Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kids I Was A Nanny Or Babysitter For: Prologue

I will forget some of the names and I can't remember them all. There were kids that I babysat just once but that wasn't very often. I had regular babysitting gigs. If I babysat once, they wanted me back every time. So, since I was in school, not college, I just had one or two families at a time I babysat for regularly. Because of my seriously extensive babysitting and work as a teacher's assistant, I then moved to working as a nanny and originally planned it to be a way to check out the East Coast and go to college there, for Elementary Ed or English Literature. I always loved English Lit but thought of Ed. because of my experience and this lasted until I talked to my Great-Aunts. I was looking at all-female colleges as well as co-ed though, sort of frilly ones: holyoke, sweet briar, etc. I liked the idea of taking riding lessons as a class or extracurricular sport, and some of the things they offered. I was a romantic.

I just looked them again for fun. Yeah, I asked to be sent materials from their schools and/or had them on a firm list. I did a lot of research and what I liked was that they had athletics I was interested in, even if I didn't have a lot of experience, and they were highly academic. I was leaning for the all-women's colleges, mainly holyoke and sweet briar. I wasn't interested in Wessely or whatever. I looked at it but it didn't have the frills I liked that holyoke and sweet briar had. I did all my research before I even went to the East Coast, in 1992-1993 and then more when I was there but I got derailed.

I think it was that I was forced to work 80 hour weeks and had no opportunity to visit and then I found out they needed SATs and I couldn't even go, I thought, maybe until I was an independent student. But I had planned to look at them while there as a nanny, in the area. I literally worked so much and had no time off. I think I worked closer to 90 hours a week and then had no use of a car outside of the local town. I started documenting and was getting over 80 hours but that was slower weeks. It was usually more than that.

Then I got back after working so hard as a nanny, I thought I had to wait then. I was very disappointed. I know I talked to my parents about it and showed them the colleges I wanted to go to but they made too much money to help. It was a catch-22. They made too money but it was locked up in land and not liquid. And, now that I know more, they probably had some group trying to control what I was able to do.

I just noticed the time.

Will write tomorrow.

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