Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Impressions Of My Son From Last Night

I have no abilities even close to what my parents have. If I get anything it's few and far between but I asked God to show me something about my son last night and the first thing that came up was he was cold.

I saw him shivering.

I think he needs warmer shoes and boots and coat.

And then I didn't know why I was seeing him cold while undressed. Probably he's cold other times too, because he has no body fat right now. Almost like that kid that I saw once, who was getting cold showers.

I saw him falling to the ground from a blow to the head or slap. Falling all the way down onto the ground. Not from a relative necessarily but I almost wondered if he's been knocked unconscious before. Which sounds really extreme, but that's what I got but maybe my imagination. I sort of stopped at that, thinking, how could he have been knocked unconscious? and when and by whom?

I also saw him standing there and someone stopping his foot up and then down loudly and clapping loud and saying, "DANCE!" and he was scared. Like a big stomping down and clapping at the same time. Like the guy from the "Archangel" movie tells the 2 investigator/journalists to do in the bbc movie.

And some blond guy with longer hair, not cropped super short, that looked like the FEMA guy from Nashville, TN, "James".

The first thing I saw about him, was him standing cold by himself.

Then something about a cut inside his forearm but I think that's impossible. He's had his fingers sliced at the base, but I have never heard or seen anything like a straight cut across his inner forearm, where the crease for elbow is...I figured maybe it was for something else, getting a shot there or something.

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Anonymous said...

Here is my impression of your son. He is happy in a stable home that loves him. Something you were apparently unable to provide him. As best as I can figure from your blog, you have lived in Washington, Canada, D.C., Tennessee, Texas, and Oregon during the last 3-4 years. Everywhere you go, you have problems with your landlords, employers, medical personnel, etc. Think how negatively that would have affected your son. Your son is better off without you and that is unfortunate. Your paranoid delusions interfere with your life and would undoubtedly affect your son's life if he were with you. Perhaps some day you will stabilize with appropriate psychiatric intervention. Until then, you are unfit as a mother and your son is better off without you.