Saturday, May 21, 2011

CNN and Wall Street This Morning

I had to wait for a computer to open up and decided to read USA Today and Wall Street in the meantime.

I really enjoyed the WSJ.

I read it while listening to "Thomas The Train" playing in the background, and thinking about my son. It was a Thomas the Train episode on PBS about a balloon and my favorite line was at the end, "Even Katie the dog wagged her tail."

I ened up on PBS randomly. I tried to press 06 for CNN and it was an ad for athletics so I switched up and it was Fox news and then it was PBS and I stopped and thought, "Oh yeah! cartoons! I'll bet my son is watching cartoons today." So it was a dinosaur show (playing while I read about Oprah from USA today) and then it was about dragonflies and then I was onto the WSJ and Thomas came on. I've never seen a Thomas cartoon before.

So while listening to this in the background, I went through the WSJ and loved the photo of the Frank Lloyd Wright structure and the quote by him about how doctors can bury their mistakes but architects have to recommend planting vines. And I liked the balance of the Picaso, and the flannel in RL, and just everything. And then I laughed out loud for the first time in 2 days while reading an article at the end by John Waters about traveling first class v. coach and his episode of lost luggage and this woman with an ectopic pregnancy and his special button on his new, free, $400 shirt. I think I just laughed picturing him nursing his wound by buttoning and unbuttoning his shirt flap with some kind of satisfaction, to remind himself of how he had been nicely compensated for a grim error. And then I picked up some kind of magazine for Art & Design afterwards, after loving all the bits about art and design and flowers in the garden.

I always forget that I love art until I see it.

This morning I sat on the porch until the Y opened up and this train went by with the words "Seer" on it.

Then I went to CNN online and they have some article that I haven't even read yet, about "schitzophrenia" which I think is, frankly, ridiculous.

CNN has some good news coverage, which is why I watch--I want to see breaking news, up to date. But something like this, an article about schitzophrenia, is coming into my sight like a target with my scope.

It's sort of like, "Right."

I see ANYTHING about "schitzophrenia" and it reads like this to me:

"Politicians & Criminals Dub Enemies Schitzophrenic."

"Area 51 Stage For Schitzophrenics (the new Alien)."

It doesn't even read seriously to me, in the least. I think about the grotesque abuses and mischaracterizations political persons have made of mental illness, and it reads like a joke.

What is sad, is that there is probably such a thing as schitzophrenia, and those who honestly suffer from it, shouldn't be blamed.

But all anyone needs to do is look at world history, Modern World History, and notice how many times people have been falsely detained in psych wards and falsely labled with, yes, "schitzophrenia". It happens in Russia, it happens in the U.S., it happens everywhere. It even happens to royalty, even if it's harder to make something "stick" to someone who has a lot of money.

Then I look at this poor kid, whom I haven't even read about yet, and he's standing there with a droopy eye, like half of the killers Harvard has been turning out lately, and I think, "This is really sad." The U.S. literally, has been performing experiments on U.S. citizens, and people have been turning up with droopy eyes everywhere (well, it's true) and some have questioned things that have happened to them or to their children, and we're to believe we're all just getting some kind of "lazy eye" or "stress" (yes, that's it. "Stress".) is getting to us. What is sad

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