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U.S. Approves of Torture of Children & Counting Backwards
Bush Given Authority To Sexually Torture American Children
The "horror of the shrieking boys" gets a rubber stamp from the boot-licking U.S. Congress & Senate as America officially becomes a dictatorship

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | September 29 2006

Slamming the final nail in the coffin of everything America used to stand for, the boot-licking U.S. Senate last night gave President Bush the legal authority to abduct and sexually mutilate American citizens and American children in the name of the war on terror.

The U.S. officially approved torture of children. While the media gives us stories about how controversial "waterboarding" is and how it should be illegal because it's torture, this country tortures my family. All of us and me before I was pregnant, by triggering migraines for their friends that were in litigation against me, and then while I was pregnant with my son, and then after my son was born.

I have always counted torture of me as beginning after my son was born, but no, actually I need to not brush aside the use of migraine and triggering them deliberately and then refusing to treat them.

One very obvious form of torture began after my son was born. Something so bizarre that I saw the effects on my son and myself.

However, the torture by the U.S. military began earlier than that and it wasn't used for "research" or national security reasons. It was used as a favor to friends who tried to force me out of lawsuits.

They used migraines as a form of torture against me and that was all the way back in 2002. Let me think, maybe earlier than 2002. Possibly 2001 when it began as an attempt to first force me out of college when I went back to PCC-Sylvania to take classes FT. That month where I had 15 migraines in one month?


Illegal torture of civilians for personal reasons and private gain.

It was not natural and I do not ever get migraines like that. They deliberately triggered them to try to force me out of college and I hung in there. It wasn't stress. I've had stress before and it doesn't trigger migraines. It wasn't until years later that I figured out when they were being triggered and that it was to coincide with my litigation.

I also know someone was working on ruining my work history as far back as 1997 when I worked at CTR because of the pattern of weekend migraine that occured, always on one specific day, then regardless of when my period started.

Later, someone tried to make them fit in with what looked like a menstrual cycle. But not in 1997. In 1997 it was never coinciding with my period. They started in the middle of the night, waking me from sleep, and always landed on one particular day of the week. Migraines don't "pick a day" every week and stick to it. It was done to me when I bought my own house in 1996 or so and lived there and the migraines began in 1997.

I know Billy, from CTR, was military.

Then someone tried to have me knocked out of college by increasing them to the point of severe physical disability. Every other day.

After that, when I saw neurologists, they decided to make them "fit into" a menstrual cycle pattern because the doctors were already thinking there was something amiss about them.

After this, then they structured all my hearings around my expected migraine dates and then I later discovered they changed my migraines to fit whenver they thought my period was, and made sure they coincided with court dates.

So that would mean someone was attempting to ruin my life from 1997-forward.

Who? What group? Why?

Well let's think. Someone tried to run me off the road and kill me all the way back in 1992.

Let's look at 1992 shall we? and then the fact that I started having weird seizures triggered at high school in 1993. I can definitely pinpoint weird things beginning in 1992. Escalating to the point of migraines being triggered to interfere with my work in 1997 and then jumping to a high point when I was finally enrolled in college FT, after problems with the monks began. To the point that it was virtually impossible for anyone to continue with college. I then tried to apply for physical disability to allow for more time to complete assignments at the college and saw a neurologist and they said something wasn't squaring right.

Oh. And how DO we square with U.S. military that had friends who hated me and people in my family apparently, or were so worried and jealous, they targeted me with use of technology?

Pretty crazy actually. My Grandpa was still alive then, but being fumigated in his cabin with his wife Belinda, the way I am now. Hmmm.

Then, litigation? oh, well, naturally. Whatever group was jealous and threatened by me this far, wouldn't want me to win lawsuits that restored my good name and reputation.

Killed off my Grandpa Garrett after fumigating him repeatedly, in 2002. Killed him off for good. Same year Edward Howard died, coincidentally or not--both were from New Mexico. And both were clearly being targeted by military and U.S. government.


They don't just do this to kids who are children of suspected terrorists. They do it in the name of the Holy See through friends that work for the U.S. government.

By the way, it's now 11:07 p.m. and I am being seriously tortured hard with use of technology to create pain in my neck and cause the metal in my neck to throb. It's the metal, no other part of my neck.

And honestly, I would not even be surprised at this point, to find out the U.S. illegally implanted something in my neck during surgery. They don't have to use implants of any kind to cause this kind of pain and torture. The first person to try it was a bleached blond with a long face in Bainbridge Island who knew the man I was hanging out with, whose career had been in selling medical products.

But after seeing what has happened to my parents and what's been done to my son, and then how they've treated me (unless I happen to be marrying a Catholic man, because that's really important to democracy and everything. YOU KNOW.)

Democracy in America and civil rights to not be tortured is just ALL about marrying CATHOLIC men.

But basically, now that I realize the U.S. has allowed religious hate crime to run the country and to use this to obstruct justice and tamper with the ability of someone trying to make an OIG report about criminal activity in this regard, I know it's possible that someone could have put implants in my mom's forehead during her surgery, or in my neck, or elbow, or knee during my several surgeries.

Why not? If I'm so special, maybe they just want to keep track of me which is how they find me no matter if I'm driving in the U.S. or driving the road in Canada. How about THAT?!

Do we respect privacy and human rights in the United States or what?

Democracy Is Attained Through Marriage To A Catholic Man.

BOY OH BOY OH BOY. This is reeaaaally good policy.

Freedom From Torture For U.S. Children Like Oliver Is Acheived By Having A Catholic Dad!


Hook me up with some of that good old-fashioned U.S. policy about not torturing women if they marry Catholic men.

SAVE me Holy Seeeeee!!!! oh HEEEELLLP FBI! PLEASE GOD, send me a CATHOLIC man to marry so they don't TORTURE me and OLIVER!

Where is the CIA? Pentagon? Where are the good old boys singing that National Anthem?

HELLLP WASHINGTON D.C.!!! We need your Roman Catholic smut to save the tortured souls of America!

This is already the Middle Ages. The United States has fully, 100% reverted back to the Dark Ages.

How about I talk about how this was the U.S. government's big idea? for me to marry the Catholic man? and then how they all decided to stop torturing me when I was with him?

Because YEAH, "mental illness" just...vanishes! POOOF! when you're wit a Catolic!

Mentally ill? Marry a Catholic! Hey. Just checking...are you still feeling mentally ill? no torture? aha! TOLDJA! all you needed was a GOOD CATHOLIC FUCK.

Mother Mary is really into that too.

I mean, that's what we're all about. Glad you decided to join us.

Keep fucking!

Keep fucking the Catholics honey! or you'll be tortured again!

Come on Cameo! KEEP FUCKING a CATHOLIC MAN! DO IT for the United States of America!

For the Marines! For the Navy!

KEEP FUCKING A CATHOLIC CAMEO! COME ON. FUCK! FUCK A CATHOLIC! COME ON CAMEO--LOOK! you won't be tortured and the Pentagon will BACK you if you're on your back for a CATHOLIC!

COME ON! DO IT FOR the Monks of Mt. Angel!

Do it for the sisters!

Do it for the Pope!



You GOT YOUR FLAG? Come on Cameo! WAVE THAT beautiful American flag that has your son's blood all over it and KEEP FUCKING A CATHOLIC for YOUR COUNTRY!


Do it to save your Mom! Your Dad! Your brother! your Son!

The United States is so proud of themselves. You are just great for our country. President Bush and Clinton and Obama...well, they're standing right there behind you, watching you fuck the Catholics with a bucket of popcorn in their hands.

Didn't you hear them cheering you on?

Anne McIntosh and all those CPS folks, come on, be proud! hold your head HIGH! and KEEP FUCKING and DON'T STOP in the name of God, Country, and all that is so patriotic and holy-moly just like Laura Ingraham.

The whole world is looking for a REVOLUTION!

It starts one fuck at a time.

The Mormons are even backing this venture. They don't stand up for you or your son unless you're doing your job fucking those Catholics.

Revolution. Yeah. Fight the communists by fucking a Catholic.

oh hey. Let's fuck the little kids too.

COME ON MICHELLE OBAMA! can't you fuck just one little kid for the cameras? It will reeeally get to the "enemy" if you do and maybe we'll get a confession from a terrorist even.

let's get out the LADIES to fuck little kids!

We need real women. Real patriots who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and do what they need to do to save this country. We need women like Anne Crain/Crane, and Susan from CASA, Donna Titleman, Barb in Spokane, Christine Gregoire, Judge Wasson, and those Jennifers who want to be lawyers in Seattle.


Come on Ms. McIntosh, haven't you ever given a 5 year old a blow job before? what? It wasn't YOU? Well I sure thought it was, the way his genitals were blue but maybe that was just from the military laser fuck huh?


Brett McDonald and Tina Thornton only like to fuck little kids on special occasions and with FBI prior approval.

The Stubblefields fuck kids and teenage virgin young women too. He uses his handcuffs to restrain little kids to beds while Stacey goes down on them. And then he cuts the little kids' fingers as a reminder not to tell and makes them promise "not to sue".

If you're a sexual predator maybe you can get a date with a married or single woman that works for CPS or DSHS in Wenatchee. Or, if you don't like women of that caliber, why not try the AG offices? Like women who fuck little kids in dress suits before they go to juvenile court? Who do cocaine and dirty deals with the military before making decisions about children's rights!

Judge Hotchkiss only fucks little kids if they're between the ages of 1 year old a10 years old and he has a thing about not looking when he does it. He also has this policy against fucking the Catholic kids out of respect for his own priest so he gives the Catholic ones over to the corrupt Mormons or the atheists. He gets a medal to wear around his neck at Red Robin for each kid he fucks, taking them down one by one, by the pants, and keeping the belt for a souveneer too. He likes to have mementoes, but he doesn't want to look them in the eye. Cuz, well, he has to sign these papers about them and everything. It's Future Swingers Of America! forget Future Farmers. And Chelan and Pencticton have a little kid fuck buddy exchange.

Not too bad. Worth the drive really, for a really good fuck with a white American kid.

They've had runaways before. People always think Cameo is the only one but no, she's not. She's just the loudest one they ever had. But yeah, they've had people run across the border to "save their kid" (rolling eyes, as if fucking a little kid is bad or something) by trying to go to another country.

Fucking a little kid and holding them isolated in a small confined space to be threatened and laughed at, no big deal. It'll help 'em to mature. Cool. It's really cool. You know, to roll in there and help a kid become a man for the government. You can't just take off their pants to do that right. Nah, those kids have to be drugged and made drunk here and there. They need to feel pain and be forced to learn to lie to cover for people that torture them. That's what WENATCHEE wants guyzz! No one likes a rat in Wenatchee, oh no way. So they bring in the military, CIA, and mafia to teach the little brats a lesson or two in how to NOT TALK.

You feel pain? shut up. You want to cry? shut up. You're embarressed? shut up? You think you get what you want? shut up. You're hungry? shut up. Oh, that hurts? shut up. I did that to you? No I didn't. YOU DID that to you and if you don't SHUT UP and lie for me, and learn to be a good liar for Christine Gregoire and the Judges and police and retired FBI, well then!

Then I guess we're going to take you to that guy to be raped again. And Anne McIntosh will be there to watch and give you another blow job Oliver.

Meanwhile, Oliver, everything will be juuust fine if your mother would only learn to keep fucking our Catholics for our country.

WE WANT U.S. Citizens to be PROUD of the United States!

Go MARINES! Go Navy! Go Air Force! Go Coast Guard! Go White House! Go CIA! Go Seattle FBI and Portland FBI! Go Canadian Comrades! Go Roman Catholic mafia!

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound...KEEP FUCKING CATHOLICS FOR YOUR COUNTRY CAMEO!

Hey. Did you see that? The Catholic men and women are being normal now, now that Cameo is fucking a Catholic just like they are. We KNEW she'd LIKE it if she only TRIED IT!

Sometimes you can't lead a horse to water, you have to shove their face in it and not let it up until it DRINKS.

Drink from the Holy Communion Cup of Roman Catholicism in U.S. Government today!

Show the world how much you LOVE Catholics!

BITCH! Make it look good! You'd better give the Catholics in Government a good name or you're back to being tortured BITCH.

You either FUCK a Catholic man and KEEP FUCKING him or you're going back to being a lab rat bitch. Which one do you want? revvvvooolllutttion?

OR DO YOU want to be a god-damn living sacrifice and have the Middletons laughing at your entire family along with Tony Blair?

Could have been so different. Sigh. SO different.

If only she'd known how to choose "the better thing"--sex FOR YOUR COUNTRY CATHOLICS!

EITHER YOU FUCK CATHOLICS and LOOK LIKE YOU LIKE IT or you're a disgrace to our church!

Look at how nice Susan from CASA was to you when you were fucking a catholic man. And Judge Hotchkiss. And the detox counselor in Wenatchee. And those police officers and medical professionals. How PROUD you made us feel!

Cameo was marrying a Catholic man.


That's the end of the torture I guess. And well, she won't sue us if she's married to HIM, so let's just go ahead and give her her kid back huh guys?

LOOK! look! Cameo LIKES us! She really likes us! Look! look! Cameo Garrett is fucking a Catholic man! And she will marry him! maybe her kids will become Catholic too, just like OUR kids!

Uh oh.

She's not fucking our Catholic man anymore.

The country might collapse. Our church is in jeopardy. What if she SUES us again???! Why doesn't she like him? what's wrong? she's not marrying a Catholic? Well, we can't give her her kid if she's not going to marry a Catholic. There is too much at stake.

So much for God and Country. The police are getting really mad because she's not marrying him. I guess they figured he was their cover and control for their own illegal activities and if she doesn't marry him, there's no guarantee.

Oh how sad. The Catholic man has a daughter in Colombia.

So what's going to happen to his daughter now?

BITCH! she's not marrying HIM???

She's not bringing in our CATHOLIC CHILD into the United States? THAT BITCH!


Because you see, 1 Catholic child is worth more than 100 non-Catholic children who are innocent.

It's a "soul". Yes. A "soul" for the "kingdom of heaven" and "Peter & Paul" and what are the others? kids who are not in "communion" with the church that wants to rule the world.

So either you help us rule the world and the United States, or you will be tortured.

One little girl. Uno chiquita pocito. Awwww how sad! sniff! ONE CATHOLIC GIRL isn't getting into America with her mother?

Aw. sniff sniff.

Now we HATE Cameo Garrett more than before and we'll TORTURE her son in front of her very eyes for doing THIS to US!

Who CARES if our Catholic man was a cheater! Who cares about anything?

ONE CATHOLIC girl and a little prize for the CIA.

Nothing for Oliver then. Make him SUFFER! Make her entire family SUFFER!

That's it. Sell them for research. Do it now. She's not going back to him so show her what she gets for not doing us a favor.

Show Cameo and her family what they get for not wanting to FUCK Catholics and make it look like a good time!

So much for international relations and democracy and Catholics United.

Put her back on drugs. Different ones. Freeze her assets. Don't give her work. Don't let her get unemployment. See if we can drive her to be forced to reconsider. Make her pay. PUNISH HER! Don't give her a fair psych eval now--what's the point? Nope. The State isn't going to pay for 16 hours of psych eval in her favor anymore.

How about 1 1/2 hours and make it as nasty as you can without being too obvious?

BOY do I really want to be a Catholic.

In fact, I'm sure all of the non-Catholics and atheists really love the idea of Catholics in America too.

("They're torturing their own citizens there unless they're Catholic!")

Do you think she'll fuck this one? no? what about this one? no? this one? no? well then WHAT IS SHE GOOD FOR? She just SUES the Catholics and doesn't want to FUCK THEM?

You want me to fuck a Catholic?

See you in fucking court.

Wait. This time I want to watch. I want to watch a lot of Catholics get fucked over by people that don't like the little "fucking game" they played with me, my son, my family, and this country's resources.

That's what I want.

I want justice instead of a sorry excuse for how the condition of this country is just fine the way it is, with persecution and religious hatred running the government.

I want someone else, who is not Catholic, to fuck over all the Catholics that tried to force me to keep fucking them so they could get off. Who fucked my son over. I want a non-Catholic to fuck the SHIT out of these assholes.

I want to see the Catholic Reign of Terror in America come to an end for good. That's what I want, and the world will be a better place for it.

I want those who are responsible for torturing my family while we live here, in prison and their families treated the way they have treated us. Usually, I don't even think of giving the same treatment to even enemies, but this has been bad enough that for every minute they spent torturing us, they should feel themselves what it is and their children should feel for themselves what it is. Someone knows which persons are responsible for directing and ordering this and there will be someone that will tell the right group and I pray to God they get them. I hope they take them out like a rug being pulled out from under their feet. And if this is my own country doing this to me when I am a citizen, then God bless the foreigner that gets to be lucky enough to acheive taking these people out. They are not MY friends and they are not friends to this country either. They are a disgrace.

I don't want someone making "guesses" or getting ideas. I want someone to nail who is responsible for ordering this and I want them taken out for good. However that happens, God Bless them for getting rid of people that practice terrorism against their own citizens in their own country and then dare to call themselves religious at all, or not, or even a citizen. I don't care if they're Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, Mormon, Christian Protestant, Buddhist, Atheist, or Agnostic, or Jewish, I hope they and the technology they use gets demolished.

And I feel very confident that there is at least one person who knows enough and feels enough who will be willing to tell someone or some other group that will do something about the persons and parties responsible for torturing me, my family, my brother and my son.

That's also not asking for revenge when we are the ones constantly targeted. It's called self-defense and there is a law which allows for self-defense. Since I will probably not discover who is responsible, I'll leave it to someone else or another group that knows more. If I ever found out who was personally responsible for ordering these things against my son and I, I would take them out myself or if I had the power, would give an order to have them killed.

They don't deserve mercy of any kind. They deserve jail and a chance to tell everyone what they've done and then they deserve to die.

Never in my life have I ever tortured anyone or asked someone else to torture others. Never. And I've never physically harmed anyone either. But when it comes to self-defense, after being tortured this long in this country and these people getting away with it, I would have no problem giving an order to have them killed if it were within my legal power or was the only way to prevent further torture against me and my family.

Nothing justifies what has been done to us.


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