Friday, December 30, 2011

Torture While Writing OIG Complaint

I need to report the fact that several times tonight while trying to work on my OIG report I have had all the electricity in my house shut off and laptop shut down, and I'm being tortured with extreme pain as well.

Every time I sat down and was about to write in my report, and add to it, all the electricity in my place went off and my laptop shut down too. I had to leave my house and go to another building to flip a breaker, more than once. And this place wasn't using enough electricity for it to do that.

I am able to run many things at the same time without a problem and I had my electricity and complaint-writing shut down when the only things I had running were one heater and my laptop and 2 lights. I am able to run 2 heaters, a hot plate, a coffee maker and lights and laptop all at the same time, usually, without a problem.

So someone was deliberately trying to obstruct my writing process.

The other thing they did several times, was use military technology to surge the metal in my neck and teeth and create extremely severe pain especially in my neck.

Just now, they wouldn't stop. I had just added to my complaint and was writing about the incident where one of the Mt. Angel Abbey priests assaulted me, and the military then assaulted me several times with technology targeting my neck.

I don't need further obstruction of justice.

You guys are already in huge trouble, despite whatever protective privilege you think you have and despite the success you finally had in defaming me.

By the time this is read by the correct persons, it's over for you.

So when someone starts poking around and finds out who is responsible, I wouldn't continue to add to the mistakes you've already made.

Think of your family. Think of your families.

I'm going to get off-line again and work and I don't want any further problems. I also want someone to be watching and taking notes about who is doing this, for the future.



Anonymous said...

If you want to discover who is torturing you then look in the mirror? Yep, it is you.

Mama said...

Thanks Jon Cryer