Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Torture & CIA Research Under Obama Barak, Biden & Panetta

I just read the wiki article on torture. It describes some of the torture and research carried out on prisoners in Abu Ghairab.

There are photos of torture and humiliation but many more things happened which are impossible to photograph. It is impossible to photograph the effects of non-lethal weapons or biomedical experiments and it is impossible to photograph degradation and behavior modification attempts.

Some of the same things done to these prisoners, which Americans don't even think about, have been done to me and my son.

These things have not just been done "under the Bush administration" but under the Obama administration. Every single thing that has been done to me and my son, by way of use of military and other devices, has been done under the Bush AND Obama administration. My torture began at the same time Panetta took office in the CIA. Then I find out my last workplace, where I was tortured, had ties to the Vatican and the Pentagon, which must have allowed my coworkers to feel secure in their jobs no matter what they did to me.

And the FBI has covered it up and contributed.

If the ACLU had to go so far as to request records which show extreme degradation and torture of prisoners from the FBI to file cases, then this tells you the FBI is not prosecuting any of these cases on their own. They are covering for those who are doing these things.

The FBI had, in their possession, photographs and clear and convincing evidence of torture of human beings. Why did they have possession of these materials? Because even if it's the CIA and military that take charge of detainees, it was American personnel that was guilty of these crimes. So the FBI had evidence of what was happening between detainees and persons they have jurisdiction over.

There have been officials in local, state, and federal positions, including the FBI, who have blocked my complaints and tried to have me written off as mentally ill as horrific things were done to me and to my child.

Several things that were done to my son, are proof that either the CIA was involved, or gangsters taking tips from the CIA or in retaliation, used my son. One of the forms of torture inflicted upon the detainees was, for example, exposure to phosphoric acid.

This was done to my son.

This is not the only thing that was done to my son.

I have a whole list and other things I do not even have discovery of yet.

This is Obama's responsibility and all of the crooked Catholics who claim they "care" as they trot off back and forth inbetween the Vatican, as the Vatican claims "It's terrible" on paper and knows exactly what's happening between closed doors.

Some defenders, the others.

There are plenty of others who know what is going on and what has happened and SHAME ON YOU.

My son is going to be free when the FBI faces facts and stops denying the truth. I want an investigation and I want my son back.

I will NEVER, from this day forward, EVER retract any of my statements and claims of torture.

I will NOT have anyone threaten me with false arrest and involuntary detainment at a psych ward, to keep me quiet. And no one is going to get away with defaming me in this manner. It happened. And it happened to my son.

And the U.S. knew about it and lined up doctors and officials to deny the truth, leaving me and my son susceptible to every unimaginable form of abuse, humiliation, and torture.

I am laughed at, having nothing. And the U.S. allowed people to do this to me and the mother of my son. I am followed around and laughed at.

993 PDL (TN)
056 PVN (TN)

It appears people like this are doing fine. They don't ever think about the realities of abuse because they have nothing better to do than imagine this is hilarious.

What is funny about this? What is funny about torturing and persecuting people? and then passing it all of as "not so bad" and "amusing".

The Jewish community is a disgrace as well, caring more about their politics and getting what they want, than the suffering of a child and those being tortured in their own country. As for Oprah, if she's the media princess, why doesn't she highlight some of the torture cases that are being done in this country? I've heard plenty about "mad cow". How about taking on something that actually matters and is a little more complex than Fergie's latest on Budgy. I mean, it's got to be quite the earful of gossip, and then I think about what's happened to me and my son, while people get sarcastic and sneer and laugh and look at the wiki article on torture. I haven't seen anything about the public corruption of the FBI and the Obama administration, for refusing to get involved when they have a right and responsibility to be involved.

It's pretty sad when an American citizen like me, living in the U.S., is able to relate to prisoners of Guantanamo.

And I sense very good energy saying this. 12:50 p.m.

Because it is true.

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