Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hostages (We Are)

We are hostages.

If you don't believe me, please see the comments on the last post for Torture NOW & Canadian Catholics.

My son Oliver never had a chance.

And we are all hostages and this country has allowed religious hate crime to dictate our fate in not one but two countries, because of Catholics who conspired and used government positions for their own reasons.

Canada illegally returned persons requesting political asylum knowing what harm awaited and even separation of child and mother is harm. And they knew. And they already knew about my Grandpa Garrett and what was likely happening with my whole family and they allowed criminals in their government to break their own domestic and international laws.

All for religion and religious friends.

How many Protestants were involved with me and my son when I was there? Hardly any. It was all done by Catholics and then the entire CPS matter was run by Catholics and we've all been run into the ground ever since.

They tried to make it look like research and national security issues when all it was was runaway hate crime trying to control their own damages for their own hypocritical religious friends.

I see what my parents have been through, what I've been through, my own brother, and my son who I tried to save.

My parents aren't free. There is zero evidence of freedom of any kind.

It has been Catholics and Jewish.

Period. Mostly Catholics and then a Jewish group that colluded for their own reasons with the Catholics.

I do not believe any Catholic "Judge" or Jewish Judge should have any say in anything I ever file about this matter, nor should anyone in the OIG of either group have anything to do with my complaint about religious hate crimes spanning 10 years.

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