Thursday, May 19, 2011


I decided to just listen and review music for a quick break.

Someone wanted me to play liszt. So I put on "Liszt".

Liebestraum (3), notturnos for piano. I like it so-so. It sounds like the hymn, "He lives/he lives/christ jesus lives today...he walks with me/and talks with me/along life's narrow way...(he lives within my heart).

Piano Sonata (No. 8 in C minor) "Pathetique" Op., 13 played by Wilhelm Kempff.

By the way, someone who is catholic is at the controls on this Pandora selection. I'll put money on it. how do I know? My granny was asking me this the other day and I said, "You can tell a tree by it's fruits." I see the same thing over and over from the same group.

Someone needs to add more kids praise and worship on Pandora.

I found this section for making a station and sending it as a gift and I made one for my son and now I'm making another one but I looked for "Psalty" and nothing is coming up. I also looked for "kids, worship" or "kids, praise" and nothing came up at all. So I sent him one with:
1. veggietales, 2.martin smith, 3. walt disney (childrens), 4. spongebob squarepants, and 5. raffi (childrens).

My next one is 1., mozart, and then I wanted to add psalty or kid's worship but there isn't anything. For the second one, I made it "Oliver's Classical 2" (first one with more classical) and I included 1., mozart, 2. the three tenors, 3. scottish pipes and drums (military)...i was looking for drums and this one came up, 4. kiri te kanawa, and 5. tchaikovsky.

I'm listening to Martin Smith radio right now but want to see how these other combos turned out.

I listened to my son's station and it's playing mainly worship but this one song brought all of these images to mind so I clicked on it. It was the drums in the song. I saw Chris Dabney actually--no, I think someone that looks like him, and then I started seeing other people, playing drums. It's a man named Robin Mark and he's from Northern Ireland. He's from Belfast, Ireland and it was the song "Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord." on his CD "Next" and then I clicked on it and he's a christian musician from Belfast. I liked the other worship songs too, but was wondering how the mix works things out and then I ended up on this song, which is familiar, "Blessed Be" and I just saw someone rocking out with drum sticks. So I was curious and clicked on it and it's this man leaning against a brick wall with one foot up, the way I was standing when I was last Sunday in line with the homeless, against the Presby church. So I was standing like that and then everything was Irish inside (lots of irish there--some nice and some not) and this Father Ryan sweatshirted kid. Then I see this man on his website, standing this same way and I clicked for "enter" and it said he was from Belfast, Ireland. Then, hallelujah came up and I thought, "How did this song get in there?" and it's from Shreck.

I'll have to make a radio station with some hispanic music next, for my son.

I just looked up the "other woman" article, regarding Arnold and before the news broke, that there was any mistress, I went to chapel with a magazine in my hand and I was reading about Arnold. It was on the same day that the pastor then came up to me and made the horrible gesture and then I was the one asked to leave. But I was sitting there, reading some article about Arnold that was 3 months old. Him on a bike in London, meeting "Boris".

I don't know why, but I am taking maybe Arnold's side. No, I'm not taking any side at all, but I feel sorry for the kid and for Arnold bc of the woman they'll be fighting (the lawyer).

I think Shriver is gorgeous and seems strong, and I think the Kennedies and families with tragedy...I relate to them because of some of our family history.

One woman I do NOT like, is "Laura Wasser." That lawyer is a bitch. Capital "B" Bitch. I heard her name and thought, "Oh no, he is going to have some problems." I thought, "I think this is the same woman who was paid to represent Britney Spears and did nothing but ruin her case." I had a bad feeling about that woman, looked her up, and something just rubbed me wrong. I wouldn't trust that woman with MY man, or a 10 ft. pole, or anything else. Laura Wasser did not do Britney Spears any favors.

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