Sunday, May 22, 2011

Documentation of Abuse of My Family

I don't believe I will get anyone involved with helping me prove abuse to my family unless I am out of the country.

I could take the same photos and documentation of my son's sliced up face, and my Dad's throat cut, and my son forced to pose in various ways while looking traumatized, and I can take photos proving my own evidences of torture, and a huge stack of documents proving persecution, very real persecution, and there are some countries that would pay attention.

It is really a very serious, very serious, harm to the United States, in general, if some of this "gets out" to others and for the life of me, I think that's why I am constantly surrounded and harassed and contained.

I feel it would be a huge and significant blow to the U.S. record of human rights, were others in other countries, to read through and see what is happening over here and how I have gone to every possible source for help and had some criminals blocking me.

Not only that, there are some people in countries that will believe me. They don't think I'm nuts. They think something has been going on. And for them to get the kind of discovery that I could give them, about who is corrupt and who has been okay with me, is actually very good discovery and information about the inner workings of some in this country. If they want an inside perspective and scope on what has really happened and been allowed, and names of those involved...

I'm their woman.

What is so unfortunate, up to this point, corrupt public officials, instead of sizing me up and grabbing me and protecting my family and asking me for information so they can clean up, they have allowed others to discredit me and portray me as nuts.

Instead, they could have been smart and think, "This woman is an asset because she has had better inside detail on what is going on in the courtrooms, jail, law enforcement, mental health wards, and military or other intel."

Even on a local level, this is invaluable information to some.

For me to get out and start proving persecution and documentation, it would be a MAJOR shock. Hearing me talk about it is one thing. Having paperwork and records to back it up is another thing.

The things that even my own public defenders prevented me from putting into the public record, where anyone could see my evidence...these things, coming to light and with my testimony of others covering up this information, is potentially very damaging.

It is shocking enough to have an international branch of Red Cross or other humanitarian agency involved and yet the U.S., to cover for what they are not doing and for the corrupt officials, would even try to block objective people from evaluating my son's condition and what the State has done to him and allowed to happen. Even his tooth deformity, any objective dentist can take a look and see it's there but they covered things up. Which is more suspicious.

The only way for the U.S. to prove to others that they are not involved, on a federal level, is to quit allowing others to obstruct justice and open an investigation and protect my son and I.

Otherwise, by this time, from what I have already, it looks like the U.S. has been complicit, even if they are not and it is just several high up corrupt officials.

You either have to clean up the cover up and move those to the side who are in the way, or the entire group suffers the consequences of blame, as accomplices. It makes others who may be innocent, look bad.

Which is why public corruption is a problem and why blocking me from justice with false accusations is not productive in the long run.

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