Monday, May 23, 2011

Chapel & (My Skinny Arms Photo) & Seizure

I got to hear about my son and what he's been up to. Fit to print, I think. I guess he caught a fish but they got rained out. But he did catch one.

I am sure that I smell like a fish today. I got up and went to the gym and squeezed out a capsule of fish oil and rubbed it over my face, throat, chest, and arms.

Then I got to the computer and found out my son had just caught a fish.

And then I was told a story about how he was very talkative the other day, on Saturday I think, and jabbering a lot and ordering the dog around and being very bossy. That same day, I watched as a train went by with the words "BSY" which could be for anything, but I thought of my son. I guess he was bossing around the dog. And then trying to boss around my aunt, telling her where to sit and she said if he kept pushing her (on the 4 wheeler), they'd have to walk. So he said he wanted to walk. And she wasn't saying he had to, but he liked the idea and they walked 2 miles back to the house. She said he went over hill after hill saying, "I'm not giving up! Are you doing alright?" and he was checking on everyone else to make sure they were okay. But he wasn't tired and kept going, up the steep hills and kept saying he wasn't giving up. And, the whole time he said he knew the way home too. And he did and was able to lead everyone back to the house, without help.

Then, when he was back he said he wanted water and she gave him a pineapple popsicle instead.

My mom sent me a forward of this story from my aunt, I guess, before I went to a chapel that was held later. I read the story the next day on email. The message in chapel was about how sometimes, for a "season" we get what we don't want, and sometimes we do get what we want.

I bought some different things to eat today, on bargain. I was going to get my staples, and cheap, like a bean burrito bc I'm carrying around tabasco in my coat pocket, but I went to the bin and decided to try something different. I sort of still want the chocolate chip cookies though. Anyway, I had $5 to spend and I got a large package of whole wheat and flax and sesame seed crackers (healthful I thought). Then I almost got this can of artichoke hearts on sale with a recipe for a dip and was going to make the dip to have with the crackers but I decided it was too much prep for my vagabond times right now. The dip would have been easy: add mayo and parmesean but I'm steering clear of mayo now and then bc I read about that preservative and it's not #1 best for fertility. Ahem. I am preserving my right to bear children (not arms) and not opting for embalming myself just yet. I decided to get cheese for the crackers and went with Muenster and why, I've no idea. I wanted something sort of pungent, but this was very very mild. Which is still okay, but not totally what I thought. And I got these puff pastry pretzel design cookies from Germany and I ate all of them but 4, stopping when I thought, "These would be good with tea." (so I am waiting to eat the rest with strong black tea) and I got a can of french green beans bc it was such a good deal and healthful and only 39 cents. I sort of want an apple. An apple or piece of fruit with the munster would have been better. Or maybe this cream cheese & pineapple spread would have even been good with the sesame seed crackers. Oh well. As long as I'm eating decently. I have other things to eat as well, not just this. I'm having cheese quesadilla's later.

So anyway, I am thinking there is a link with tannins or something in black tea or regular tea, and epilepsy triggers. I later looked and there is something about "post-traumatic epilepsy" but I don't have that. I had this happen when I was in high school too, without tea at all. I was drooling in high school bathrooms and at cross country meets (very rarely) and once while camping with my friend Monica, after I had a cup of tea and got sick with drooling and I remember it usually happened before my period started, or I was more susceptible to it then.

At least for me. I had nothing in my stomach and tried to have black tea in the morning, as I have since I was a little girl and there is something about my genetics that tells me this is not working. I mean, every so often, I get away with it and notice nothing odd, but for some weird reason, something in regular black tea (english breakfast style) starts to make me feel kind of sick and almost like I'm about to start drooling or have epilepsy symptoms. It's the only food or drink that does this to me.

I can have tea in the middle of the day too, and it seems to be fine, but first thing in the morning, it doesn't agree with me.

So I was feeling sick after 2 cups of Stash English Breakfast tea and I thought, "I wonder if I switch to coffee" and I did and the feeling went away.

But for me, there is something in tea that sort of acts like a trigger for epilepsy-like symptoms. So I wonder if this is true for other people or just certain genetics. I think green tea affects me the same way.

For some reason, Earl Grey doesn't bother me as much and maybe there is something in the bergamot that mitigates against something else. And I used to drink Constant Comment all the time and didn't have as much of a problem.

I just did a little research and it appears like, yes, "tannins" are a problem or trigger for people prone to epilepsy. It's been this way for me since I was in high school or out of high school actually, because I never drank coffee (except for a cafe au lait with Granny on rare occasion) or tea until after high school. I had my first mocha when I was about 21 years old. And no, I wasn't Mormon. I was a health nut.

My good friend that I've had since jr. high sent me some articles by email, which I'm using to get my passport. I look at it and think "I look anorexic!" but I wasn't. I was always super skinny naturally. But my arms and legs look like twigs. No wonder Lutz said I was too skinny (the German exchange student with dreds who I knew well). By the way Lutz, if you ever happen to randomly come across my blog, hi and maybe I'll see you again sometime. I was looking at this photo today too, and noticing that I am sitting and then my good friend and my brother are right behind me. And to this day, I love them! (my married friend and his wife and family know what I mean, it's a very good agape love).

I think I'm slim now, but no, I am a chub.

Hahaha. This woman I'm sitting next to just sprayed a perfume into the air and spritzed it several times and I thought about how I must smell like a fish and started laughing.

I just uploaded this article clipping. My arms looked skinny but my legs never did. I had pretty good legs, no matter what, like most distance runners.

Oh my word. Lutz is in the photo. I was just thinking of him but hadn't looked at everyone until I wrote about him and then I was wondering who was listed and his name is there. I forgot he was on the cross country team with me. I remember hanging out, but mainly joking around at lunch and talking with my cousin (who he liked as she was more "ample"). I remember thinking, "What's wrong with being skinny?" and then I look at my arms. You can hardly even see them they're so thin and look at the bones jutting out in my elbow!

I was given another article about how my friend played the "chello" (spelled that way and with his name mispelled too) very well and how I could do "chinese splits" and has a "very enthusiastic attitude with her fellow students". We were giving an inspirational award, both of us, and a check for money.

I think of that now, ""very enthusiastic attitude with her fellow students" and then try to even imagine the people who knew me then, picturing the horrible people I last had to work with. Coworkers who called me "cockroach" and threatened me with "You know what we do with cockroaches! we GET RID of them" and "I'll beat CHOO up YOO fuckin' BITCCCHHH."

I am not kidding. Logan's should be sued, as a company, for allowing what they did and then THEY fired me. Which is really ludicrous. There was something wrong from Day 1.

I've never had coworkers ever, in my life, dare to treat me the way I was treated there. Never. And I have never been tortured or assaulted with crap on the job before either, except for one day at Jersey Mike's, which was with an another catholic-run company.

My entire life I've been described as "pleasant, friendly patient" by doctors and medics and a good person to work with and be with, until I had the catholic gangsters on my ass.

And they and their buddies who work in justice system fields and the FBI and CIA are liars.

Thank you GOD that I know I will one day have my name cleared from what they've done to me and my son! Thank you GOD.

I read from the Old Testament again this morning. Maybe more later.

I guess, after reading more about tannins and epilepsy, I think the State of Washington and Wenatchee doctors could be sued for not only lying and discrediting me about migraines, but also about epilepsy symptoms. The Central Washington Hospital lost some of their rights because they didn't have a neurologist on board. I was harassed, and taunted, and jeered at by doctors there who laughed when I came in with excruciating migraine and they REFUSED to treat me.

I was never treated like that at the 7th Day Adventist hospital in Oregon, where I had gone prior to moving to Wenatchee. The harassment was deliberate. And the first doctor to try to smear me was Parrish. A Catholic doctor who communicated with people in Oregon who I still had litigation with, in the catholic church. They made me suffer. Him, and Dr. Jobe, and others. They made me suffer and even when I begged them to obtain records and gave them the name of the medical facility, they refused.

I later obtained my prior neurology reports on my own and said, "You DEFAMED me in your medical records and I want you to include these reports that prove I had migraine and you refused to treat me and I want you to remove the defamatory comments about how I am "delusional" and have "tension headaches" and am "drug seeking". They defamed me to such degree as to imply I was not only mentally ill, but a criminal (using drugs or seeking drugs illegally).

This happened before I was pregnant with my son.

Then, these same doctors, knowing, along with the lawyers at the Davis Arneil firm (who got help from Oregon lawyers I was in litigation with), knowing they could be sued big-time, tried to keep defaming me. Sent out criminals to harm me and my son and then lie and say I imagined we were being targeted with "technology".

They are criminals. Some of them are criminals.

Then, of course, as with my history of migraine, they wanted to call into question my history of epilepsy symptoms because when I went to their hospital almost blacking out, they took my child from me and called me crazy and refused to test for epilepsy when I asked them to, when it was being triggered by the technology crime that was done to me and my son.

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