Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Anti-Torture Organizations

I've contacted a number of anti-torture organizations.

I'm having some things mailed to me and I'm trying to line up diagnostics to prove I've been tortured as well.

It's going to be very difficult but there is NO WAY I am letting this go.

You do not torture someone for years, and then laugh and mock that person and try to say they are just "crazy" and that the reactions are part of some deranged personality.

I was tortured. My son was tortured.

My son never should have been kidnapped from me and everything I did for him was because we were being tortured and I will prove it.

I will never back down on this.

I don't care who tries to call me crazy--it is the truth.

No one wanted to "set me free" by the truth either. They wanted to discredit me and lie and say I was just nuts. They wanted to jail me, detain me, and punish me over the truth.

It is the truth. I am not wasting anymore time in my life, denying it is true, just to make some group happy and feel they can get away with torture and murder.

I had all these people say, "Just say it's imaginative writing and that it's not true", and "People will think you're crazy if you say these things."

I don't care.

I tried it the other way, and that didn't work. It allowed criminals to continue in their crime and made me a laughingstock.

The fact that I've had someone doping me up and medicating me has been to smokescreen effects of torture. These people want to point to medications and say this is why I have "symptoms" or any damages and try to discredit me by claiming any effects or marks on my body are not because of "torture" but because "She is medicated and doesn't know it but there are some minor side effects and that's what she's describing."

They have wanted to say my complaints are a combination of psychosis and mental illness and side effects from drugs and medications.

This is a lie.

I and my son have been tortured repeatedly in the United States.

And yes, there are criminals who masquerade as "public servants" and they must be held accountable.

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