Saturday, December 31, 2011

Torture Of My Mother (Evidence Military or FBI)

I left the house for less than 20 minutes total and when I did, someone drove in and tortured my Mom while I ran to drop something off at the post office.

I asked my Mom who was here and she said no one but it wasn't true and her face is ruined and eyes all black.

So I came outside and took photos of the tire tracks that were fresh and showed someone pulled up here just minutes ago and tore out so fast mud spattered everywhere.

It's FBI connected because then I was trying to photograph shoe prints and someone kept deleting my camera.

I took photos with a regular camera and with my laptop but then Microsoft wasn't allowing me to further photograph.

Here's a plate for someone too: DBS 719
I got 2 different shoe prints besides my own and 1 of them is possibly my own from a different shoe.

The other one is recent and it's not my shoe, and it's not my Mom or Dad's shoe either.

We wear tennis shoes. We don't wear dress shoes or boots like that. Especially not on our own property, walking down a muddy road.

The sole of the shoeprint is not from a shoe from my Mom or Dad's foot.

It's facing the direction of my house. It's not going forward in the direction of my parent's house, but is walking towards my house and I found it in the middle of the road next to mud.

It looks like a nice FBI or cop sole. You know, like those nice dress shoes that double for church and FBI offices too. Or the office cop shoe that's not a sneaker made for running but for standing and looking nice. Or a business dress shoe sole that has little to zero traction at all. It's the heel. Nice smooth heel.

It's too big to be my foot or my mom's foot, no matter what kind of shoe we wore, it would be huge on us. It's not the handyman's shoe because he didn't walk over here when I was here and he wore sneakers.

The tire tracks are possibly from my Mom's car because I looked at the tread but not positive.

The one shoe print, which is when my camera disappeared from my computer when I tried to take the photo, does not belong to my family.

Which means someone was on this property, headed in the direction of my house. And I have been here all day except for running to the post office to drop something off.

Yesterday I was at the house all day and no one was here. The day before yesterday I was at the house all day and no one was here. And last night, dears, it rained.

It rained enough that even if someone had made a mark one or two days ago, the rain would have washed it away.

So that footprint is from this morning when I left my house at 2:45 p.m. to run to the post office and be back by 3:15 p.m.

During this time, someone was on this property and it wasn't my Mom or Dad and when I asked my Mom who was here she didn't look happy and she didn't look well either.

Additionally, I had 2 different cops driving around me the entire time I walked to the post office. One police officer passed me when I was walking to the post office when I was to the high school and then a little while later, the same cop passed by me driving the other direction.

Then, another cop was parked where I have to cross to get to the post office.

And finally, I left the post office and one of the ones who had been driving back and forth was watching where I was at from a distance.

So the cops here in town are dirty.

And whoever was on ths property when I wasn't here, is bad enough that the police are keeping a look-out for them, and it may be that it was one of their guys or women that was here to begin with. And when there is a shoe print right there in the middle of the road, there is no possible way someone walked onto this property and my mother didn't see who it was. And if someone walked onto this property and my mother felt she had to lie and say no one was here, while looking like she just got beat up, then the cops are in on it and they're dirty and the reason she can't say anything is because of them and the FBI and/or mafia that they are protecting. FBI/military, mafia, whatever. The local police are dirty.

Which is most likely why my parents were so afraid for me and hoped I might be able to not be tortured anymore in this country and maybe get my son back.
Also, when I stood on the back porch after getting back from putting my letter to the court in the mail, I could feel the technology that was targeted there and it was severe enough that I could stand there and feel it vibrating. It was the "ink-bursts-out-of-pen" technology that affects your heart.

And someone had this targeted hardcore on my parents house.

At night, I've gone to check but not every single night because at some point I realized someone was still using torture but refining it to be more localized where I couldn't tell from the outside.

However, the fact that I could feel this while standing on their back porch means that there is still a group using something which is not localized and which is noticeable.

It's criminal torture and conspiracy to commit acts of terror and torture and get away with it.

I want my son out of this country.

I know there are a lot of good people here and I wouldn't just go anywhere and honestly, I resent how the bad Americans have been trying to drive me out of this country.

But no, this country is responsible for kidnapping my son. And let's say it was the Russians in Wenatchee that did it. Let's just say. Even if it was some interntional group that wasn't really representing America, the U.S. still has a responsibility to investigate crimes.

And what lawyers were starting to tell ME was that the reason no one was investigating was because it was the U.S. that was responsible. Supposedly, this is why U.S. federal and state officials have gone together to protect eachother, when really, they're protecting people of certain religious groups and that's it.

Even if there are bad or corrupt people in the U.S., the good ones have a duty to override them or investigate on their own. We were TORTURED. I was always counting torture as beginning in 2004 or 2005 but that's just when they amped it up and decided to go full-speed with it. I guess they figured, well, she discovered we've been illegally using our friends in the military and CIA to obstruct her from work, college, and most obviously, court hearings. At that point, knowing I knew they were triggering my migraines to coincide with court dates and when they "thought" my period was, this group KNEW they were in, potentially, HUGE HUGE trouble.

How does ANY group explain that to Congress? "Yeah, we used military resources against Ms. Garrett. For what purpose? Oh, well, we just used it so she'd have migraines that interferred with work a little and then we didn't want her to get a college education and wanted to keep her down and looking dumb so we gave her a good dose of migraines for that and then decided not to, and then, well, we didn't have a reason to trigger her migraines for an objective until she had lawsuits we didn't like. So we scheduled someone to trigger migraines on the court dates and coordinated with some of the Judges and lawyers on when to make the court dates so they could look like it was just part of her menstrual cycle and the hearings just accidentally always landed on those dates. So yeah, we used military and CIA resources to obstruct justice. For The Willamette Week people and the Roman Catholic church. It worked too! Especially when we convinced some of our friends that were doctors to refuse to give her painkillers. Then, she was a goner."

EXPLAIN to anyone, how the U.S. government would justify interferring with a private citizens lawsuits by using military to trigger migraines?

So basically, when I figured this out, these people FLIPPED out and worried they were going to get in trouble. It was not a small thing. They could be found guilty of using torture to keep someone out of court. And then colluding with doctors to even keep someone out of painkillers for the torture they triggered.

There is no military or U.S. government excuse to justify this.

So if I've figured it out, what do they do? Full speed ahead then. This time, they tortured me and my son so badly we almost died. And all the more reason to come up with the excuse that it's not happening and I am mentally ill. I wasn't mentally ill.

NOW they want to say oh it's just research.


And any FBI or government employee that repeats this line is trying to find justification for hate crime and an attempt to obstruct competition.

If that is not sufficient grounds for RICO I don't know what is.

So no, I feel that to stay here in this country and have my son raised here is obstruction of my freedom to leave. Which I tried to do. And the U.S. didn't know how to take "No" for an answer and wanted to keep raping and torturing us. They literally used extraordinary rendition on my son and kidnapped him from his legal guardian.

They colluded with Canadians to kidnap my son from me. So instead of sending in a helicopter with an FBI counter-terrorism man from D.C. to swoop down and pick up my son and take him back to the black hole of Wenatchee, they colluded with Canadians and agreed the only way to make it appear semi-legal would be to arrest me for something, giving them an excuse to separate my son from me first in Canada.

No, I do not want to be a citizen of Canada. Not after what these Catholic Canadians did to me and my son. And no, I do not want to raise my son in the United States of America.

I would like to live here without being tortured, definitely. But on principle, why would I ever want my son to think this is a good country? This country tortured his brains out. And SO far, the decent people in this country haven't been bold enough to hold the people who did this accountable for anything.

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