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Judge Janice Wilson's FBI In Oregon

I was just remembering how I started to fall behind in one of my lawsuits and I kept asking for a Medical Abatement.

(someone just deleted my entire post and I'm having to rewrite it).

I was very sick with chronic bronchitis and didn't know at the time that the apartment complex I lived in, in 2004, was infested with black mold. I just knew I was very sick and I asked for a Medical Abatement, which was necessary and right to ask for. That would have postponed everything to allow me time to recover from severe illness.

The Judge Janice mocked me instead and said, "I'm not giving you a Medical Abatement for physical illness but I'll give you one for mental health illness."

It wasn't stress or that I couldn't keep up with my 2 lawsuits. I was becoming very ill living in that apartment complex.

After I was forced out of my lawsuits, I found out the building had been condemned for toxic black mold or that someone had gone in and had to clean it all out for this reason. It was an apartment complex that was next to one of the mosques and was close to the Lewis & Clark law college. It's the same one that the FBI agents were in.

I remember being very shocked, that as sick as I was, Judge Janice was so cruel as to sneer at me and suggest, in the middle of court, on the record, that she refused to give me medical abatement for physical illness but she'd happily put a bad mark on my case by diagnosing me herself as "mentally ill".

Her comments were prejudicial enough and showed bias to the point that she should have recused herself and I asked her to do so and she refused.

I had no indication of mental illness of any kind and my lawsuits were both going very well and I was winning them. I was also getting a 3.6 GPA in college, and was social.

The only thing that occured between her comment about mental illness was that I met the FBI agents and made a misconduct complaint to Portland FBI field offices. After I did this, Judge Janice slandered me as mentally ill in court.

I had demonstrated no mental illness. I had no record of mental illness either. But she was wanting to do a favor, a HUGE one, to opposing counsel, of blacklisting me as nuts, on the record, and needing mental health "break".

I was physically ill.

I had one after another after another rounds of severe bronchitis. Then, when I was commuting between Oregon and Washington, I was getting very sick one place and then improving the next place, and then getting sick again and then improving. Every single time I went back to Oregon to stay PT with a friend in that apartment complex, after I gave up my own apartment there, I was becoming ill.

And then I was blocked from freedom to travel and forced out of my lawsuits. I then heard that this same apartment complex had been comdemned for "black mold."

There was even a witness to black mold in my own apartment before I was sharing a place with friends there. He was doing maintenance inside, and it was after FBI agents had been in my place and he pointed to the ceiling and said, "WHAT IS THAT and how long has it been there?" It was black mold seeping through the paint in the ceiling.

It was covered.

So basically, I went from one toxic mold house, to a decent place with grandparents, to another moldy apartment in Wenathchee. Which didn't help when my son was born and we both got thrush and then it progressed without treatment.

What's concerning to me is how Judge Janice, who was Catholic (gay, and Catholic still), started this idea of "I'll give you medical abatement for mental illness but not physical illness."

They started saying the exact same thing in Wenatchee when I tried to go on temporary SSI for childbirth injuries.

No one wanted to admit my son and I were injured, and because they felt my going on SSI for physical disability would prove traumatic childbirth, they blocked me.

I was blocked from accessing a federal service and program that I was legally entitled (not privileged but entitled) to apply for and receive.

I was told by Wenatchee's government workers, "We'll help you apply for SSI for MENTAL ILLNESS disability but not for physical disability."

These people are all a part of the same religious hate crimes and obstruction of justice.

What's sad, is that more than one Judge has been implicated.

However, even with the idea of a huge spot of black mold on my ceiling in my apartment and seeping through the edges of paint, knowing what I now know, I cannot say my chronic bronchitis was caused by toxic black mold and nothing else or that there was no foul play involved.

The military was already engaging against me.

What I mean by this, is that there were adversaries and competitors who had already tapped their resources in military and used technology against me by that date of 2004. It was just not so bad as to be horrific and was well-concealed as somewhat naturally occuring migraines.

After I discovered the migraines were all a fraud, and had been triggered deliberately to coincide with court dates, hearings and the estimated time of my period, that's when I was able to look back and realize, there has been very dirty and criminal work going against me for a lot longer than I ever imagined.

And no, I didn't know or have any clue that anyone might know about my parent's unique talents or watch me more closely thinking maybe I was the same type.

When I am aware of what has been done to me, and how none of it was "natural", I then think about what my parents have been forced to go through silently.

As for the Judge Janice R. Wilson, I didn't even understand anything about being intuitive then and I remember, all the way back then, thinking repeatedly that SHE was actually WITH the FBI.

I can't confirm that this is true at all. I don't know if Judge Wilson is on the FBI's payroll, or rats people out for them, or if she just has good friends that work in the FBI Portland offices. All I know, is I was fingering something about the FBI with her.

First, off the bat, I knew she was corrupt in some sense. My first idea about this came when I found out her placement to my case was "pre-arranged". It's supposed to be a random assignment of Judges, they had a certain procedure in place to ensure this. But what I found out was that John Kaempf specifically wanted her. And she wanted him too I guess. Potentially, since it involved a newspaper: The Willamette Week, which is so "gay-friendly", THEY wanted her too, because she was an "out in the open Lesbian."

I just know without any doubt, that I still remember the day and time of day that I made the discovery of how she was assigned to my case and I knew something was up from that moment on.

Maybe, since The Willamette Week had a Jewish Editor-in-Chief, who knows, maybe he knew the gay Schrunks that lived next to the Rabbi Rose and his wife where I had worked and thought it would work out nicely for his lawyers to have Lesbian Willamette Week Fan Judge Janice Wilson presiding on a case where she was connected to the owners of the paper and their editors.

I know Janice Wilson treated John Kaempf like he was her personal teddybear. She liked men, even as a lesbian, and she liked him and he knew it. He'd had cases with her before too I believe.

But yeah, FBI kept entering my mind when I saw her.

And then her comments and treatment of me, disaparaging and making comments about mental illness, these comments came after I had reported 2 FBI agents for misconduct through Julia Thornton who, to my knowledge, isn't "gay per se" but about as "butch" as the straight woman gets.

Janice Wilson restrained herself through all the hearings until after I had reported FBI agents. Then she lit into me.



Doing favors for our local Portland FBI Ms. Wilson?

Judge Wilson went from being cordial to outright hostile after I made my report and Julia Thornton tried to block my complaint of religious hate crimes. She degraded me in the courtroom, mocked me, and instead of saying, "Ms. Garrett, if you will provide me with further medical documentation, I will consider giving you a Medical Abatement," she said, "I'm not going to give you a Medical Abatement for physical illness but I WILL give you one for mental health reasons."

And then she just smirked at me.

Every lawyer knows what that means. Right. Like a lawyer that has lawsuits pending in court, is going to ask a Judge for a "mental health break".

May as well seal your fate and lose your case right then and there.

She just rolled her defamation of me, with no evidence, right into the public court record. And she did it after I had met with FBI to make a complaint and they most likely slandered me.

This is after me, my mother, and my father all come down with sudden various health "disorders" too, upon my filing my cases, or right before filing, in 2001.

I was exposed to something that caused warts on one spot on my leg and it had nothing to do with STDs. It was more like someone deliberately exposed me to something or smeared something on me. Then, at the same time, they exposed my MOTHER to chromium poisoning and then called the results, "warts". It's not warts. It's clearly from chromium poisoning, but the Catholic doctor she went to wanted to call it "warts". The incurable warts supposedly. Yeah, me and my mom, we're really "wart-prone". What I had was totally different from what my mother got. And she got this after she cured what was done to me. Someone retaliated against HER for fixing it. At the very same time, after I was harassed repeatedly by John Kaempf, I finally looked into his history and made fun of the fact his father was a Urologist. So how did someone retaliate? Oh, my Dad just comes down with "sudden" prostate problems requiring a Urologist in Portland.

It's not "karma" honey. It's "criminal."

So when someone says my extreme and severe bronchitis, for over 4-5 months, is from toxic black mold in my apartment I think, "Yeah, that is very possible" and then I also reserve room for the possibility that I was repeatedly exposed to bacterial viruses.

It's not like my family hasn't been targeted by corrupt government and military at all.

Me, my mom, and my dad, all came down with these bizarre things in the same month and year. And all of it was surrounding my litigation and fears of criminals that maybe they were helping me or should suppress me. I haven't asked my brother if anything happened to him.

For 7 years now my mother has had "warts" that are not even warts. It's evidence of poisoning and out of 3 doctors, not one of them was honest. My mother refuses to ask for testing because most likely the same assholes that threw me into psych wards and jail on false charges, have threatened them with blackmail. Obviously. My mother's face gets cut up and scarred and then all of a sudden I make a UN complaint and she's showing up with an extremely shiny and tight face everyday from 100% glycolic acid peel solution, and shows up blasted and in shock with Patty Otterbach as her escort.

John Kaempf: German Catholic. Christa Schneider: German Catholic. Oh, and my tires, all 4 of them, were slashed when I met a German Catholic man at a cafe Lake Oswego after saying something to Christa about who I was meeting and joking about Nazi's. I left that cafe, and all my tires were shredded. It was at the very beginning of hate crimes and vandalism against my vehicles.

It doesn't matter if they're German Catholic, Italian Catholic, Irish Catholic--they have one common denominator: Catholic.

And then there is a Jewish hate crime group that joined with them.

And that's it.

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Sounds like an abatement for mental illness would've been the way to go? I mean you are totally nuts. By the way I'm an atheist so I shouldn't be part of the conspiracy.