Lo Ami. Lo Ami. Someone was Lo Ami or saying others were Lo Ami.

So I wrote it down and then after I wrote it down, I looked it up. It means, "Not my people."

The other verse that kept coming to me was this, and I didn't read it myself: "My Lord said unto my lord..."

Over and over. "My Lord said unto my lord,..."

This morning I was standing at the mirror, blow drying my hair to curl it and a woman moved a stool from one side to underneath me. Immediately beneath me. She could have set it to my right or left but she moved it directly beneath me. And then after she did this, and she was just cleaning like normal, I felt it was symbolic for something. I then had this verse come to mind, "My Lord said unto my lord,..."

Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool.

God will do it.

The scripture verse I got from the Y today was from Daniel 12:3, "Those who impart wisdom will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness like the stars for ever and ever."

This morning I read from the Old Testament, the beginning of Judges and another part too (will have to look it up) and then I read from the New Testament, about not showing favoritism and who are the meek in spirit and who are the corrupt.

Contrary to what the world would have us believe, it is the rich that exploit others, not the poor. Not all of the rich, of course. But the chapter said, "Do not seek out a seat next to the rich and tell the poor man to stand over there in the corner, to the side, to not associate with you. Who are they that exploit others? is it the poor? no, it is the rich." Who has given you a bad name and made themselves your enemy? The poor? no, it is the rich.

And it made me think about how I was fine with mingling with the poor as long as I didn't "have" to, or was set to the side, and how I felt a little bit embarrassed when I stood in line with the homeless for breakfast, the first time was to mingle and the second time because I am broke too. And yet the energy there was better than the energy in some churches.

I'm not saying the poor are all "good" at all. But it is wrong that the U.S. has laws against discrimination against the minorities, and against the disabled, and against all kinds of things, but those who are poor, are discriminated against more than anyone, no matter whether there is a disability or not, or they are of color or white, or whatever.

The check and balance for a capitalist society that has run through the corral and broken the gates and fence, with renegade rich officials who are corrupt, is an equal opportunity law that applies to the poor and which safeguards against discrimination from State and federal entities.

If you want to discriminate against the poor, in the private sector, maybe that's your business.

But when it comes to a government agency, you can go to hell if you continue to trample on the rights of the poor, and abuse your authority, because some public officials and their corporate gangsters have decided, "First we'll break them by taking everything they have and then they are vulnerable within the system and to us, because there is no law to protect them and we have the laws in our hands and will put them around their necks like a yoke of slavery."

Fuck you.

CPS, for example, has demonstrated one of the worst track records, with regard to civil and human rights, than any agency in the history of the U.S.

They are supposed to be an agency that protects children but that's not what they do. They have made jobs and money for themselves and the State by trafficking children of the poor. Every single case, is against the poor. It is not because there are more abused children in the poor sectors. It's because when the parents are poor, they are prey, and vulnerable to abuses by corrupt public officials who want to line their own pockets with the business of shuffling kids around, like cattle or pigs in a pen.

They have created more social disorder and traumatized more children with their actions, than any other agency in government history.

Do you know what Jesus Christ would say to CPS?

He would say, "FUCK YOU" and "Let the little children come unto me."

This country doesn't have to be socialist or communist or anything. But right now, it's not a democracy. Capitalism run amuck and taken over by a Plutocracy enslaves the poor. And those who are corrupt know exactly what they can get away with, because if they have money backing them, they can do whatever they want, knowing there is no such thing as:

"Discrimination against the poor."

Hence, we are members of a Plutocracy where the most evil of the rich have tried to blind and mislead the good rich, and put the poor under their thumbs as slaves.

Their children and their families, are slaves. And it really doesn't matter what fucking color you are or whether you are well enough to work or not, does it?

Come on now, think about it. Are you discriminated against, and jerked around and mistreated because you're "Black" or "hispanic" or "a woman" or "gay"?

No, you're going to be jerked around if you're POOR, period.

And that is exactly where the corrupt rich will keep you--poor, and they will use the country they purchased with their own cold, hard, cash, to make sure you are fed just enough to think it's a ridiculous idea to start a revolution in the United States of America.

I just found out that my brother was fired the same time I was. At the grand occasion of the Wedding & A Funeral. Exactly as I thought, someone went after not just me but my brother and family members.

Why mark the date with these events unless some group is so corrupt and so afraid of some of us, that they wanted to make some kind of a dirty point?

Do you know what God told his people one time when he was going to do a miracle and kill off and root out the enemy? He said, "Get rid of some of these warriors. I'm going to do a miracle and you have too many men."

Any soldier hears there is strength in numbers.

But sometimes, God wants to do something showing those who have the "Big Numbers" that they are his fucking footstool.

"No, you still have too many people. Get rid of them. I am going to do a great thing."

I think the point was that God didn't want people to doubt what He could do and chalk it up to the "great army" and their resources and power. And maybe too, He felt some of the warriors were not really warriors and he was only selecting the very best.

"Clean OUT the HOUSE. There are still too many."

God cleaned out the fucking ranks and then He said, "That's it. Right there. That's my number. GO!"

And this small army went out and killed and defeated those who were oppressing them, their families, and their children and who blasphemed and insulted the name of God.

Who can stand before the Almighty God?

Those who are wicked get away with their games for only so long and then the trumpet sounds, and the glass jars break, and the corrupt people start turning against themselves within their own camp.

If you are "hard-pressed on every side" it might be it's because you have something that outshines anything their group will ever have: courage and integrity.

They may try to take away every single thing that you ever worked for, as has been done with me and my brother, and others who have tried to help me fight against corruption, and all of a sudden, a few groundhogs start perking up. They put their heads up out of the holes in the ground and look around and think, "Hmm. There is something strange going on here. There is something very evil and wicked happening."

All before you know it, the enemy realizes they had groundhogs living right under their noses and they are going to fucking tear up the turf.

There will be no exterminator in sight.

You want Groundhog Day? I'll give you a fucking Revenge Of The Groundhogs.


The other day, when people were still laughing and mocking me and looking a little uncertain though, at the same time, my head was high because I know THEY know their "number" and time is UP.
I did a Gideon thing and decided to ask for a "sign", praying, and really knowing to go by my instincts and reason more than anything. But I prayed for something too, and I saw how it landed, and I believe it. I believe my God.
I put on music at last. I chose "King of Fools" by Delirious and I didn't change it or skip over it when the song "Sanctify" came on.

Then some dumb song came on and I clicked past it, about oh how sad you must be when it looks like others have more than their share.

I really don't care who is rich. I care who is using their fucking resources to OPPRESS and torture others. That's not "jealousy" of the rich. I have been richer than any of my own peers at one time. I know what money is and I know how to manage it and invest money.

I have had others who were jealous of ME, go after me and my family and take everything, because they knew MY money would be used for good and they wanted "money" in the house that would work evil to their own advantage.

My blog? my voice? They have depised me because I call into question the corrupt, no matter who they are. The pen is always mightier than the sword, because with words, you will inspire more people than you ever could with a gun.

Activists and those who encourage change and accountability are thrown into prisons and falsely arrested and tortured not because they were violent criminals but they are calling into question...who?

The violent criminals, whether they have a tie around their neck or not.

Someone who is not afraid of investigating something, who is also smart enough to do it--that combination of courage and brains, is a FACTOR. It is something to be reckoned with that others will attempt to destroy because they have no one in their own group that is able to counter the truth of what you are about.

So they bring out violence, and defamation, and the criminals they know and have befriended from inside the system, to oppress and destroy those who might "disrupt" their own scandalous plans.
The "hey-day" of those who have kept me down for almost 10 years, is just about over.

Those groundhogs have another name. I'm sure you're clever enough to figure it out.

And they have been sniffing out your shit for a long, long, time.

Your group, with the power at the top, is about to crumble like the tower of Babylon.

Like the Medical Center in Missouri that just had a fucking hit by a tornado.

Your people have NOT been "God's people." He says to you, "LO AMI."

How many times did I ask for peace? How many lies have you spread about me and my son, under the eyes of God? God has kept track.

Think about how many of your own people you could have saved if you had not gone after the innocent? me and my son?

If you want to rejoice in what you've done to me and my son, why don't you take a look at the fucking carnage that has been done to your own group, by "natural disaster" alone?

If you ever stopped once to ask God what you were doing wrong, I'm sure He could have given you the answer but you refuse to listen.

Instead, you have worked revenge and retaliation against the innocent and then acted shocked when another earthquake or tornado or other disaster fucking wipes you out. You have plenty of money and NO fucking brains and you don't know what a soul is. You have had NO respect for God. And I'm not talking about a "Godfather." I'm talking about the LIVING GOD.

Now, on the my next post, I will write about some new discoveries I made about corrupt medical workers who were also Catholic, in Wenatchee, who went after me to defame me and rub this in.

I have more evidence than I did before.

I also have some stories to tell about what has been done to my son.
This morning, I read a little bit, and then rolled out of bed, kissing my Bible at the part where it said not to show favoritism to the rich. Then I walked out in to the rain and it was pouring and storming!!! STORMING. With rivets of water running by.

I stood there, looking at a boy with just a t-shirt and asked God, "Will you just clear up the rain for the kids so they don't get rained on?" I didn't care if I was rained on myself. Then I walked out into the rain, which had lightened up a little, and saw the kid get into a car, so he didn't have far to go. Then I walked out and it was still raining with lightening behind me flashing. I thought, "I can stand under the shelter out of the rain or I can cross the street, right up to this obnoxious blond woman in the long white SUV who is making fun of me, and pass her and stand out in the open and trust God to stop the rain."

And so I walked across the street to either be rained on, which was okay if it happened, or trust it cleared up. And I crossed the street, leaving the shelter of this one area, and the rain quit. I first saw 2 flashes of jagged lightening and it was barely sprinkling, and then everything quit all at once.

When I walked across, there were 2 dogs loitering towards me. I thought, "That's weird." They weren't on leashes and there are never dogs there. It's the first time I've seen them. I walked over, even though I didn't know if they were nice or mean dogs. I stood there and saw the weather change for good, and not go back to rain, and these 2 dogs walked over to the wall behind me (sort of to the side of me) and both of them, at the same time, perched up there to stand, like 2 lions or figures guarding the entrance of a doorway, and they stood and stretched out their chests and then after I saw this, they turned around and walked back.

I sort of thought it had to be some voodoo thing it was so weird, but I also thanked God for stopping the rain altogether. What the dog thing was about I don't know, but I do know what God is about.

I guess it's possible that I never had to walk to that side at all. So maybe it was part of what God wanted to do, I don't know. I know that I asked God, as I was walking up and before I decided to go under shelter or out into the open, I said, "Please direct all my steps and do something amazing to show your power, for your glory."
Then I was at the gym and I had some kind of impression again and I believe I am seeing things through the eyes of one of the royals or the President or first lady. I think it's happened more than once and I've been trying to figure it out because I'm not trying to see all these things. I had my eyes closed in the sauna and I saw a dress with a wide full skirt, like a summer or spring dress, and I wasn't sure if it was more than one but a pattern on it and I said to the woman there, wondering if it was about her, "Have you been shopping lately?" she said no and I asked if she was wearing a dress to her graduation or had to pick one out for something. She said yes, sometime. I said, "I can see you in a full skirted dress, like a spring dress with a full skirt or something."

Then women came in wearing dresses, but none like what I saw. I didn't see anything like what I was seeing until I sat down and saw CNN footage of the royals and the President. Voila. What I had seen. The exact kind of dress I had just tried to talk about with this woman, an hour earlier. I talked to her at about 7:00 a.m-8 a.m. exact or a little before or so my time and then saw the clip at around 8:30 or 8:40. It was like an hour later.

I asked God, "Show me something about this woman" and closed my eyes but I think I got something for someone else. It looked like both The Queen and Michelle were wearing that kind of dress.

The clip ended with Obama and the Duke walking past black bonnet guards, and one guard tips off and walks another direction and then the screen went plain black for a minute like there was a glitch and then came back and it was the newscaster. The main thing I noticed, was the dresses because I had just "seen" in the mind's eye, dresses like those the Queen and Michelle were wearing (maybe mostly looked like Michelle's but i couldn't see the Queens bc she went around a corner and I didn't have a good look). I sat there with my hair in curlers and make up done. I had put a white towel over my curlers and I've been wearing black every day. There is a method to my madness but I don't advise anyone follow my suit (look at how well it's played.) I just looked up the origin of the phrase "follow suit". Hmm. I had just left the sauna and heard the whole song of "Goodbye Norma Jean." It was the first song I heard today. The one by elton john. I took my shower, blowdried my hair, rolled it in curlers and then walked past the sinks and to the steam sauna. I put my bag in the dry sauna (keeping my eye on it) and crossing to the steam sauna, heard the song and didn't feel like "popping" into the pool room for the song. Right. Stand there in curlers norma. imagine you're marilyn monroe or that they're playing your song. So I went into the steam room instead, with my black shoes on, my blue jeans, my black long sleeved shirt with my tank under, and walked around slowly to steam up my hair and heard the song. And then I went to the dry room to dry it out and that's when this woman came in and I closed my eyes and saw the dresses. Then I was sweating so I blow dried my hair in the rollers and had the towel on my head, and watched a little news and there were the dresses. ?
my other minor impressions...some kind of stitching at the bottom of a handerkerchief (probably just white but different) or where people can't see and a coin in someone's shoe. I don't know who has a coin in their shoe or why, but i had this impression, and I would really love to know what it's about. I think it's just 1 shoe and not both but I'm not toally sure and I might have to look up coin traditions ? I got both ideas for a man but I don't know who. I don't know what kind of coin either. But just some idea of 1 coin in a sock or under a sock in a shoe.

I looked up 'coin in shoe, tradition" and found some ideas, but I don't know what it means for this man or why it came to my mind at all. I think it came to my mind after I saw the clip of where the president was today but I can't say there is any correlation to anyone there. It just oddly popped to mind.

And then something, just now, at 11:34 a.m., about someone wanting to take hold of clusters of the vine, figuratively speaking, and mine.

(big eyes)
(big eyes)
blink blink
twisting of the side corner of the mouth
I tried to put on music for the rest of the time here and then I'm off to work on putting my passport stuff together.

I requested Maranatha singers and I got something with christmas music. It's the holiday one I guess but that's not how it's labled. I listened to "What Child Is This" and then went to a singer I've wanted to listen to for 2 days but couldn't remember her name (until I remembered to take my DHEA this morning and yesterday). Oh my goodness, it makes me feel like playing piano. "A Sorta Fairytale (live)" on Alice @ 97.3: This Is Alice Music 7.

Lace crochet 11:58 a.m. Paper lace doilie. I don't know if it is this song or what but I saw what looked like a paper snowflake but I thought, no, it's a paper lace doilie. maybe it's the way she plays piano and the theme of this song.

I thought to skip past 6 songs total and listen to what was there and it is Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You."

Sigh. This is the most tragic life I've ever lived while sitting on my ass.

Let's see, what am I doing?

Oh yeah, making photocopies of my articles and photos and taking them to the post. And, ummm...?

I did have one idea come to mind--stop swearing.

I have to stop swearing, command of God.

At least reduce my swearing because it's detracting, esp. when I bring up the name of God.

I just sensed good energy. 12:15 p.m. I like this song, by Tori Amos and it's the first time I've heard this one: "Time" on Strange Little Girls

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