Thursday, May 26, 2011

U.S. Catholic Police State--Patriot Act

The Patriot Act helps one group:

The same dirty and corrupt cops that infiltrate and don't know how to follow laws.

Instead of asking for accountability in how U.S. citizens are monitored, this allows corrupt cops and intelligence to take their own personal feuds into a big discovery lottery win.

I sued parties in 2001. In 2004 The Patriot Act enabled enemies who were defendants in civil court cases, to abuse their authorities and gather information on me for reasons other than legitimate law enforcement purposes.

The Abbot of Mt. Angel Abbey, a Ukrainian Roman Catholic monk, asked the Mt. Angel Police to put me under "investigation" without my knowledge, after I went to him with concerns.

Who had me under surveillance? The Catholic officer that went to the town Catholic parish.

They defamed me and kept it a secret and all in anticipation of being sued and wanting to get some dirt on me or to tarnish my record. 2004 comes along and I they sent their people in to not just surveil me but gain access to any and all information about me that was possible and then turned it around and used it on me, to harass me with.

They had motives for wanting to wiretap me, and it wasn't because I was "a dangerous criminal." They wanted discovery on me, and they wanted to make me look bad, and they were digging for dirt and ways to harass me through their fellow members.

This way, I couldn't even get up to the FBI front door without a Catholic squatter in a squad car knowing where I was going and alerting someone to be present and block me from getting to a Protestant with some brains.

They intercepted my every single move, and obstructed justice, through the tools of "The Patriot Act".

They opened and read my mail. They refused to send me all of my mail. They opened and scanned packages. They started tapping into my computer and then found some of their buddies to call me "crazy" when their techs started doing some crazy things on my computer, like hackers. They alerted police over in Oregon, about my whereabouts when I was living in Washington, and told them to pull me over for a suspended license that wasn't even true. They tapped my phones and house and bags, just to find out where I was going, who I was seeing and what I was doing and then they beat me to the punch.

I withdrew from litigation in 2004, months after The Patriot Act was signed, because I was suddenly being harassed more than ever and got sick with biochemical experiments that someone thought they'd throw in for fun.

I got my first "Date with the FBI" after The Patriot Act was signed too. Boy Oh Boy was I ever lucky! The FBI then used Catholics who were my enemies, to block me and harass me from getting FOIA so I was able to defend myself against their false accusations.

Catholics in law enforcement, the Justice System, and intelligence, used The Patriot Act as their own personal tool for getting personal religiously motivated revenge against me.

And not even ONCE did they have to have to hire a Private Investigator. Who needs a P.I. when you have all your buddies in the system getting away with crap not even P.I.s can get away with?

They knew they could do whatever they wanted to do, and never get in trouble, and they could come up with excuses for why they were doing it. Not only that, they knew they didn't have to leave a paper trail either. They don't have to go to court to make requests--they just do it.

They have locked in corruption by having free access to listen to whatever they want to and tip off the people that pay them or who are friends. They lock in corruption knowing no one is able to look in on everything they do and they don't have to get approval from a Judge for everything either. They just do it.

The Patriot Act has been the favorite tool of the corrupt law enforcement.

I looked up the 2nd amendment rights because it was mentioned in an article, and the man says he doesn't know how it's a problem. This is a right to bear arms but also to have a "well regulated militia". No one in the FBI is allowing for a militia anymore. They call militia's "terrorist cells".

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