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Not Getting Son Back & Osama's Mountains

I am not going to get my son back.

Obama Barak got a direct message from God, through me, to intervene and he has refused. He is so politically tied in with all of the Catholic hierarchy that helped elect him, that's all he cares about.

The other night I was extremely distraught, after the way I was treated by the FBI, and my mother tried to say maybe I had done the wrong thing or was "bitter" and needed to forgive. She assumed, like the friends of Job did, that I had done something wrong. I have not done anything wrong and God knows firsthand. She said something about how I had been "bitter" to sue the Catholic church and I said "No, God told me to sue the Catholic church. I did not do it out of "bitterness." She said, "You went up there to protest because you were bitter." I said, "No, you don't know my heart and you have no clue how hard it was for me to go there. I only protested after a lot of praying and the whole way there my legs were shaking I was so afraid. And I only knew God wanted me to do it for 1 day and that was going to be IT, but THEN, a ton of sexual abuse victims wanted to talk to me and said I encouraged them so I decided to keep doing it, because I felt God wanted me to help direct them to lawyers so they could file their own cases."

The insurance companies and their gansters, went after me. They didn't like the flood of victims that were suddenly being encouraged, by ME, to file lawsuits. Then the Mary zealots who thought I was just after their church went after me. I had every Catholic mafia and gangster connected individual there is going after me, and with encouragement and support by priests, monks, The Vatican, and by using the people THEY knew in law enforcement, the justice system, and laws firms, not to mention the media.

I got no help from Jews. The Jewish sided with the Catholics. And then, for mafia reasons, later, some of my old enemies tried to bring in new people, who were even Eastern Indian and Muslim, not because I had any problem with the Muslims or Hindi but because these other people tried to stir up trouble and dissension to create problems for me. And no, I am not forgetting about some of the Ukraine and Russian. They are not all "good" protestants and many are Catholic or Jewish.

I was raped by a Jew.

The more time passes, the more I look back on the history of things, I start to wonder if the rape of my virginity was politically motivated.

You know what? I have never thought such a thing. I thought it was just this incredibly awful and random "date rape". But the more I look back on it and look at things surrounding this, and then things that happened later, I strongly and seriously believe this was not just a personal action by one man.

I have come to believe, in the last week, that my rape, when I was 24 years old and a virgin, and had not even kissed more than 1 man in my life, was politically motivated. Someone didn't want me to be a virgin for a reason. There was some kind of threat already, and I was absolutely unaware of what it was.

The Jewish community has done nothing but let me down ever since. They have been two-faced, selling me out, and doing whatever they thought was in their own best interests. They have encouraged hostility from Catholics because if blame could be shifted to just the Catholics I've had a problem with, they escaped responsibility.

This rape was planned and I believe this man was directly involved with Mossad, the CIA, and/or some kind of law enforcement. For all I know, he was doing a favor for the Catholic church too.

He had an international interest. He didn't want to just stay in the U.S. He wanted to live abroad. It may have been a personal interest or it may have been something else. But when I reported what he had done, after getting strength to do it a year or so later, he skipped out of the country. He ran, because he was tipped off by the Portland police. He left the day after I made my first report.

He said to me, "How will your DAD feel to know you've been HAD by a JEW?!" He mocked me and mocked my own father. The fact that he felt he had made some kind of a conquest on behalf of the Jews, says something to me. It says, when I look back at this group and how they have done nothing for me but says the Jews had a problem with me and viewed me as a threat. Maybe some of the Jewish psychics or prophets was worried about me. For whatever reason, they robbed me of my virginity and bragged about it and made sure he got off. Has Israel and American-Jewish society been kind to me since? No, they've not been kind.

I had just worked for a Rabbi's family. I worked for Rabbi Rose and Lorraine Rose, with connections to England and Washington D.C. They knew I was a virgin. I said as much to Lorraine Rose one day. I had then worked for a woman who was entralled with Princess Diana. The next thing I knew, I was being raped by an Ukrainian-American Jew.

I worked for the Rabbi in 1997. I worked for Suzanne in 1998 and I was raped the spring of 1998.

I didn't have problems, aside from returning from New Jersey as a nanny and having a few break-ins, until I was involved with the monks at Mt. Angel Abbey.

I went to the Mt. Angel Abbey Monastery with no prior problems with anyone. I never in my life had anyone harass me or insult me or try to say there was anything wrong with me. I went up to that library at the monastery, after I had been RAPED, because I wanted to feel SAFE.

Some of the hypocrites there tried to use me and I was so shocked, as a victim of a rape, that I reported the matter to the Abbot. I was shocked, because even if I was then 24, I did not drink, party, do drugs--nothing. I didn't go to "R-rated" movies. I didn't do anything except go to work and go to church. And their lawyers and some of the clergy, used powerful people to ruin my reputation just to cover up for a few measly monks.

I NEVER had anyone question my character until this time. And it was at THIS time, that someone started defaming me to the police and FBI to cover their own tracks by smearing me.

When I now say my son and I have been tortured, these same enemies have spent so much time and money covering for their tracks and overlaying the same thing, over and over, with corruption, hardly anyone believes me.

They not only ruined my life, they sought to destroy my life. They went so far as to get members of THEIR church involved, who worked in law enforcement and the FBI, to smear me from the start. And then they enlisted anyone they could, to help them out.

It took years. It took years, because my character and track record was irreproachable. It was without stain or mark. I had NO record whatsoever. I had no "history" of an unsavory lifestyle. My lifestyle was better than that of their elected Abbots. I had no prior enemies. I had no medical history of any mental illness. I had no past sexual encounters.

This group pressed, harassed, hounded, and persecuted me mercilessly. It took over 6 years before they felt they had sufficiently smeared me and created enough doubt about my character. After they felt secure that their story about me was "well-received" by their own members and non-members, and after the propoganda and abuse had been done to their satisfaction, they began to throw in torture.

It is the same group that is responsible. And when they added in torture of me and my son, they felt assured no one would ever believe me.

They had tapped into every possible branch of law enforcement and the justice system, to smear me and even tried to tap into international databases for purposes of smearing my character and my record, and creating doubt.

Once they acheived this, they knew they were safe to do whatever unimaginable things they wanted to do to me and my son, and they were going to get away with it. And they have gotten away with all of it.

I finally decided, about a week ago, when I look back on the Jewish-American lack of support and participation in smearing me...why did I expect anything different? They are too interested in their own political gain. They are not just U.S. American-Jews, there are Jewish mafia that work with other groups and there is Mossad. They didn't want me to have my twins. When I think about people who have covered up for other people, the Jewish community has.

And then I have nice looking ladies with flaxen blond hair and blue eyes, like the one who just walked by me, saying "No" as if she is crushing some kind of great hope. Why would she think I care about people like her? That same woman was sitting right next to me in chapel the day I was fried so bad by some kind of laser that I almost had an epileptic seizure and stood at the sink, shaking with cold and with my nails discolored from cold after being heated.

I have had unimaginable things happen to me and my son.

Now, I have my case for Appeal and this law firm is in Seattle. They look and sound professional. However, they didn't even bother to contact me before filing their motion. She just wrote it and filed it and then told me she couldn't talk about it with me over the phone past 1 conversation and she refuses to email. This brief defends Justin Titus. Justin Titus is Jewish. He is someone who worked in an otherwise Irish-Catholic law firm that ruined my case and made it impossible for me to even get visitation of my son. Justin's motives were in line with money and politics, not my son. Not only was his wife best friends with one of the social workers that was paid to defame me and make a case against me, he did his best, on behalf of the Jewish community, to keep my documentation out of the record. And then he wanted to say he wasn't Jewish because no one wanted motive to go back to the Jews working with Catholics, against me.

I wondered about my new law firm. I wondered because I "sensed" something wasn't "right". Again.

This time, the brief was so professional I felt the quality was very good. However, other flags are that it made excuses for Justin Titus and also, no one even CONTACTED ME first?!!!

I didn't say anything right away. What worries me is Koch. Honestly, possible Jewish or Catholic influences worry me because they have not been on my side. Justin was not only obstructing justice with regard to ME, he had to have known how it affected my poor son. He knew, and he turned down my invitation to him to meet my son.

How difficult it must be, to screw over a little child after looking them in the face.

Koch was one of the names on this firm's letterhead and I worried he was Jewish. I worried he was connected to a "Koch" in Oregon, whom I had had communications with, with the Oregon State Bar. Maybe they're not related at all but I had a lot of problems with the Koch from the Oregon State Bar at the time I was trying to make bar complaints. I also worried that, like Justin, he might prevent me from making as solid of a claim as I could. Koch is not my lawyer. Some other woman is, by the last name Winkler and she refused to tell me where she got her undergraduate degree and didn't want to tell me what her religion was either. I had so many people with Illinois license plates (I intuited "catholic") driving past me, mocking and gleeful while I was on the bus talking to her for the first time, I wondered why there was an apparent connection between "Jennifer Winkler" in Washington State and catholics in Tennessee. And why the people from Illinois? I mean, if she can't tell me where she went to college or what her religion is, I would have to assume she isn't telling me because she already knows I wouldn't approve. If she is catholic it might explain why there was a gang of people mocking me as they drove past and making contact with her and keeping her abreast of Nashville, TN matters.

I had my envelope with their brief in my computer bag and it was torn in a section and showed just this one name, randomly, "Koch", peeking out of my bag. This was how I discovered a man at the gym who has been around now and then, might be Jewish and maybe there was something wrong. I saw him look at this name and look pleased and got this feeling he was satisfied, and smug and that he was Jewish. So this felt like bad news for me. I became worried that one Jewish man already knew how my case was going to go down.

I asked them to make a continuance so we could talk about my case.

My feeling is that they want to rush through this now, to put everything aside as quickly as possible and have my son adopted out. They postponed everything and stalled until the Wedding & A Funeral and then served me with a brief without even talking to me first. To be expedited, to court, and I haven't even talked to them about missing reports and records, and discovery that's been withheld by the prosecution which they should request.

I still think, even though it makes excuses for others, and they should be asking for withheld evidence and records that I brought up in court...

They should have brought this up.

I still think it's strong enough to win and don't see why it wouldn't win. There should be no reason for it to go through, except that some things could have been added, and they didn't talk to me. I only get one chance with an Appeal with a state-paid lawyer and that's it. Then I have nothing.

However, if I won, they would force me to move back to Wenatchee.

My son and I have been aggregiously tortured in Wenatchee. I have been assaulted and poisoned in other parts of Washington State, and had death threats.

I am a victim of torture and my son is a victim of torture.

Telling me to move back to Washington state is asking me to sign off on my own funeral. I need an investigation into public corruption and torture of me and my son. It is completely unreasonable to tell me to go back to Washington.

I am never getting my son back unless the investigation that I've asked for, is done. And I have Jewish and Catholic blocking this, along with a few protestants and mormons. The Mormons don't care. They don't believe me because they've listened to crap by Catholics and Jews for too long and just believe what they read and don't like the reactions from me that they've heard. They think my son is better off with 2 parents and feel fine leaving my son with my aunt and uncle. There are some Mormons who know better but they even know not all the Mormons in FBI and other organizations are trustworthy and might not even be true Mormons. Protestants have had the same attitude, seeing only the wake after the storm and believing I am the problem and that there is something wrong with me. I witnessed a few so-called Mormons and Protestants cover up abuses that happened to my son. They are not all pure. I strongly believe the Protestants, too, who have told me they are Protestant but then I find out it's been a new convenient "thing" for them in the last year or so--a few of these people have used the claim of "protestant" to gain belief in them and displace motive against me. A woman who was assigned to me to be a counselor in Wenatchee, at the Women's Domestic Violence place, told me she was Protestant. I asked how long. 2 years. Basically, she moved to Wenatchee and became "protestant" about the same time I had moved back to Wenatchee. She was raised and grew up Catholic and her kids were and her husband too. She was part of an effort to block me from getting counseling there, and help with legal things. Then, the visitation monitor Anne Craine told me she was Protestant and went to a non-denominational church. How long? A year or a few months. She was raised Catholic and later started wearing a catholic saints bracelet, but only after she'd written enough false reports about me that she felt safe in doing so, with Tony Block covering her back. Isn't that right TONY? That man is someone to be afraid of. He is a straight-up Italian gangster and he's been paid by the state too. This Catholic woman Anne Crain, watched, smiling, and not making a move, as my son became violently ill in one visit and threw up all over, saying he was sick. She is someone who mocked me and said smirked to say my son and I might be feeling "little pricks on the back" like "sharp, stabbing pains". She is the same woman who sat there documenting falsehoods and then other things for military and for her church. Her church is the Roman Catholic church and Anne Crain got full glory for what she did, in lying and obstructing justice. She put my son's shoes on him wrong and then lied to his face, telling him HE did it, when he did NOT do it.

Find out who "Tony's" boss is and I'll point out some drug smuggling. Fucker, you are done. Tony has not only worked with the mafia, he is "in" with dirty cops, and that includes almost all of the cops there. And the Italian and hispanic and Irish catholic all work together over there and bring in the Ukraine and Russian on the basis of drug dealings only. So-called protestants will do favors for them, just to get more out of their other dealings. They worked together to harm and screw over me and my son. That goes for the Jews. They never came into town until they were wanting to mock me in the spring of 2010. There is also a very corrupt Greek man who has come into Wenatchee to try to silence my son.

The only way my son will be returned to me, safely, is by someone in the FBI who ISN"T dirty, investigating and returning my son to me.

It is NOT safe for me to be in Wenatchee. It is not safe for my son to be there but they don't care.

My son has been tortured.

Last night I wrote into a book I have about "When Pigs Move In", 2 things:

Son tortured
Raped by Jew

Do you think Mossad and the American-Jews like me? I would say not. I would say if they did, none of these things would have ever happened. There were people telling me how THEY provide intelligence to the U.S. If that's so, all of this should have come to an end years ago. But they were willing to sacrifice me and my son in order to keep us out of the way of their other grand plan. Most of this has been from Catholics and yet, if the Jewish are not in on it, why didn't they speak up? They did not speak up. They are like Ephraim, leaving Jephthah to himself.

I was good enough to be employed as their servant. And good enough to be raped. But they didn't feel the need to defend me against a Catholic Crusade of Hitlers. No, they joined in. I would believe someone if they told me my own son had been raped by a Jew. Or anyone else.

Then these people try to get OTHERS working against me. They try to use their muscle and propaganda to turn Muslims and Hindi and people who I have nothing to do with and never had a problem with, against us. They just searched desperately to fill up and block any crack in their lousy lying defense. They anticipated I might try to get help from ________ so they work on them. All they have cared about is defending their own people because they know those people could go to jail for a very, very, long time, for public corruption, torture, assault, obstruction of justice, and fraud.

What have I done to the Indian? Nothing. What have I done to the Muslim? Nothing except I can think of ONE thing which maybe someone tried to use against me at some point. It's possible someone tried to use this to smear me or spread some other idea about me...

After 9/11, everyone was scared, right? I mean, all Americans were scared.

I tutored Middle Easterners and I never thought they were involved. I had some idea in my head that I should be paranoid looking for guys wearing turbans on their heads. Everyone was freaked out, and everyone was paranoid.

One day, when I still painted a lot, I made this beautiful watercolor painting of mountains. I just painted this gorgeous mountain range and had no clue what I was doing. I thought, completely dumbly, "I will paint from my intuition and try to guess where Osama bin ladin is". God didn't tell me, in a booming voice, "HE IS IN THUH MOUNTAINS". I had no clue where he was. I didn't look up maps of Afghanistan or Pakistan bc I wasn't politically interested. I was only looking at the twin towers falling. So when I painted this beautiful and intricate mountain range with lots of different peaks, I had no idea there WAS such a mountain range.

And I sent this watercolor painting, with a sunset, and then I tore it in half and I maybe gave one half to Bush and one to Cheney or just had it torn in the middle for some reason. I don't know why. But I sent it to the President of the United States, with a note that "This is where you will find should look here."

It was the only time in my life I sent a note or painting to the President. And I didn't really know why I was doing it. I didn't understand anything about getting images or impressions or that I might be gifted. I thought I was doing something sort of on whimsy but I had also prayed about it.

That was in, like, 2001 or after the 9/11 thing. Maybe a year later, I don't know. It was before anyone ever tortured ME and MY SON personally. But if anyone tried to stir someone up, against me and my son, they might have done it by using this.

I sent to some regular general staff at The White House. It wasn't "top secret". I was not, and have never been, "a spy."

If I was right, maybe it was noted later. All that I got back, in response, was 2 glossy photos of the President and the VP. Nothing else. I have no clue what "staffer" got it or where they sent it or who they sent it to.

I was not trying to work against "Pakistanis" or "Afghans" either. I was being patriotic, as some college student who was just writing and painting stuff. As it turns out, I was right.

That's where he was, and I didn't even know it.

But I have people in MY country, in the U.S., trying to say I'M crazy.


When I painted the watercolor, I think I prayed first. But I never got into dreams and describing images or finding missing people or anything, myself, trying to research it and finding out I was right about things sometimes, until a couple of years ago.

But I prayed and then just went along painting and painted this long and beautiful mountain ridge with sharp peaks. I didn't paint rolling hills or just one peak...I painted a mountain range with high peaks and craggy jagged edges in places and I made it with lots of different colors.

Then, after I made it I had this weird idea to now tear it in half down the middle. I didn't know why, but I did. Then I sent it off. Like I said, I don't know who got it but I received 2 glossies in return and that was it.

And then it was in about 2005 or so, I tried at one point to contact Al Jazeera because my harassment and persecution was so bad I thought, "I don't have problems with Muslims, I wonder if I could live in the Middle East." And after this, and after writing this one man about my son and Irish stuff, my son and I were blasted with technology. Someone didn't like who I was communicating with.

My son and I were tortured. And I have had Catholics "in" on it, and some Jewish "in" on it, and they have tried to tell everyone else that I'm crazy. If some of the Protestant Russians were "in" on it, maybe it was because they thought I was against Soviets or something if I was trying to find out about another place to live.

All I know, is that people in the U.S. know.

AND, they know, based on paintings and predictions I've made, and other things I've said right, like finding the missing woman...these Catholics have tried to portray me as "delusional" and "paranoid schitzophrenic" when I am gifted.

By the way, I wasn't having problems with technology all day until now. I am at computer 48 on the 3rd florr of the Nashville library and someone here is carrying harmful technology. It is 3:34 p.m.

This is just to say, that if someone tried to show this painting to someone who was Muslim, they maybe thought they could incite hatred against me from some in that group, when I had only done something that was innocent enough and I thought was a good thing at the time.

Then I was tortured and my son was tortured and I can frankly relate better to torture victims than "patriots" or any other category of persons.

Repeatedly, the Catholic church and Jewish have tried to derail me and have allowed me and my son to suffer. The Catholic church members have known I have a gift and they have tried to torture me for it and then convince others that I'm crazy while they have enjoyed torturing me.

They knew that I had a "gift" (even if it's not a big one and not very regular) back in the early 2000s. They know, because looking back, I did and said other things that piqued their curiosity. They thought I was some kind of big-time person with people backing me, or a spy against their church, or just gifted and they were trying to make use of it when I didn't even know what they were doing.

I'm tired of this.

I am tired of being lied about and invalidated.

The United States needs to QUIT listening to those who are blocking my claims, and take me seriously and investigate what I have said needs to be investigated.

I just looked up the title for this one book I saw sitting to the side:

"The Children's War" by JN Stroyar.

One of the reviews talks about not running away but fighting something.

The sermon last night was about this, about Jonah running from his calling and what happens. And then the night before about forgiving all things.

I think they're good messages, but when I think about Jonah and how it applies to me, I don't see how it applies to me. There is NO way I will have work in Washington state. I have been tortured there and poisoned there and the FBI there, in Seattle, is terrible.

I don't have any other options that to either be treated and advocated for by an anti-torture group, or go out of the country where they will validate me if the U.S. refuses.

I feel people are trying to work against me at every angle. I was hoping to get help from an anti-torture group, and put documentation together, and the momentum slowed after I sent an email to David Koch about how I wanted an abatement on the Appeal while I get treatment for torture.

I think that firm is sharing information with others and they are working to prevent me from getting a needed medical abatement because now it's harder for me to get help and people aren't calling back.

My initial contact with Amnesty International was positive and then all the ones I had today, were lousy. They were all being misleading, invalidating, and harassing.

At this point, I am able to make a list of several proofs that I have been given a gift and I am not paranoid schitzophrenic. The U.S. knows it and my enemies know this and have wanted people to not think about this and to degrade me with medications and a false claim for covering up what their corrupt friends have done:

1. Painting of Mountain Range where Osama bin ladin was (with no prior knowledge or research). Sent before Bush's second election. Pre-2004. It was sent to The White House.
No one in the media was reporting anything about his being in any mountains.

2. Description of Missing Woman (name, "Cox") to Missing Persons. My description was what led to finding her and someone else claimed the reward and then others tried to lie and say I was schitzo even though I confirmed I was correct with their local East Coast police. My son Oliver was taken from me only a few months after this. 2007. My conversations were recorded and documented.

3. Visual Identification of U.S. President Obama Barak's femur. I prayed and asked if God would show me any health conditions, some things which I couldn't know, so he would know he was to help me. I had a visual x-ray effect where it was like a vision where I first saw his pants, then his leg, and then it tunneled into his bone. I didn't see an "x-ray slide". I had an almost CSI vision where it took me past the clothing and to his bone and ligaments. 2010. I later verified my impression was accurate, by finding documents online that I had never seen before.

4. Identification of Vladimir Putin's cross and sentimentality. 2010. I asked God to show me something that was hidden and meaning. I saw a cross and got the idea it was from his mother.

5. Knowledge that the CIA knew where Osama was. 2011. I documented this on my blog. "The CIA already knows where Osama bin ladin is."

I could make a whole list of things.

I WANT MY SON BACK and those who are AFRAID of me, are HOLDING ME DOWN.

I was TORTURED at that last job, by Catholic militants who also happened to be servers and bartenders. I have had people keeping me out of unemployment, work, and anything normal and then wanting to say I am crazy because THEY are the ones who are paranoid that THEY are going to be FOUND OUT.

I have already missed out on 4 years of my son's life, because of corrupt Catholic workers who have obstructed everything and Jewish workers who are in with Mossad and nervous of me for other reasons.

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