Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Climbing Mt. Ararat with Epice


I bought smoked paprika last time I went shopping bc I've never used it before. I've used hungarian paprika lots, but not smoked paprika. So I have few ingredients right now but picked up my paprika and thought, "the green beans". Without looking at any recipes or anything. So I put smoked paprika into a bowl and a drop of water and then took out my green beans and dabbed it in the paste and put it in the microwave, meanwhile thinking "the fenugreek" possibly, with green beans. So I chewed on a fenugreek and tasted a bit of paprika and wondered if anyone combines these things and I found lots of recipes for green beans with smoked paprika and almonds and then for smoked paprika and fenugreek, something called "Ararat". Sounds glamorous but rugged. Waiyte, waiyte...not glamorous. Adventurous.

Just tried plain paste on green bean microed and yeah, it works. I thought the fenugreek and smoked stuff worked too so I'm trying that now, and did think, maybe with lemon and other things. Looked it up and I agree garlic or some other things could be arranged.

I really couldn't figure out what in the world I would use this smoked paprika for so I was going to wait until I had almonds and sautee them in the skillet with this and maybe a little honey, but the green beans are an excellent match.

Look what I found! I loved reading this (not through yet but so well-written I am linking it up to this post). Lev Sercaz and Ana Sortun. The Ana blend sounds super good too. And it's true, about the matches. Just like people and I just put 2 tags from my potatoes into the garbage looking at what they said, "Homemade has met it's match". For some reason, they got stuck in the back of my cupboard:

I don't know. I randomly selected this link instead of the ones to Boite a Epice because this one sounded like, from the byline there, that it went into history and I enjoy reading about the history or origin of things. Like, like.

Looked up the other catalog now too. Yeah, it's sort of my cup of tea...things I would imagine blending. They all sound good.

I had also had black beans come to mind, with what I have here. I figured black beans would blend with smoked paprika with a few other savory seasonings.

I ate all of my oatmeal pumpkin apple rosehip cookies today. Super good...well, not the best ever, but wholesome snacks.

I thought then, what should I look up? I don't want to listen to radio right now. So I usually wouldn't pick, of the Disney movies, jasmine, but thought I would and randomly picked this one and when I saw it I cracked up laughing.

I haven't seen this movie since 1992.

Looked up the poster. Anca Uriel. Those Romanian Romantics.

Then I found this, at random. Spooky.

The Twin Sister Doppleganger:

Let's Hear It For The Boy (deniece williams):

Really liking this song. Went to The Smiths and playing this one a lot:
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

and if you want to Live, who do you need to know (greeat line)
I feel such good energy with this song. looked it up on wiki just now.

what parents can do (with photos)

I got upset tonight bc someone was repeatedly obstructing my ability to document what my parents did. It's like these people like to dish it, and have it served to them, but they can't take it. They have been repeatedly removing my videocam and jamming my laptop. I was photographing evidence of their abilities and couldn't even get it for hours bc of obstruction.

Then, in some of the ones I finally got, someone added something to the photo that wasn't even there. The webcam was clean and there was no shadow and someone inserted their own little stripe of a mark into the photo viewfinder. How, I don't know, because like I said, it wasn't in the photo and I also looked to see if it was caused by a shadow and it wasn't.

Then someone jammed my mom's laptop too. Someone called her up about business and my Mom has to use her laptop for real estate business and all of a sudden, someone jammed her computer so she couldn't use it when she was on the phone with a client tonight, at about 7 p.m. or so.

I said, "These cheap cheats. They can't take it. They allow me to take photos if it's something THEY want or that they want to use for themselves or if they think they're going to win something from it and then if they don't want it, they jam our computers, obstruct the ability to photograph evidence", and tonight, they obstructed competition by interfering with my mother's job which is her livlihood and way to make money. They try to capture failure whenever they can and want to omit anything that proves they've been beat.

Tonight I sat down at the fire and I was plugging in my laptop and noticed a v and also a spider and I said, "You know there's a dead spider here?" I had already set down my mail and keys and didn't move anything. I rearranged my mail a few times bc I was looking at it. But then I picked up this spider for some reason and my Dad was in the bathroom and I looked at it and it was the same color as this toy our dog plays with that was upside down. So I looked closer and it had one side of it's head burned off. The same side that I said the military was targeting last Sunday. So I dropped it, off to the side and didn't pay attention and then my Dad came out of the bathroom and I said, "What's that smell?" and it was something burning. He grinned and said it was the heater and it was sort of warming up, but I knew he did this bc he knew I had looked at the burned head of this spider. Which was the same color as my hair by the way. But it's not about me, it's about what they predicted bc then my Dad sat down and I started telling him about my dream and I got to the part where I was telling my parents about the girl who was about 5 or 6 and said she had dark brown hair and was white and then I met what seemed to be her older sister who also had dark brown hair and was white and she spoke in English first, and didn't actually have any accent, but somehow I knew she spoke another language so I asked what accent or what it was and she said Russian. My Dad then got up to do something and grabbed something, some white socks off of the shoes in an L shape, to take upstairs, and then when he left I noticed the layout on the floor. It exactly matched what was right next to my side.

By the coffee table, ahead of me, was a pair of shoes in an L shape to the left and then a toothpick at an angle behind it, and then above, a black rectangular box and to the right, a stuffed animal the same color as the spider.

Right next to my side, were my keys, that landed in an L shape, with a rope at an angle above it, matching the toothpick, with the black box of my computer cord matching the one on the coffee table ahead, and then the spider about the same distance away.

I was sort of stunned bc it was exact. Then, I saw the stuffed animal on it's back with paws in the air, and I decided to look more closely at the spider and sure enough, the spider had landed on its back with legs in the air. AND, facing the same direction as the stuffed animal.

It was an identical mirror image of what was ahead in front of me, already there. And the cord I had brought in myself, my keys I randomly dropped, and the spider I sort of flicked to the side and didn't even know I would be picking it up to look more closely at it when I entered the house.

And I had my 2 envelopes to the right side, where the rest of this was as well, but then set them to the other side.

On my other side, my left side, I didn't notice as much, but it probably matched something.

When I picked up the spider to look at it my Mom was on her laptop and then got out the book she's been reading "Engaging the Enemy" by C. Peter Wagner but I don't know if it's really her thing, like it's not something she'd usually be reading.

My Dad has been reading this other book, I Will Be Free When I Die, about a man put into a Cuban prison for 22 years and then he gets out. He got out in the 80s and then became a missionary and died in 2002. My mom said, "He got out of prison just to die?" My Dad explained again, but my Mom thought it was more like after all that time, he was released from prison just to die.

When I was trying to take photos of the layout and how it matched up, and proves predictive abilities, someone kept shutting down my laptop after I lined it up with viewfinder, and then kept removing my webcam. Then when I finally got it back to line up again, someone had put their own little thing in there, of some black line, and it's not part of the photo at all. I thought it was the cam and it wasn't and it wouldn't rub off and then bc it moved with the laptop wherever I moved the laptop, it was obvious that it wasn't a shadow either.

To my left I had the envelopes set down, and they were a variety of ways so no perfect way. I mean, I had them on the right at one point, until I picked them up to read and then put them to the left, that sort of thing, but not trying for anything.

To my left 2 letters addressed to me and then this flap from a stamp tear-off thing that I use to put over my webcam. I randomly tore it off and it has 3 sections and was lying on the ground with the dog sniffing around at one point.

There was a lot more but I didn't walk around and look at everything.

I mainly felt bad for my Mom bc while interference with my laptop is not presently and immediately interferring with my business, it does with her and it's wrong.

Not only that, I think she gets very little credit and that they don't get the recognition they have deserved for what they know and can do, because they've been oppressed by some group. Someone has just been jealous and wanted to make them seem insignificant.

It's like this time when even recently, my Dad gave me a CD with songs and I completely randomly ended up on the Zion one just as I was making all these different calls, not even thinking about who I was calling, and ended up hearing this song come on as I had just dialed Zion bank. And what was weird, was that the communications were obstructed with. Someone had literally turned their phone system off or just turned it off, somehow, for my call because it was 4 p.m. PST and they were open and it was saying it was after business hours.

So I don't know what the point of that was, unless it was to make sure no recording system documented the fact this Zion song happened to come on at the exact moment I called, and it was the first time I had ever heard this CD, and I didn't know length of songs either. It basically would have proven my Dad knew the timing somehow. But someone made sure it wasn't documented by interfering.

So for whatever game some of these people play, they don't play fair. Actually, it's WAY beyond "not playing fair". They cheat to the point of torturing others, literally.

I had the same kind of telecommunication obstruction when I was in E. Wenatchee with my son and trying to call medical groups and medical insurance groups. It happened while trying to call Wenatchee courthouse and I had tons of my calls rerouted as well, which started in 2006-2007 when my son was with me. I would call for Fred Meyer and get a mental health clinic.

That's Hate Crime.

I had people with power to obstruct with telecommunications doing this just to make me sound crazy when I wrote about what was happening. "Oh, you just dialed the wrong number." I didn't. And I had vm recordings about how a business was closed, or corporate office in CA was closed (for Molina), all the time, and they weren't closed, and I got this when calling the Wenatchee district courthouse too.

I'll put up the photos.

Yeah, just looked at these photos. Someone was being so completely obstructive. I am not kidding. Not only did someone put a black line at the bottom of the screen to the left when there was no such line at all, these photos are totally blurry and they weren't when I focused the view finder. Whenever I tried to get more photos, the webcam disappeared. I will explain some different parts, but you can hardly see for yourself.

Okay. That black line on the bottom left, is not in the actual photo. It's not a shadow or something in the frame or something on the webcam. Now, to the left, a pair of tennis shoes and they are in an L shape, with the one facing to the right and the other in the back, toe pointed to the heel of the shoe you see the side of. Behind this shoe, was/is a toothpick, a single toothpick, lying at an angle that matches the rope toy you will see in the next photo. Then on top of the coffee table, to the right side, there is a rectangular black box and it's for a cell or keychain or something. Then to the right, on it's back with paws in the ear and head to the back with bottom part closest to the camera, is a stuffed toy.

This is the same shot but totally blurry, however, see the rope toy to the right hand bottom of the frame. The angle of that rope, straight like that, and this angle, matches the toothpick angle that is on the floor, on the rug, next to the back left leg of the table and you could put a straight line between the rope line and the toothpick. Sort of where the shadow line, the first one closest to behind the side shoe, is approximately where the toothpick is lying. The rope toy will also help figure out the position of this first photo in relation to the next one. I should have stood up and gotten one shot with all of it together, but I had HUGE problems with the webcam and internet connections. Someone kept removing the camera, and jamming the laptop so I had to restart it probably 60 times within the 1 hour I was trying to get photos. It was bad. Some of the photos are not even showing up on my laptop as saved either, so I can't access the ones with better angles.

This shows how the keys are sort of in an L shape, like the shoes were. I dropped them there and that's how they landed. Then there is the rectangular black box there, from my laptop cord, which I didn't position. The rope toy in front, to the right of the keys, like the toothpick is to the right of the L of the shoes. Then, to the right of this black box, is the spider on its back, matching the stuffed animal on its back which is to the right. However, it's not in the photo. If you see the leg of the rocking chair there, you see almost the first half of it or 1/3. The spider is right across from the keys. As the shoes are to the left and the stuffed animal to the right in the above photo, so the keys to the left and the spider to the right matches. It's up farther to the right, about 1/2 way across from the rocking chair leg. I would say, that black box there on the floor, matches the distance of the black box on the coffee table in above photos. It's slightly closer to the right, to the stuffed animal. As is this computer box, which is slightly closer to the spider which rrandomly landed on its back with legs in the air like the stuffed animal.

The stuff up above by coffee table, was positioned before I got there but I didn't know. I just picked things up and dropped them down and then realized oh my gosh, exact layout and realized my parents had accurately predicted where things would land. The spider was off in a far corner and I picked it up to look at it and then sort of flicked it back, and it ended up in the same parallel spot as the stuffed animal above is in relation to everything. Truly, fantastic. Which is why I feel whoever was obstructive with my photographing this, is horrible because they're trying to hide what my parents abilities are and my own credibility. It's like they're scared or never want to give credit where credit is due.

I should add, in the first photo, you can see the black box on top of the coffee table is to the right, and in front of a maroon book. Well, my black box from my laptop which is on the floor, is in front of the rockingchair which has a maroon blanket across the seat cushion for the dog.

If you see a tiny brown speck closer to the keys, that is teeny piece of wood I brought in on my shoes I think and absentmindedly looked at and broke off and a little piece fell there but it was done before I realized the layout in front of me. So I was sitting so that these keys were to my right side and sitting back with my bottom parallel to the black box almost so from my view, the angle of what was in front of me directly lined up to how things were placed before me above. In this next photo below you can see a little speck to the right top corner and that is the spider. I guess it's not closer to the black box but is about parallel to the stuffed animal in a diagonal. I will sketch something to show relation. But for now, here is the next one showing the L keys and then the spider on its back.

Ohmigosh. I just realized something new, but I'll write about it at the end. So next, I'll post a close up of the spider (the only photo that's not blurry). You can't see it really but I tried so, so, many times and my webcam kept disappearing. This is as close as I got. This spider had one side of its head burned off. If you looked at it right side, with its legs down, it was the rightside of its head. On its back like this, the burned off part would be to the left of course.

Here's a closer shot of the spider, matching close in color to the stuffed animal:

The next one will show the burnt part of the head a little bit more. You can see, at the top, a tiny bit of black and that's because it sort of charred. The angle is right of the head at the top like the stuffed animal, and it's still on its back. If you see the wall to the left bottom corner, this is the direction, up against the wall that I found the spider and looked at it.

This next photo shows the rope toy and then to the right upper corner you can see the color of the blanket. It's only showing that corner, but it's across the entire seat. So, looking at the rope and then knowing where the laptop black box is, you can see the laptop black box is in front of the crimson blanket, just as the black rectangular box on top of the coffee table is in front of a crimson Bible or book.

I'll write about the part I just realized, and then draw a sketch and add it. What I realized, just within the last 1/2 hour or less, (it's now 12:40 a.m.), is when I wrote to explain the little brown speck closest to the keys, of the little piece of wood I broke off. After I wrote to explain what it was, I remembered how it relates.

When I plugged my laptop cord into the wall, there was tiny piece ...hmm? well maybe not...I don't know, there was a little ^ shaped straw or tiny thin piece of wood to the left and then to the right in the corner, the dead spider. I left the ^ there but I picked up the spider to look at it and noticed the head and that's when my Dad came out of the bathroom with a smell of something burning, and he said it was the heater. But now that I think about the ^, I remember how I found this tiny rectangular piece of wood on the bottom of my shoe or something and I looked at it more closely and then absentmindedly broke it in half. Sort of like the ^ might have stood for the fact I'd break something in half and then leave it to the left. Which is where it did end up, to the left side actually.

SO I'll draw a diagram to show relation.

But it shows that while I didn't even plan or know what I was doing, it happened and lined up to what was laid out ahead.

There's way more than that. I'm not kidding about reading minds. How did my Dad know I was looking at the burnt head of a spider when I didn't say anything out loud and he was in the bathroom with the door shut? When he came out, I'd already dropped the spider again and it wasn't in my hands but he left the burning smell to signify he knew.

Shep. Hey. Not everyone gets "headaches" like we do. My family is tortured, literally.

I was just thinking, maybe the wood piece is to match the wood coasters on the table to left corner. I don't know. Then the rope for the long candle thing in the center of the table? My parents would know better how to explain what lines up. I made a fast sketch and I'll explain it bc it's bad.

Okay, to the left the doorway entrance from kitchen to livingroom. A wall that leads to a corner where the woodstove is at an angle. Looking at the bird flies, down on this, to the left of the woodstove the stack of wood and to the right a fire extinguisher and the outlet along the wall, near the rockingchair. My legs drawn extending out from the woodstove as I sat with my back up against the woodstove, in the middle. The "L" for the keys next to my right leg, then a speck of wood, then the black box from my cord for laptop and then the spider to the right of this. Parallels to the crimson book from the crimson blanket on the seat of rockingchair, from the spider on its back to the stuffed animal (same color) on its back, from the rectangular black box on the floor from my laptop to the black rectangular box on top of the coffee table, from the "L" shape of my keys to the "L" shape of the tennis shoes, from the straight toothpick to the straight rope toy, and from the broken off piece of wood to the wood coasters on top of the coffee table at the upper left corner. At least 6 lines of parallel and I'm sure I missed some. Not only that, my L keys, the piece of wood, the black box angle and position of the spider were all randomly placed or dropped by me and I never thought a thing about it until I looked over and saw the match-up. The spider had been in the corner up next to the right side corner of the woodstove. The ^ of the wood or straw or whatever was to the left of the outlet in the wall and the spider to the right corner right up tucked next to the wall. It ended up getting moved out bc I picked it up for some reason to look at it. I guess it's possible the small piece of wood was just an accidental or possibly to parallel toothpick with the rope parallel to the straight line of candles on the table. I don't know.

Pretty good though. Shocking, to me. I never rearrange or touch a thing once I figure it out bc I don't want to alter what's there. So if I'd wanted to, I could have made more of an L of the keys but I didn't touch them. I left it as it was found when I realized how it matched up.

If I wanted to draw a line from the dead spider to the book my mom was reading, when my mom's chair was to the left of the woodstove, it would make a > I guess. I could probably think about the lines of parallel on the other side too.

To the right side of my me, and of the fireplace, looking down on this diagram, there was also 1 log of wood on the hearth. To the left side, all the logs and then all the lighters there to the left. There was also an L to the left side, and I set my mail down there and then a little 3 left clover sort of, from a stamp thing I have and use for my webcam cover appeared when the dog came over and snuffled around and moved it a little. I had 2 pieces of mail and they ended up across, parallel, to my mom's black business bag. I guess I could make a line of that. The letter on top was from "The devils' kitchen", addressed to me, and I could have drawn a line from that letter to the book my mom was reading called "Engaging the enemy". Also, she had papers folded in her bag, but peeking out, that were folded exactly like the guy from Eastern Oregon University folded it, which was atypical and I opened the letter in front of her so she couldn't have known ahead of time. So I could draw a line from the left side from the letter to the identical way she folded her paper and left it peeking from her bag. Hmm, at least, then, 2 more lines so that would make 8, and then the lighters on that side formed a ^ pointing, actually, if you drew it out, and exact inverse of the invisible lines that could make a > one way would make a < the other way, but to a diagonal.

My Mom had her papers in her bag folded the exact same way this man from Eastern Oregon folded his letter to me. It was unusual because it was folded 3 times but instead of a perfect 3 times, there was a thin overlap which was then folded, the long way, across the top. And that's what my Mother had in her business bag and I took my mail and sat down there and opened it up in front of her so she didn't know ahead of time.

I moved the letters around a few times, so things could have lined up to match different things accurately and then I moved them.

But yeah, I could draw another diagram and include my mom's chair and her bag. I should have photographed the way her papers were folded in her bag but I'll draw it out.

Trust me.

They are gifted.

And believe me. We are tortured and oppressed by some group jealous that uses some kind of govt. friends.

I'll add the lines coming from the left side tomorrow and upload.

There were a few other things going on but I first noticed the most obvious. But yeah, there are other things I can draw out to explain and show and I'll remember tomorrow. And actually, if the lines were exact, and in proportion, they would probably not be all straight to the left sort of, but in more of a "v" and to and angle, because the objects close to me were smaller and closer together and then the objects in front were larger and farther away, making more of a V of lines from my right hand and I could make another from the left tomorrow. The engaging the enemy book was set down on the right arm of my mom's chair, whatever that means, but across on the left. There were some lines for the left I guess.

So that was in 1 hour. More on that tomorrow.

I looked at what I drew and thought, "I look like spiderwoman" and after seeing the rust colored spider there with it's head seared, don't want that to be me of course. I don't think it means anything. There is more from the left and then here's something else.

1:45 a.m. I walked over to check on my parents house after I turned on heaters for my bedroom. I went over to the radio and it says "No". It's just what it says when it's turned on and I hate seeing that--"no". So I thought "No" and didn't like it and tried to turn it off and it wouldn't go off when the radio wasn't on so I unplugged it.

Then I walked over to my parents house and checked different points and when I was underneath their bedroom window, one of them said out loud, loud enough for me to hear, "No". They're in bed. They should be asleep. But someone isn't sleeping and they knew when I was under the window and what I had just been immediately thinking bc they made a point to say it out loud in the middle of the night.

They didn't say it like "No!" but more like an answer to this kind of question, "Are you a bad person?" and the response is, "No". Or when you ask someone, were you in my file? and they say, "No" in that certain tone or whatever. So it was sort of muffled but I heard it and knew they'd read my mind.

I had just spent 5 minutes, before going to their house, figuring out how to turn off "No".

Then I went to the south side of the house and there is still some wacked out technology over there and it affected the right side of my head ONLY when I was standing right there. It was like a weight of a pressure of some kind standing along that side. Like an atmospheric pressure but different, kind of walking into a wave thing where there is pressure and then my right side of my head was deliberately targeted again, 1 time. I don't want my parents to be tortured. Or my son, or my family. Just let us be left alone please.

My Dream & Scripture From Last Night

I decided to wear a lot of green today and thought I looked like "The Abdominable Snow Pea" or "Green Pea". After I had it on I thought about my son and how someone said he liked this color but I'd have to see him say this for himself because people tell him what to say and do. I wore different greens with black and white. And my jeans and pink socks and blue and yellow socks and black tights. And an apricot shirt too (put on later for extra warmth). And, I have a maroon rubberband for my hair but haven't put it in my hair and had it on my wrist for when I need it.

I wouldn't usually share my dreams, esp. when I know about things--about how people can try to project into them and sometimes it's just a mixture of different things.

But first I want to write about what I found in Scripture at random which I thought was really cool to read, esp. after having just blogged about the same thing. First I turned in one Bible to I John 1 about taking things you know to be true, and keeping them close and if you keep going there is a section about testing the spirits, which I had in mind when I was thinking about false prophets and discerning what it research attempts and what is from the Holy Spirit--not that research can't be neutral, but still, knowing if something is from I had just blogged about how it's wrong, for example, for a 700 club person or protestant (or any religion) to try to use something in the name of God when they know it's not God. Then I read from Isaiah and landed on a section about inflamed with wine, which I thought not to really be the kind of inflammation I had in mind when Rep. Frank came to mind, and just read a little of this section (I am not down on him at all, and think what TN did was atrocious).

The part that stood out to me was when I then went to my other Bible and prayed and opened to just read something before bed and I got I Kings about false prophets.

The best part was that it came alive to me, almost like seeing a movie while I read it. Instead of just reading about these 2 kings, King of Israel and King of Judah and reading a rote passage, it came alive like I was watching a movie. Which is imagination, you know, you read a novel or something and you form a picture of what you think the person looks like and how things unfold.

I landed right on the section about how God said he needed someone to put a "lying spirit" into the prophets. About how then a Spirit stood before the Lord and said, "I'll do it. I will put a lying spirit in all the prophets." I Kings 22:22.From there, I thought, ohmigosh, and then I went above to start reading from the point of these 2 kings in their royal robes seated on thrones at the threshing floor. I Kings 22:10. They were seated there and all these prophets were prophesying before them. Then this one brought forth these iron horns he had made and said, "With these you will gore the Arameans." All it says in the Bible is that he declared this but in my imagination I see him holding onto them with both hands, held high. Then all the other prophets said the exact same thing--you will destroy them. Attack and be successful. Then a messenger was sending for Micaiah the prophet and told him, "The other prophets are all predicting victory so do the same as you are only one man." He said, "I can only say what the Lord tells me to say." So he gets before the king and actually goes along with it. He agrees with them and says, "Attack and be victorious." Then the King of Israel said, "Come on, how many times have I told you to tell me the truth and not lie to me?" So Micaiah says (I was going to say, girds his loins and then I creatively thought, took a shot of whiskey, but no, true to the recollection he says...) "Okay then" (essentially), "I saw all the sheep scattered across the hills without a shepherd and having no master each went to his own home. I saw that the Lord said he was going to entice Ahab to go to war and lead to his death...that the Lord said he needed a lying spirit to go forth into all the prophets, so a spirit said he would and the Lord agreed and said it would happen and so..the Lord has put a lying spirit in the mouths of all these prophets of yours." Zedekiah, the prophet who had made the iron horns, went up to the other prophet and slapped him across the face, insulting him and saying Oh really, so tell me now, which way did this lying spirit go when he left ME to speak to YOU?

For Micaiah's willingness to tell the King the truth of what he saw, he was thrown into prison. (which made me think about throwing people into psych wards and injecting them with Haldol when they tell you the truth).

The King of Israel threw him into the prison and the king said, you can stay there until I get back from this battle victorious. He instructed the prophet to be given nothing but "bread and water" until he returned. So the prophet said to him, "As surely as I live, you will not return alive. Mark my words." (write it down so you can all look back on this). The King of Israel left with King of Jehosaphat (Judah) to go to war. And as the honest prophet had said it would happen, it did. You can read about the rest.

To me, reading this right after writing about false prophets and an example of a 700 club person working with govt. and trying to use govt. research to attach the name of God, if it's not true, is wrong. It's being a false prophet. And when I read this passage, having been thinking about how I had prayed and asked God to show me something about our "king", to convince him my son should be returned to me...I related to the part in reading about how, after I told the truth and did not misuse the name of God, I was thrown into prison and also thrown into a psych ward and assaulted.

I told the truth.

I feel that if God didn't agree with me, that my son Oliver is supposed to be returned to me, He never would have let me see anything.

I told the truth and it wasn't the result of mind control or research, even if yes, it's true I also pick up on other things. I know that you can get all the leaders, Judges, lawyers, politicians, VPs, and religious leaders to lie and say don't worry about it, but I know God wouldn't have given a plain and ordinary woman a vision like this, unless God believed in my petition.

So here's the other caveat. You can have God give a message about what SHOULD be done and what GOD agrees with, and you can still have it not happen. You can have other prophets say, "It's not going to happen, she won't get her son" and they can be right. This, however, does not diminish the fact that God did listen to a mother's plea and grant her request for a sign to give the highest person of authority. And it doesn't mean that there will not be consequences for refusing to do what God wants to have happen. So sure. Maybe prophets see I won't get my son back, and yet, I got the sign from God that this is what HE wants. So if anyone chooses to ignore this, you will also be taking the accountability upon yourselves. You are in opposition to the will of God.

God can speak to anyone like this. Man, woman, or child, who earnestly asks. Usually, yeah, it doesn't happen but we can still believe it's possible and sometimes God honors that. If you look through the Bible too, you see examples of simple heartfelt pleas from women that God hears. Hannah. Hagar. One woman on her knees is not a small thing to God. God hears, I believe, everything and he pays attention.

My dream is, I think, probably a jumble of projected things. I feel it must be projected stuff, but it had some interesting parts. I don't remember all of it. I woke up without very much torture this morning, or there wasn't a lot of use of technology. I slept well enough, and late into the day. Now, someone is using technology again but not this morning as much.

My dream was full of Russian speaking young women, babies, and church. I don't remember how it all played out, but I was trying to go to church after staying the night somewhere. I remember wanting to go for a run and asking if I could borrow a pair of shorts and I had a long sleeved shirt on. They said sure (american people) and then I went to a drawer and looked and pulled something out and it was a barbie doll article of clothing. I had thought they were shorts but they were for a barbie. So I pulled something out again and they were short hotpant shorts for a little kid. Then they said they'd find something but I left the house and went to this church. I was trying to go to church and then then 2 different times someone interfered and tried to provoke me and I suddenly realized "They don't want me to go there for some reason". I realized I was being provoked to get upset so I didn't go to this place. On one occasion, this little girl came up to me and she was Russian but I don't know how I knew. She was 5-6 or something and then she had a big sister maybe or it was a different young woman. She had dark brown hair. I said what is your accent and she first spoke to me in English, in this high voice and then she said this whole phrase in Russian and in my dream I heard it word for word but I have no idea what she said. And what changed is that her voice was lower when she spoke Russian. I thought, "Why is her voice higher when she's speaking English and lower when she speaks Russian?" In my dream I thought it was maybe to have a more seductive or appealing voice for being able to get close to someone or information. I asked her, not knowing if it was Ukrainian or Russian, I said, "Is that Ukrainian or Russian?" and she said, "Russian". She was nice enough. Then she left. She wasn't an adult woman yet. She was a teenager. I think in the dream she was kind of checking me out and then liked me but in the background. Then the little girl was still there with me but then I didn't see her I don't think, or can't remember.

I tried to go to this one church the first time and was rerouted and left. Then I tried a second time and left upset and reacting to harassment or something. Then it dawned on me, "They are trying to provoke reactions bc they don't want me to be there for some reason--bc I think I'm supposed to be there or go there." So I was curious and went a third time and got to the church and saw different chairs and it was a small gathering with all different kinds of chairs, not pews. Chairs throughout the church but maybe only 50 or fewer, maybe only 30 chairs. It was small. Maybe chairs were taken on other side, just went to where there were empty seats. I walked across the way and there were 2 chairs side by side and they were different kinds (one with high back, one without high back) and they were to the right of the church, but it depends on what angle you looked at it. With chairs facing forward, these were to the right and I sat down and all these adults looked back at me and some weren't happy and some were fine. And then I ended up with 3 babies on my lap.

This one little girl, maybe the one I had seen earlier, or maybe it was a baby, I can't remember. It was a child, and they crawled up onto my lap and then another wanted up so I put them on the other side, on my other knee. Then, a third one wanted to be held, so I ended up holding all three, with one to the left, one to the right and one at the front of my knees. I don't know how I held them all, but if they were small children at first, I think by the time I was holding 3, they were babies maybe. Somehow I had a good hold on all of them.

Then all of the kids or babies I was holding fell asleep. I was able to get them to all relax with me comfortably and feel safe and they nuzzled against me and all of them were asleep within a few minutes.

Then I think I was sitting there with these happily sleeping babies and as I watched each one doze into sound slumber I thought, "I wonder if these adults realize I am a good mother" and I wasn't surprised they liked me because I already know what kind of mother I am. And I thought this in the dream and then woke up. I guess I had the dream sometime between 11-12 a.m. bc I slept in as I was up very late.

It was just a dream. I walked into that church and sat down into a chair sort of like, "Okay, let's see what's going on here." I was walking away and then I turned back and thought, "No, they don't want me to go there for a reason so I want to know what's there."

They didn't look happy when I showed up. Then I sat down and child by child they wanted to climb onto my lap. Which wasn't what I expected.

So dreams, you just take dreams with a grain of salt. In my opinion, that's how dreams are.

For me though, I know God answered my prayer when I asked for something to see about Obama, to prove I was supposed to have my son returned to me without delay. That was over a year ago. I can't help it if he doesn't believe me or has people lying to him. I saw what I saw and didn't read about anything first, and I wouldn't lie about it. And then later, I saw my Uncle Howard with his eyes open after people said he was in a coma and as it turned out, he opened his eyes. I also knew it was a drug induced coma, or had a feeling. And that was true as well. And I know no one sent me the color of what William of Wales was wearing to his wedding day. God showed me when I was sitting on the toilet. It happened instantly and no possible way some sender grabbed material that color to accurately flash this to me within seconds.

The only thing I ever asked for a "sign" about, though, was getting something about the President that I could take to show him God was on my side and that it was God's will and desire to have my child returned to me at once.

So God answered my prayer, and showed me something in a way I'd never seen before and never since. It affirmed, to me, that God does agree with me because if He didn't, he wouldn't have given me anything at all. And definitely not in such a dramatic way.

Some things I say recklessly or just as a human with opinions and making commentary--not "prophetic commentary". But I know about this one thing and I know I was repeatedly thrown into jail and into a psych ward and tortured after this too.
I just saw my Dad for a split second and he said he was taking a nap and looks tortured. He has new black marks around his eyes. I said I'd go over later and he said "ok, see ya later."

See ya later reminds me of Chris Rozollo, who put down little notes with see you later or "c you later". He was into my laptop and so many people made reference to him. I always thought he did something to my laptop bc after I didn't see him, I had all kinds of problems with it and in general.
I looked up a baby r us thing today but need to get rid of my toys r'us ads. One day they sent me 4 ads in one day. I looked at this one and it's was about kids' apparel but nothing like what was in my dream. It doesn't matter. The dream, to me, means nothing. It was mainly interesting bc of the russian part and the language bit I heard. And the babies in a 3 leaf clover pattern on my lap (one to the right, one to the left, and one at front of my knees). But it means nothing and people project stuff. What I am POSITIVE means something, is what prayer God answered in real-time, while I was not sleeping.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Barney Frank's Heart Condition

The other thing that came to my mind while watching Fox News was when Barney Frank footage was shown. I think it was on the Spin but maybe it was before this show. I saw footage of Frank and saw something about his heart.

He was walking by in a clip and just walking in some video clip and while he was walking, in that clip, I saw his heart.

I guess it's the first time I've seen something actually on the person in the clip but maybe it's something else?

For example, when I saw Obama's femur, it wasn't by t.v. or any assistance. It was one very rare occasion where I knew no one sent me this either, because my vision was taken past his pants, to skin, past muscle, to bone. I mean, I really had this x-ray vision when I was praying that day. It's the only time I've ever moved through layers like that.

And then the U.S. tried to ruin and destroy my brain with Haldol. They tortured me and drugged me repeatedly.

However, with this Barney clip, it was on t.v. and he was just walking by and it was like I saw his suit, but I saw a heart too, like something inflamed or something I thought. I think in this case, it's possible to have a sender where they are on the other side, playing the same thing but with a light or heart design lit up and then try to project it to you while you're watching t.v., like trying to overlap something. Or a light pointer on a screen someone else is watching. If so, it was more than a dot, it was a whole region.

I know for sure this wasn't the case when I saw Obama's femur. It was very real and I'm sure it was God answering my prayer. Positive. And I'm not a remote viewer either, or gifted naturally in this way. I feel God answered my prayer in that instance.

This other thing--I think reasonably that someone could try to put a second track over the one a person is actually watching. But, if someone did not try to overlap something and project it to me, if it wasn't a sender trying to send the overlapped idea over what I was literally watching, then I guess I intuitively picked up on something.

I saw him walking past and then it was something I could sort of literally see, on the screen, following him and radiating in the chest region. SO I thought, "I wonder if he has some kind of inflammation or heart condition?" and I looked it up and it says he had a mild heart condition in 1990. Or heart attack then. I typed in, "Barney Frank, heart condition" and I found a link that said, "Rep. Frank suffers mild heart attack" or something like that. So I guess he might have some kind of heart condition.

However, like I said, on something like this, I "test the spirits" or think about technology and programs and also think about the holy spirit and where I know 100% it wasn't anyone but God showing me Obama's femur, I am not totally sure about why I saw Frank's heart like that. So I guess I am thinking it is possible that some research group tries to send something to someone and project it, and overlap what they guess someone is watching. I'm just thinking it's possible??

If it was all just part of the Holy Spirit, all credit to the Holy Spirit then.

Like I said, I feel slightly dubious...

I mean, did God show me something in a kind of vision? or something? OR, for example, is there someone in an office, who is a gifted "sender" trying to project the exact same screen of Barney except with a lit up area over his heart-chest region? You know? I mean, clever, and I know enough to know the military or other groups can try things like this.

So I am careful to sort out what is really a gift from God of insight and sometimes too, I know I'm just picking up on something from a sender.

First Barney was standing there facing forward and I saw this and then he was walking to the right of the screen and I still saw it.

It is very possible for someone to send an impression like this, and it's just research and then to also be the recipient of visions or gifts from God that have nothing to do with mind control or other programs. So one is not mutually exclusive of the other.

The part to be careful of is knowing, if it's not God or the Holy Spirit showing something, then who is it and what is their motive and intent?

I am not like some "christians" who don't care what the source is, they just think end justifies means and don't care if they deceive people. For example, if there is a christian who is part of the 700 club or something and knows there is a program about trying to control or project ideas into dreams, is it morally ethical, in God's eyes, to try to convince someone that "God gave you the dream and wants you to be a christian" if they know it was a research project? Not in my opinion. It's true you can use things like this for another purpose, but I don't believe God honors this. It's like false prophets.

You could have a 700 club person who works with a govt. agency and they are telling someone, as a false prophet, "You had this dream bc God is telling you _______." And all along they know the person had this dream as a result of some project that sometimes produces decent results.

To be a christian and attach God's name to one's own missions or motives, is being a modern-day false prophet.

And that's not saying God doesn't really give dreams, miracles, and signs.

But anyone taking the Lord's name in vain for their own agenda, is a very scary person. They are a false prophet. And I sure wouldn't want to be in that position of having govt. people know what's really going on and then being a horrible testimony of the christian faith.

(also, I'm not saying I always say, do, or get the right things either or that I'm always nice after being tortured and provoked but I don't try to deceive anyone for my own reasons and use God's name in the mix)

article about vegan dangers and my mom

1. "Are you cold?"
My mom asked if I was cold when I was outside a few hours ago. I didn't know she was already out there with Scooter and she never asks this. I mean, I was bundled up and of course it's cold outside. She wouldn't state the obvious. So I then looked up rare spices and herbs and, thinking about how I'd said to my parents I thought most vegans or vegetarians are probably more sympathetic to animal and human suffering but that I thought some of them were probably "wackos" and mean and cared more about animals than humans or something. My Dad smiled a little and then I was thinking about vegan diet and typed in a search for 'dangers of vegan' and I saw this one title and started laughing before I even opened it. I laughed at the idea of death threats to someone by the vegan community.

I just saw that byline and it cracked me up, thinking of vegans sending death threats to someone for not being vegan anymore. Looked it up at 10:30 p.m.

It's exactly what kind of thing came to mind when I was thinking of some "wackos". I also thought the title of a vegan blog: Tasha of Voracious Eats, was hilarious.

Anyway. Nothing much to write about bc I didn't see my Dad almost all day or my Mom and Scooter just chewed up a bunch of pine. Or fir actually. I guess it was fir. Then left it there at my feet. He played with all his toys today and has a monopoly on that.

(My dog is smarter than your dog.)

This dog here...lots of suffering and total trooper. 8 years old and acts like a puppy. You'd never know he's older. He knows how to play dead, learn new tricks, deciphers different accents, chews up ham bones that are "too rich" for him as a living sacrifice, knows if you're asking him if he's a good dog or bad dog, knows words in another language, chases off animals that are bigger than he is, even when he's small and outnumbered, gets along with a species that he wouldn't have to get along with (the cat), endures pain and torture with long-suffering and patience, and he looks much younger than your dog. Oh, and he's psychic with God's gift of word of knowledge. Scooter should have his name and face on the latest football jerseys, for the winning team. He's more than a mascot. He's an icon.


(crowds go wild)


I don't like the Google ad of painting the fence with 2 boys by the way. It's glamourizing and supporting bullying and exploitation. I'm not sure why Google would even choose to put something like that up.

Torture & Fox News & O'Reilly's "Habit" & Origin of Migraine

It appears the FBI is passing on information they get from "surveillance" to mass media.

Which is nothing new, because in 2004, they were using surveillance and Patriot Act excuses for gaining information from my house about what my legal plans were, and then sharing this with my adversaries in the lawsuits.

It's a little out of control...a little more than "spin". I wonder when O'Reilly got the idea for the name of Spin Factor for his show. It's just funny, because I watch how people on his show get handfed bits of information from what is going on at our house, and I know I talked a lot about how the Mt. Angel Abbey lawyers and others were trying to "spin" everything about my character out of context. Putting a "spin" on things. Let me guess. I haven't even looked yet, but I am going to GUESS, this show name came up sometime after 2002. Probably after 2004. But I think I was talking about "spin" in 2002, after I was defamed by a newspaper.

Someone started up extreme torture at my parent's house at a specific time because I noticed, as we were watching Fox News, and I also noticed how the journalists got little smirks after it started up.

It started right after Beck talked about how George Washington suffered a lot longer than Lincoln. How you couldn't tell by appearance, but it was a lot longer period of constant suffering.

Right after that, a huge wave of torture hit my parent's house. And then the two female journalists who are connected to Dempsey got little smirks on their faces--Michelle Erickson smirks, after I had said something out loud about Erickson when Fox news talked about a fat kid getting taken from his parents.

It's Catholic hate crime.

There is no spin.

You know what I had an impression of? A rolled up wad of money up O'Reilly's nose. I thought, why would I see this? and then thought, maybe it was something else like an inhaler or something. But no, then I thought, it actually fits a mode of transportation of cocaine. Sniff. I mean, isn't that what some cokeheads do? Roll up a dollar bill or money or something and then snort through it? So maybe Bill O'Reilly just likes to put rolled up money in his nose and bribe his friends to keep torturing my family, or maybe he's a cokehead.

How would O'Reilly's female journalists even know to smirk on cue at the same time someone blasted my parent's with technology, unless it's true Bill has a little Catholic hate crime repoire with Martin Dempsey, who would be the one with the say in whether my family is tortured or not?

And how would they get information on my family, play by play, unless they have a rat they pay who works for the CIA. FBI, sure...but CIA has a delivery method that's quicker and gives you an instant buzz.

Play with fire, get burned O'Reilly. Now someone in the DEA can look over your shoulder. You see, the funny thing is that while someone may have locked my parents down into some kind of horrific contract, I am under no obligation to keep my mouth shut.

I was right, about what I got about the female journalists. So I am very likely to be right about seeing rolled up money in O'Reilly's nose. Just one side honey. Sniff, sniff. What's it like when you exhale? Your left nostril.

Crazy, to have a habit like that and a $2 million dollar a year job too. Crazy, to mess with me or my family.

And Shep. Darling, don't look so worried. Cat got your tongue?

Shep had a little segment, right before "The Spin Factor" about "everyone gets headaches."

Right. Yeah, everyone gets headaches so don't believe what I'm saying about being blasted in the head and my family being blasted bc people will say everyone gets headaches.

Everyone does NOT get "headaches" triggered to occur on hearing dates. And, everyone does NOT get headaches to occur as a result of horrific and illegal torture by the DOD. There was not even a close resemblance to headache on Sunday when I and my parents were assaulted on the head. It is like having a laser pointed directly at your head and then a sudden pulse or firing that causes immediate stabbing pain to almost the center of your brain. It's not headache, because there was no overall headache and I didn't have a migraine either. Migraine is totally different and I know exactly how they feel. You don't go 15 minutes with zero headache and then get a pulsed stab to your brain and then once or twice and then go another 15 minutes and the same thing, repeating for over 6 hours. Sorry, but no joint or cigar for O'Reilly's team. Not only that, there was a current of technology around my parent's house that any normal person could feel that night and after I felt it around the outside of their house, I was then targeted to be zapped on the head each time I went up against the house to see if I noticed anything. Each and every time, it was one side of my head, and NO, it wasn't migraine. A migraine is a constant pain on one side of the head, and sometimes affecting the eye. Getting repeatedly stabbed in the head with a laser on one side of the head every 15 minutes, with breaks inbetween, is military targeting and positioning of weapons against U.S. civilians.

"Connor Conelly" or whatever his name was, the journalist covering news about Pakistan and Iran, said tonight, before the "Spin Factor", "It is highly unlikely that the U.S. would fire on the Pakistani's without their firing first."

Yeah right. The U.S. fires on their own citizens.

When the U.S. fires on its own citizens, no country can trust one single thing the U.S. says and while O'Reilly smirks with his pals about how this country is going in the wrong direction and buy his book, he is supporting terrorism against U.S. citizens that is putting the name of the U.S. into the trash.

A lot of talk, and much ado about nothing. If O'Reilly and his pals were so concerned about the demise of the United States, they would be getting a kick out of torture of my family and thinking it's funny or great game when other countries are just about ready to BLOW THEM up.

Do you understand. It's not a joke. One minute you're laughing about how this country isn't doing too good, while you hypocritically support torture of U.S. citizens and while you say it's unlikely the U.S. fired on Pakistan unprovoked, we're being targeted. Your support of this torture of U.S. citizens is proof of your hypocrisy. You claim to care about the country and all you care about is yourself and your own religious group. I guess you figure you can all run to the Vatican for sanctuary or call up the CIA or FBI and go into an underground bomb shelter when something hits. I guess you rely on your Catholic channels to pull you though, but do you understand me?

You're done. You're through. How will YOU and YOUR GROUP repair the damage you've done to this country?

You are the very example of why enemy countries want to take over. Your church name is just demolished. You've turned your Holy Virgin Mary Catholic church into a Mafia that supports sexual assault of their own Catholic kids and military assault against your own country's civilians.

What a gripe about "leadership". YOU ARE part of that leadership and maybe we don't want Bill O'Reilly's "Spin Factor" anymore. Or any of the crappy media that only reports what their special interest groups want to report. And so much for "investigative journalism." You idiots put surveillance on people and laugh about it--You're not investigating anything.

I'M doing YOUR JOB.

Not only that, I seem to be doing the FBI's job because I certaintly haven't seen them taking any notes.

We just had some woman over here for a couple of hours and while my Dad is sending in a check, we have Patty Otterbach over here putting her hex on things.

1. Spots.
Here's another thing my parents did. They had this mat out with spots on it and today I was going to wear an apricot colored shirt but I noticed it had all these spots on it and I didn't know if someone had done something to it or what. So I dropped it and it landed next to blue jeans that also had some spots on them. So I wore something else, but my parents knew about the spots. Also, my Dad took out some orange handled tool, out of the truck right before I was walking the dog and pulled up a blue sack and put it in the trash.

2. Socks on Fire.
My mom's socks were wet, her b&w ones and she put them on the woodstove to dry for a moment and I didn't notice but they started to burn and then she said, "my socks are burning" so she was scraping it off and next thing on the news was Obama talking about something burning. She knew someone would be talking about burning before it happened.

We get tortured while others use religious hate crime to mock us.

Those responsible must CEASE and DESIST or suffer the consequences. Any small satisfaction you get from torturing a few of your own citizens, is not worth what you have done to our entire nation by denigrating and degrading the name of this country, making it subject to Religion.

A false religion at that. Because look at your "fruits" and how you operate. No good religious tortures innocent people.

If only I kept having sex with a Catholic man.

I could've been a REAL ESTAH.

All I had to do was sell my body for the Mary Freaks. I mean, isn't that what it amounts to? I didn't "sell" myself, but isn't that essentially what the members of the Catholic FBI were requiring. "Don't harm her" (if she's sleeping with a Catholic).

It's the most disgusting thing this country has on it's agenda. Sex trade in exchange for not torturing citizens who are never legally to be tortured in the U.S. anyway. And even if I didn't sell, that is basically what it amounts to. A forced conversion or performing sex acts for a Catholic.

What a SHAME to Dempsey. I saw a clip of him for the first time today on the Spin or the news before that I think and I haven't changed my mind. He is a mean man. I watched him talk and it's like someone paraded so many tortured people in front of him, he is completely out of touch with compassion. I don't even think he loves his own family. You'd think a man like that would at least have feelings for his family, but it's like he took himself way past what love was about a long time ago. Affection, or some sense of responsibility, sure. But not love. He doesn't know how to love. You get a man like that in charge of the military and they can't even see both sides of the coin because their mind and psyche has already been heisted. It's like he sold his soul to the devil and the devil gave us his ghost. A man with absolutely zero feeling in his eyes or behind his eyes and who only knows how to operate like a robot. So I look at him talking with a void in his eyes, and know he is capable of being mean, and it figures. He knows his way around a diagram but he can't find his way back to reality. I mean, reality outside of the IRA. First FOX shows Dempsey talking about the Pakistan strike and then this Conner guy is saying it's "unlikely" the U.S. fired first or unprovoked.

(and why in the world google just put up an article for 'transvaginal mesh' is beyond me)

I'm writing about Dempsey and they put up an ad for transvaginal mesh.

Another thing I'd like to know, about Karl Rove. Isn't Karl Rove some kind of supposedly conservative White House man? I'll have to look him up, bc for some reason, I had thought he was a christian. He got on Fox News when I was first blogging about my parents coming back with bruising all around their eyes, and Rove was making some kind of comment about being in "battleground" zone or something. Basically, then they showed a map, and I had been looking up what kind of bruising my parents had and there is a name for it, something about battleground, and that's if we're not including the lasering of my parents eyes. So I thought, why is Karl Rove making a direct allusion to bruising re. my parents--he looked pretty healthy and he's a White House guy so why isn't HE standing up for me and my son and parents?

It sounds sort of crazy to just say he was talking about battleground and then to equate it with bruising, but if I saw the segment again, I could better explain it and I might not be a mind reader, but I'm still sometimes intuitive.

I'm not delusional. Period.

FOX had some by line about a Russian woman who had an affair with a married man who was British, being accused of espionage and I have to say, for the record, the U.S has NEVER thought this about me.

They didn't torture me after I knew the military guy. They tortured me long before and when I didn't have a boyfriend and had only kissed 2 people in my entire life. So no, it's not even possible that I have been attacked and assaulted because of James Cartright or whatever. That's impossible. Maybe someone wondered about me for a hair of a minute or took liberties to make a huge deal out of it in order to keep up the original hate crime, but I never even had anything to share with anyone. And the U.S. has always known this and always known my activities and whereabouts becasue they have had me on surveillance since at least 2001.

Why? Because the Catholic church people asked the Catholic officers to do it. It was possibly even before 2001. Any excuse they could find for blowing something out of proportion they used, and since I was raped, I'm sure someone tried to develop a cover in case I talked even back then.

The first time I ever had migraines was, I believe, at the Italian family's house: The DelBalzos.

(someone is repeatedly deleting what I post and interfering with my blogging so this is taking longer than it should to write).

I had thought I first experienced a migraine at Ed Israel's company, CTR, but I think it was earlier. I was having migraines triggered in the early morning a.m. hours and waking up with them then and almost always on a Friday. That was 1997. I wondered why my migraines were always landing on a Friday and then joked to some people that it made me feel, when I had to call in sick, like it looked like I just wanted a 3-day weekend.

But the first time I ever got a migraine and had to go home because of migraine, was when I was working as a nanny for an Italian family called The DelBalzos, and I worked for them in 1996. 1996-1997. I didn't have them at first, when I was first working for them. But about a half year or more into working for them, they started. It was right towards the end of my employment with them, that I started having to go home or get someone to cover for them because of migraine. I know they said it worked out because both she and her husband had enough flexibility to come home, one or the other, if they had to. At first I was still in a neckbrace

(someone REALLY doesn't want me to post this information right now because it's being repeatedly deleted)

I was in a neckbrace and it was discussed that if I got sick or needed to go home it was no problem because one of them could come home. I said it shouldn't be a problem because I only had about 1 cold a year. Then, sometime in their employ, I started having migraines. It was 1996, and they introduced me to their next door neighbor, who was Jewish and had a daughter studying to be a rabbi in Israel.

Which is sort of interesting, since the DelBalzos were Catholic and their neighbor they wanted me to meet was Jewish.

I am positive I never had migraines at the Thebaults. I'm not saying someone connected to them didn't later do something wrong, but I know that while I worked for them at least, I never had a migraine. Then I worked for a Catholic-Jewish couple, the Kargmans, in NJ and actually, for the first time tonight I now know why someone took a photo of my newborn son crying and put it up for the public to see without my consent.

It was revenge for an imagined offense. I had photos of Danit Kargman when she was a baby, which were okayed by the parents, Marylynn and Ken Kargman, and I showed all of them. I took a few of the Thebault kids and showed Lisa all of them and it was okay with her. They were cute photos and Lisa thought they were very cute. They were. I didn't take a ton, actually, just a few. Then I did the same with Danit, and showed Marylynn and Marylynn was also fine with them, even though in a few of them, she started to cry and I didn't know. Not cry-cry, but a teary look sort of. I told Marylynn what we'd been doing and what happened and it was no problem. I never published any of the photos of the kids ever, except later I put a couple vague ones of Thebaults on my blog--don't remember. If I did, they're still there and are nothing bad. However, I think someone got these photos later and attempted to punish me and my son and get revenge, imagining I'd taken a photo of some crying baby Danit so they were going to put up a photo, without my consent, of my crying baby son. Not totally crying either, they wiped away a tear to have it match the photo of Danit (who had been laughing and then something happened and she teared up and I didn't see it or notice--like I said, I showed her parents everything).

So yeah. It's Jewish and Catholic hate crime. 100%, no doubt. Marylynn was Catholic and Ken Kargman was Jewish. The photos taken of my son without my consent, which went up for all the world to see, were arranged by someone with a motive for exacting revenge for some imagined offense. The Kargman's were from Jewishville, NJ. Livingston, NJ, but Marilynn was some kind of Italian Catholic.

The photos of Danit were in 1994 and the revenge photos of my son were done in 2006 so I'd say that's holding some kind of a grudge. What's strange, is that if the Kargman's had an issue about it then, they never said so to me. I showed them the photos and explained how she got upset after first having fun and Marilynn laughed and thought they were cute. I think it's possible someone else saw them and assumed something different when I had already explained to Marilynn. I don't remember what it was--waking up from a nap or getting tired then after playing...something. But yeah, it was definitely done with a motive for revenge of some kind. Maybe bc Ken Kargman knew Josh Gastov or something. Some kind of Jewish circle or Catholic alliance with a Jewish circle. I quit working for the Kargmans because Ken flew off the handle. He had an anger issue. If you look at the photo of my son, though, all the babies look content but my son had his photo taken while he was crying and looked miserable. They even left a tear next to his eye. I just knew, intuitively tonight, it was taken this way deliberately, out of revenge. And if you put photos side by side you can see what I mean too.

I remember I then was in a car accident in 1995 and after this, I worked for the DelBalzos. I started having migraines, I believe, when I worked for them because I had gone in thinking oh I might have a cold or get sick but probably not bc I never get sick. And towards the end I was getting these headaches starting while I was there at their house. I think once in the middle of the night.

From there, I went to work at CTR in early 1997 and I noticed I had a strange migraine pattern and joked to coworkers that I felt like no one believed me because it sort of looked like an "I want an early weekend" excuse. And it was on cue, every single weekend and interfered with my work, actually, to the point that since the administrative woman was having to cover the desk, they hired "Sarah" to work PT in case she needed to be called in. It was my FT job and because someone was triggering migraines that I didn't even have naturally or organically, I was forced to share the job with another temp.

I was then still offered a position in sales, FT, but I wanted to go to college and do some volunteer work so that's what I did. My migraines were being triggered at 1 or 2 in the a.m. Sometimes I woke at 3 a.m. with one and the doctors said it was unusual to have them start after being asleep and be wakened from one. They said it was odd because usually headaches will come on from stress, not while you're sleeping when your body is not stressed.

And come to think of it, I had those blue shoes before I even went to court. A different pair, but I had pumps just like that, which I sometimes wore to work at CTR. I saw the ad and of the guy in the office alone and thought, "it's like me under the rock and then Billy laughing in his office. The copy machine or water cooler was even similiar, as is the hallway they photographed.

I started having migraines triggered by someone in 1996. Then, I remember, I was talking about how the doctors (who knows WHO I told but I just babbled about stuff)...said it was strange I was being woken in the middle of the night with a migraine because that wasn't typical. I would go to bed feeling great and wake up with this weird splitting migraine and it got worse and worse.

So someone moved my migraine schedule around a few times.

Isn't this GREAT?

I mean how great to hear a story about deliberate cruelty.

My migraines have never been organic migraines and natural. I think, now that I've considered when they started and what the pattern is, it's safe to say my "seizures" were triggered only at Sherwood High School in 1992-1993. Everything quit until 1 time at the beach after I returned to Oregon and then 1 time at Lorraine Rose's house. And then here in Coquille. All of it in Oregon state. What happened in WA state was different and caused almost blackouts but there was no drooling or anything. It was a different form of technology.

It's almost looking like Mossad collaborating with Catholic hate crime. I mean, okay, maybe not Mossad exactly but definitely some sort of Jewish group-gang.

This Jewish woman visited with me a few times and then while working for the DelBalzos, some horrible, horrible blond woman had me babysit her kids once and pick them up from a soccer thing or maybe I went there with the Delbalzo kids and then this blond woman neighbor was there. She was a tramp with an FBI stamp. Nosier than all get-out and just fishing fishing for me to say anything bad about the DelBalzos so she could be the proud Tattletale. I didn't even know I was intuitive then and I knew what she was up to. She was a gossip who wanted to be rewarded for disseminating dirt.

I saw her several times and she was always digging for something. Finally, after all her persistence I said one thing about well maybe I'd like to be paid a little bit more bc they wanted me to cook for them too. And she took this to Mary and Mary felt insulted and humiliated and I never discussed finances with anyone, but this bitchy woman wouldn't let go. I never liked her and I always knew she was a beady-eyed varmit with good blond highlights and a saxon posture. She followed me around nosing in like a reporter. She was something else. What's weird is that I knew what she was up to. I finally thought, well maybe it's not a big deal since she keeps asking how much I am paid. I always said it was personal. I never told people how much money I made.

At any rate, I am not sure when I was getting the migraines at the DelBalzos but it was at their house I think, or the night before and I'd take a couple of advil. Then at CTR, I worked there and at first, no problem and then all of a sudden, I was being hit with migraines almost every weekend, in the middle of the night. 1996-1997. It wasn't like this to start with. I actually think I went to the gynecologist for the first time, since I had health insurance through CTR and it was after I went to her and she knew I was a virgin. Because they wouldn't have hired me on if I'd been having migraines all the time. They hired me after 3 month trial and then I had health insurance which I used and then I started having all these weird migraine hits in the middle of the night and early a.m. And after awhile, they hired another woman back on PT to cover if I needed it.

So I went to doctors and they said "not normal" for migraines to occur early a.m. without warning. If I didn't go to a migraine doctor immediately, I called and then when I went I explained when I got them and they said it was odd. I said, "Well I don't know, I broke my neck and had a head injury but they said no problems then..." and the migraine doctors still said something isn't adding up.

I DID think it was strange that they always occured on Friday. In the middle of the a.m. on Fridays, or actually, Thursday night, so I couldn't go in to work on Friday. After I was commenting about why every Thursday night, I noticed I then had 1 or 2 on Sunday night instead, still taking up my Monday. But always triggered in the middle of the night after I'd gone to sleep.

Then, after it was being documented in medical records, they said maybe they're correlated to my menstrual cycle and I said maybe and then all of a sudden, they were.

Right up until the month when I was back in college for the first time and got 15 migraines starting in the middle of the night, in 1 month.

Then I tried to get a disability waiver or allowance for extra time to complete assignments and the PCC Sylvania disability person in charge "lost" my file. There was something wrong with him. He expressed instant dislike and I gave him documentation and asked for disablity waiver just to accomodate a strange cycle of migraine and he refused to process my request at the PCC-Sylvania campus and then he "lost" all of the records. They were never found. I still had my own copy of personal medical records, but the PCC disability person I went to lost them. I didn't see the head person but I had several meetings there and they were obstructive and mean and I couldn't figure out what their problem was.

That was my wonderful experience with PCC-Sylvania disability coordinators. Even without the allowance of extra time, and even though that man hoped and wanted me to fail, and many believed I would drop out or fail, I didn't. I got all A's and B's. That was working with a fraction of the time other students had to do the work in.

From that point, no one blasted me with 15 migraines in a month again, but then when I filed my lawsuits, at some point, later, I realized hearings were being scheduled around the time people thought I had migraines and then, I started to suspect I didnt even have true migraines so I lied about my period dates, and sure enough...the migraine schedule wasn't matching my periods or menstrual cycle. It was matching the schedule of litigation.

Which I was then forced out of by the FBI and police and corrupt Judges.

So Shep. Everyone gets headaches and not everyone gets headaches triggered by hate crime and obstruction of fundamental rights. Not everyone gets tortured. And not every headache is a natural trait or organic headache.

I had people who were so incredibly jealous of me they used assault and triggering of migraines to try to force me out of college, out of my good name, out of competition, out of lawsuits, ...out of freedom of travel.

Then I had people attempting to control not just me but my son. It is collusion. I always thought conspiracy sounded so ...dramatic. I am a victim of conspiracy. I remember once I mentioned the movie Conspiracy Theory and Christa Schneider got weirded out and edgey.

So I just looked it up. It was released in 1997 but I don't remember when I first saw it. I know I rented it sometime between 1999-2004 and I mentioned to someone and they had such a weird reaction I never forgot.

If I had only known then what I know now. I just looked it up, out of curiosity, on wiki. I know I saw it before I mentioned to someone like Christa (pretty sure it was her) but I remember the weird reaction of someone more than the movie even. Also weird, was before I thought to look this up, I was just sitting next to my pizza pan where I am drying more ginko and yerba. I sat on the edge of my bed and had brown rice with peas and a marinara leftover from spaghetti (beet marinara bc I'm out of tomatoes). You know what's weird, is reading that this guy says he's going to take her where they're playing music. My Uncle Howard that was killed flying planes in Seattle used to say he heard beautiful music when he was flying. It would be interesting to see this movie again now that I know more about MK-Ultra. It's true that this many different groups can all collude and conspire against someone if they want to.

They have with me.

What parents can do & FRAUD by Social Security Administration

I am being tortured and I'm in pain. I noticed that last Sunday, someone zapped my head until I said I was going to take some ibuprofen and then they stopped for a couple hours even though I had only 1 and it wasn't a headache. It wasn't cluster either, and I know what that's about.

So they are triggering the metal in my neck and whether or not it affects my parents the same way, this was directed at their house last night because it wasn't at my house for a long time and I went over there and walked right into it, up against the house on one side.

My teeth are killing me and it's not toothache. I can get up and go to a different part of the property and it stopped instantly.

1. Mom read mind.
I didn't see my Dad this morning and only saw my Mom for a moment. I had been thinking for a moment about this guy from Ephrata he knew a long time ago and that he has been in Blaine or near and I thought then about B.C. and I went to the door to get some things I needed and my Mom answered with the B.C. mannerism of saying, "right?" --they use it like "eh", I think. Actually, it's not even B.C. but like this guy from Blaine. Somehow my mother knew that's what I'd been thinking about this morning. So they read minds.

Which might be a good reason why my family is targeted for hate crime. Dontcha think? Clearly, if the U.S. and other people knew about this gift, they'd be afraid of what it might mean or potential so they oppress them and their kids and have them working for the interests of others, as virtual slaves. All you have to do is throw in hate crime and put a gloss on it of research and it's hate crime dressed up.

I was retaliated against. I didn't work for anyone or even know about my family or their gifts. I was targeted and retaliated against and I guess other teens and college students probably even knew about my family when I didn't have a clue.

My mothers' eyes this morning are not as black and bruised purple-black. Now the marks have turned more brown. Right after whatever laser or thing is used, it's purple-black like a horrific bruise. Then, from last night to this afternoon at 11 a.m. or so, it had changed to more of a dark brown and tan color with a little purple-black still left but not much and still a clearly defined line of a curve.

Also, the dog is afraid of some kind of Australian accent. The other night a movie came on and he was so afraid he kept his eyes open but didn't move. I wasn't sure what to make of it.

And, Scooter got anxious when my mom held her hand up to the side of her head as a shield and he began whimpering like he was worried.

2. My Dad pulled up just as I thought about him.
I think it probably doesn't mean anything, just coicidence. I was looking at the Coffee Jr. maker, bc I am making coffee, I have and he pulled up and got out of the car and I was looking and he was carrying a large jug of milk to the door.

I was going to wear an indian print with brown, tan, yellow, and cream v fleece with brown courderoys and a peach shirt inside out but I decided it's cold today and I'm going to try to go without much heat today, or sectioned off to dry things out room to room. I'm not in the mood for the other but I am wearing it bc I'm cold. I am inclined to the other colors today. I would be painting in those colors rather than what I'm wearing today (well, I have so many colors on I'm almost a rainbow). black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, pink, cream.

So I am wearing a ton of layers. Darn, kept writing lawyers instead of layers.

I made another kind of cookie today.

I realized, catching a Christmas song, that maybe I'm making cookies all of a sudden out of a Christmas or holiday baking tradition I've had. I used to make different kinds of cookies and candy around this time in the past.

I made vegetarian cookies today bc I added honey as the lemon was too bitter without it. So they're not technically vegan I guess, bc of that. I used my own ground lemon pectin which is just from lemon rinds and maybe some lime rinds, sort of a combination, and then it was way too bitter so I added honey and flax seed. I guess I'll be making a lot of nutritional munchie cookies and things. I didn't fry the oatmeal in oil today, just used it to absorb the water and pectin. I always LOVED jelly donuts! and I think what I like about pectin is that it removes some toxins too. I will definitely have to try flaxmeal. I think this will be good for a better variety of cookies. I have been enjoying going to the health food store. I mean, maybe 1 of the women there isn't nice or good perhaps, but I feel pretty connected to them in a friendly sense of having this interest in organic and herbal things. Not like we'd be friends, but in making discoveries. These women are slightly more Madame Curie than some. Women who are satisfied with what's given to them, are maybe less interesting--to me at least. I guess, in traditional medicine too. It's called "alternative medicine" these days but it's really the tradition. I mean, how did the original medicine become "the alternative"? It's not. It's the original tradition.

I say these women are more Madame Curie because usually they're not just weird granola types but more complicated. Probably some men, like this one who emailed my mom, feel intimidated by these kinds of women. They are usually more adventurous and bigger risk takers.

Why call vegetarians and vegans boring? they probably have a lot more excitement to offer than non-vegetarians and vegans.

Because while some portray it as "un-sexy", they are not the "anti-fat" people who take no pleasure in life. When I'm eating butter and cream, I never was afraid of fat, and now, I heap on the oil and don't steer away from it. And these people are the ones who are willing to try some things no one else tries, and mixing up your own inventions can be not only creative but rediscovering breakthroughs that modern medicine would want us to forget so we buy pharmaceuticals.

I think, in general, people willing to experiment are the bigger risk takers who have a higher tolerance for adventure, tolerance of different kinds of people and their eccentricities, and are more creative. It's made out to be sort of a weird hippy, granny kind of thing that's roots and nuts and seeds like we're squirrels and not accustomed to complex cream sauces.

Of course, many don't have time to be creative in this way and are occupied with other things, so there is no correlation just bc someone is NOT vegan or vegetarian, but I think that the opposite of the myth is possibly true. If someone is a dope head and vegan or vegetarian, yeah, then there is this idea that they are spaced out, weird and not very sexy bc their libido is shot. I don't know from personal experience really, but I would venture a guess that some of these vegans and vegetarians are incredibly "fun" in more than one way.

But I am not granola to the core. I also have enough sense to not look down on meat and dairy eaters, if the animals are killed humanely and not kept in horrible conditions. Actually, take hunting for a moment... If it comes down to buying beef, from a cow that's been kept in a cow-jail, in extremely tight confines and suffering and in sub-humane conditions, or going out into the wild where the deer have been freely roaming the hills, which animal ends up with the better life and less cruelty? To kill a deer by hunting, while allowing it to remain free and wild before the instant kill, is more humane than keeping an animal in a jail and in a state of constant suffering. However, most hunters probably don't think about this. And many people don't even like to kill or the idea of doing it, like in my family, there are no hunters and we all love animals.

And then I see the point of people who sell stock for a living and it's how they feed their families, but anyway, in general, cutting down on buying produce from animals you know are suffering, is why I thought to try go without milk, or LESS. If I see a good argument or witness the condition of keep of animals myself, like 'organic' or free-range ones, my mind could be changed but some things are just thinking about how would you want to be treated.

Even the halal and kosher methods of killing an animal, I think, are based on the idea of killing the animal very quickly, without suffering. Their religions acknowledge the idea that God cares about animals and it's pointless to be cruel or cause suffering if it can be avoided.

I remember a man from the middle east once explaining to me the halal method. It was before I ever found the middle eastern deli. And it just came to my mind, he was someone I tutored or met through this center and I think from the UAE and he explained how they don't want the animal to suffer so they cut the neck very quickly and he explained the process of what happens. I still remember what his eyes looked like and his expression he told me. He was taller and lean. It was all before 9-11 when things got crazy and everyone took off back to their country--or some did bc they were worried about backlash. I feel like it should have been the deli guy who explained it when I asked, but I actually think someone else once brought it up for some reason. Honestly, I was suprised to find what a good sense of humor the exchange students from the middle east had. They had a good sense of humor--the ones I met. I ended up laughing with them a lot and finding myself surprised at how smart and funny they were. They had a good feel for situational humor.

I thought the asians were some of the most respectful too, and did a trade with some of them, and every group had something sort of unique about them.

Like, the middle east group I was always laughing with (esp. the men...the way they tease and kid around and enact situations, some of them, so funny--the women were not as much teasing around but had good tips for things) and then the asian groups were very smart too and respectful with a quieter intuition (not always showcasing what they can do) and we had a good trade and then the eastern europeans...not very many there at that center but pretty intense and good storytellers. and later meeting some russian-ukraines, they have an intuitive thing I connect with, and i went to the irish pub for the music...every group had something. I had thought I'd be meeting more mexicans there and wanted to work on my spanish and instead it was mainly middle easterners, a few east. eur. and asian. only 1 mexican man. But it was ennl, so the mexicans usually know more english or learn other ways I guess. I think the mexicans are obviously resourceful and have some ingenuity. After I had my son I found I had more in common with asian and some middle eastern and south american or mexican ideas of bonding with the child--I identify with cultures that practice cosleeping and having close bonds with their babies and attachment parenting, which is in contract to the predominant american-U.S. idea of separating child from parents and encouraging independence. I also feel the french or europeans have a good idea to let their teens try alcohol in the safety of family before they are out on their own to wolves. For me, it was a good example to see my parents never drinking any alcohol at all. I mean, they never drank a drop. I never felt like I had to succumb to peer pressure. But I also think, if someone is going to drink, they should learn limits and about how alcohol works in the body before ever trusting themselves in the presence of "friends" or strangers.

I found it extremely difficult being understood in raising my son in Wenatchee, WA. Not only did they torture us and allow police to harass us, they were completely unaccepting of single mothers if their name was Cameo Garrett. They tried to steal my child before it was ever born, with all these parents who wanted to adopt in line and lining up, literally. Then, they didn't understand any kind of traditional ideas or ideas different from their own. It was totally conformist. I had done all this research on parenting styles, after being a nanny and I knew all about child development and they wanted to portray me as unstable or having bad ideas for a child.

For example, I even researched if it's better to leave the coating on the baby after birth, called vernix. It's the sort of "cheesy white" residue that is on a baby after they are born. I don't know why, but all these sites described it as 'cheesy white'. Anyway, it's a protective covering. Modern doctors scrub it off the baby but the WHO (world health organization) advocates not removing it because research has proved that it is good for the baby. It acts as an immunity cover. So I had to print out all this information just to show I wasn't nuts or "unsanitary". They made me feel like I had to justify every single thing I did with my own child, when actually, I had more reading and experience about child development and parenting than they did. Literally. They never even bothered to research what might be best for the child and keep up on latest discoveries. They just followed the pack. Since I didn't follow the pack I was the black sheep.

What I did for my son was not even reckless or unheard of. It's just that they wanted to find a way to steal my baby. So every little thing that was different from what most of them practiced was called into question.

They honored my request to keep the vernix on but sort of scrubbed some of it off. But they made a halfway attempt and I had brought in printed research.

What kind of mother has to bring in printed out research just to back herself up? I would argue, a mother that is exceptionally devoted to the best interests of her child.

I was also upset to find out they took my son and photographed him without asking for my consent first and they put his photo up on a public site where anyone could look it up. That was not my choice and they did it during one of the 2 times I didn't go with my son when they took him for weighing or something. I had a bad feeling about it, about not being with him when they took him so I got up with my catheter and everything and went every single time they had to take him after this and then I later found out they had photographed him without asking my permission. Not only that, he looks sad and miserable and he didn't look that way with me--he was content and happy. It looked like he'd been crying for me so my intuition was right to go with them to the back for every single weigh-in. They weighed him and took him away more than once a day and for 2 weeks and even with my injuries, I got up and went with him. I never left him alone. After they took him right after he was born, I didn't leave him alone.

I didn't consent to his photo being taken and they didn't even ask to do it. I would have said NO.

They also tried to force me to instantly name my son. They kept making remarks about why haven't you named your son? what's wrong with you? I said the truth, that I didn't know what to name him yet because I wanted to think about it as I'd thought I was having a girl. They made suggestions that I wasn't naming him because there was something wrong with me.

They also forced me to apply for a social security number for him when I didn't want to. I said NO and they said "Well we'll bring in a social worker then because the STATE DOES have an interest in your child."

They coerced, threatened, and forced me to take a U.S. social security number for my newborn when this is against the law. It's against the law, because by federal law, no parent or citizen is to be forced to apply for a social security number for their infant. It's a number they apply for themself, when they are of age and old enough to work. If my son wanted a number tying him to this horrible country, he could make that choice for himself.

And yes, by that point, I was thinking this is a horrible country, because the FBI had defamed me and worked with police and a Judge to force me out of lawsuits I had filed. They obstructed my rights and then falsely arrested me.

Then they had govt. workers already plotting to steal my son to use him as U.S. government property.

So they forced me to sign up for a number for him. When I was upset after I got out of the hospital, I did some research and found out it was illegal and the U.S. had to retract the entire number. They never did. They lied. And then the federal government used this as another excuse to torture me and my son and family. I made all the correct papers for having it removed, because on principle, I should not have been forced and threatened with the removal of my child from me, to sign him up for a Social Security number. It's illegal.

Apparently, the U.S. doesn't care about following the law.

The law? is used as a weapon against the innocent and twisted to the advantage of corrupt govt. workers (one who is over here right now--Patty Otterbach is visiting my mother right now).

So I went back and made the correct documentation to have my son's social security number completely rescinded and destroyed. You can either have it "in hiding" until they take a number on their own, or they can completely eradicate it. I asked that it be completely eradicated.

When I did, the U.S. used CPS and social security workers to try to cut off all my benefits and steal my son again. They kept asking for his social security number and when I didn't want to provide one, they started cutting off my benefits while I was researching how to correct coercion.

Coercion by a govt. office and hospital.

It wasn't enough to torture me and my son in childbirth and damage my son's head and refuse a C-section. They threatened me the entire time I was there, to do whatever they wanted, even if it was against the law.

To this day, knowing what I know, do I want my son to have a social security number?


The answer is NO.

The principle matters to me.

You do NOT force a citizen, under threat of kidnapping a child, to sign for something one doesn't have to sign for.

I am quite sure CPS has been using a social security number for my son since they've had him. Which means the Wenatchee Social Security Administration and federal offices, didn't obey the law. It means, that even though I submitted documentation which they filed, making a formal request for the complete eradication of his social security number, the federal government didn't follow the law. It means they took my documentation and said they had done this, and gave me a form claiming it had been done and then all of a sudden, what do we have here?

A number popping up! for my son! after the U.S. kidnapped him from me after allowing hate crime interests to torture us.

Hmm. How did my son get a social security number?

I highly recommend NO other country trust this one. They're a bunch of liars.
I guess that's U.S. Government Fraud.

How did my son get a Social Security number if they destroyed it like they said they did on the form they gave me? I actually was right in the middle of making sure they had not just "hidden" the number for later date, but destroyed and removed it completely. So I was writing to them to get confirmation of this when I was all of the sudden...TORTURED!

So if the Social Security Administration followed the law, and really removed the number for my son that I was illegally forced to take, then how come CPS has been using a Social Security number for him? Where did they get one for my son? He's not supposed to have one at all. So where did he get one?

What happened? A federal office forgot about the law?

So then the State used this as an excuse to retaliate further and said I was "paranoid schitzophrenic" because I didn't want a number for my son. I guess that law about retracting SS#s if forced to take one...I guess that law was made for the MENTALLY ILL.

I tried to apply a law established by the U.S. government, and they punished me for it. After they illegally threatened me and forced a signature. I mean, it's like having a law that says, "You can vote if you want to, but you don't have to vote." You can still be a citizen of the U.S. and not vote. No one forces you to vote. So let's say someone tells you at the ballot box, "If you don't vote, we're taking your kid away from you." So this woman, "Renee", gets forced to vote just to keep her kid. Then, she is so shocked by this later, after she has her kid out of this horrible place, she writes to someone to rescind her vote. She says she doesn't want it hidden, but deleted and completely removed and she isn't going to vote because it's her RIGHT NOT to vote, for whatever reason, if she wants to. Guess what happens next? Government workers start calling her "paranoid schitzophrenic" to attack her for reporting an illegal action of coercion and threat. A criminal act, in fact.

It's a crime Central Washington Hospital. You committed crimes. To sort of push someone to sign a document they do not have to sign, is one thing and to illegally force someone to do this and threaten to take their child if they don't--is a crime.

It's also against the law to take a photo of a minor without the parent's consent. Central Washington Hospital did not get my permission to photograph my son and put it on a public website and I brought this up to them and asked them to take it down and complained.

Guess who is overseeing my son's medical care since he was taken from me? Central Washington Hospital affiliated doctors. It's a separate clinic but is part of their system.

I have a huge list of illegal things Central Washington Hospital did and some things done by Wenatchee Valley Clinic which were also illegal, but what happened, is some CWH doctors moved over to the other one and tried to start causing problems for me there too.

So this woman "Renee" gets called "paranoid schitzophrenic" for refusing to vote and demanding a retraction of her vote. What are people worried about? her vote? or the fact she is stating she was threatened with removal of her child to vote.

The only people who called me paranoid schitz. have been Catholic and then they got others to agree. But it started when I had problems with Mt. Angel Abbey monastery. And they never gave up, even though they were forced to give up when I was able to prove them wrong by being in college. Looks like I haven't been able to get into college for about 7 years now, due to torture by their friends, false reports, and obstruction. Hmmm. Guess I can't prove I'm not mentally ill, can I? Motive for hate crime and trying to cover up for defamation.

Tell me now, is "Renee" mentally ill?

Could an allegation of "paranoid schitzophrenia" be to discredit her for reporting illegal coercion and threats and other crimes?

I guess the law about "You don't have to vote but you can if you want to" is just a law that applies to some people. So if I say, "I don't want a social security number for my son and don't appreciate being forced to take one, when it's up to him to make that choice when he's of age" does this warrant being called "paranoid schitzophrenic"?

I don't appreciate being maligned.

Here's a hilarious irony--

A. I complain about a photo being taken of my minor child without my consent, which makes publication and I get called "paranoid schitzophrenic."

B. Kate Middleton complains about her being photographed playing tennis without her consent, which doesn't make publication and she rakes in $10,000.

Whose complaint was more justified?

She's SUCH a "living sacrifice". What a rough life.

(impression. @ about 2 p.m. here, about the time I was writing how the hospital people said the state had an interest in my son, the expression of alarm from someone I used to know. I think. Saw his face, sort of longer face and brown hair, sort of, of alarm, or maybe about the time I used the expression "horrible country"--don't know if it was about the social security # or this expression. I don't know what it was about. I think it was worry about my expressing the idea this is a horrible country or some other world situation maybe. Just a flash and I don't even know who it was for sure. But, yeah, I have a right to say I think it's a horrible country until I see some change. If it's not a horrible country--the U.S. has the burden of proving it. Where's my son.)
It's now 3:15 p.m and this criminal Patty has been here at my parent's house the whole time. My parents are so trapped. When you're tortured and you have to pretend these people are your friends, you know they're trapped.
I think I wrote about the social security number thing before but there is some piece or part that I think I left out a long time ago. I have covered a lot of ground, but there have been things I didn't write bc at the time I thought I'll go back to it or I maybe thought it was embarrassing or just another irrelevant part of the story.

But sometimes, explaining some things about what people did to you is important, just like clarifying what you mean. I just sent in an explanation email after I submitted an app. to a college bc even though I thought small mistakes weren't a big deal, I figured I don't want someone else to try to say I wasn't honest about myself or whatever. It asked all the way back to high school and 8th grade for example and said what classes did you take your sr. year.