Friday, December 30, 2011

Dream From Other Night (Even Aristocracy Is Crazy)

I didn't have any dream that I remember last night. But the night before I did. I just debated whether or not to write about it so I waited a day to think about it but it's probably fine.

I had it after I woke up and went back to bed and right before getting up.

I forgot some of it but I was wearing the same clothes, in my dream, as a day before, and then I was standing next to this dark-haired white brunette with huge boobs who was sort of young and then water began to come from the sky and we both dipped a leg into it. She wasn't anyone I recognized. The water was pouring down in a single stream and she stretched out one leg and raised it as high as her head in a straight line and let the water come over it and then I did the same thing and put my leg into it, high, and it was sort of like we were dancers in a ballet routine but with water but in the dream, we just taking a shower. I've never taken a shower like that before though, with my leg in there. Then I looked up and she still had her leg up but her body crooked over and that's when I saw her bare breasts which were large and she was tipped over and then I wondered why am I seeing her boobs but we were showering I guess. Really close to eachother though, like doing a duo and we had to share only this one stream of water. She had this big grin on her face. She was in her 20s or maybe early 30s bc I saw her face and she was more my age and not my parent's age.

Then we stood up and my hair was done and it was plaited into many braids and loosely wrapped to the back and looked like a renaissance hair dressing. I was wearing pants but my hair looked like something from an old-fashioned court-era movie or from the 1800s. In the dream it was sort of how I've done my hair before, but it was more exact to a hairstyle for nobility and I wasn't nobility. I didn't do it though, somehow it was just like that all of a sudden but I hadn't done my own hair or tried to have it that way.

So I felt awkward and wondered in my dream if I should be wearing my hair that way when I wasn't nobility, if it looked pretentious and was it okay with my plain pants.

Then I was going to church again.

All of a sudden I had the same hair but I was wearing a white or ivory colored dress with lace down the front and slightly puckered sleeves but they were covered with an overcoat. It was solid white or ivory colored and light and pretty and for some reason I was proud of the sleeves but they were hidden under my coat.

Then we were finding seating and someone ushered me over to one side and when I saw where they wanted me to sit I saw this aristocratic couple, a man and woman, that, in my dream, I already knew. I woke up and had no idea who they were but in my dream, I already knew them and I knew they were nobility and aristocracy and I also knew that they had been both called mentally ill.

They looked at me and were shocked to see me and I could tell the woman was thinking, "Oh no. Not HER again." So she started to look straight ahead after first seeing me and her husband looked stunned and looked sort of vulnerable. The thing too, about them, is that I saw them first there, and knew they were aristocracy but they were dressed very urban. Very yuppie but sort of bohemian. Sort of a courderoys and nice sweaters look. He had dark brown hair and her hair was medium blond to light brown.

Then when I saw it was the aristocracy I already knew that were labled as "mentally ill" I saw the next people sitting next to them and they weren't nobility and were others who I knew were already labled as "mentally ill" and some were and some weren't in actuality.

The person ushering me to those seats said "You can sit here." And I thought, with the person I was with, "Oh no. They want to have me in the mentally ill section as if I'm mentally ill." And I wasn't, but that's where they wanted me to sit. The aristocratic couple just looked dignified and like they were trying to make the best of their designation. And others too but some really were mentally ill and sort of looked out of it.

So that was the right side of the church if one is at the back and facing to the podium. And this person ushering me said, "You can't sit anywhere you want but not in that section right there." And it was a specific part of the left side section.

All the chairs were in neat rows so it looked like pews again but when I saw the mentally ill section I saw they were single chairs.

I guess I did sit down or was standing there because then I was walking down the aisle to use the bathroom before the service started and I noticed my hair again in the mirror and again wondered if it looked pretentious again but I just left it the way it was.

And then I was going to sit down but all of a sudden I was then at a table sitting next to my Mom and she was doing some kind of a craft with a blond English (or similiar light accent or not but for some reason the idea from Europe somewhere) man sitting next to her. It wasn't anyone I recognized again. A different man had been there but then he sat down and he was interested in me a little and I said what are you guys doing? He was sitting at one end of the table and my Mom on another side and she had something in front of her with separate parts and whatever it was at first, in my dream I decided or thought, or realized, oh, it's a little gingerbread house.

So they were working together to make a miniature gingerbread house. Like for a Christmas craft (even though it's not Christmas now).

And the man was talking and smiling or joking around. He wasn't anyone that I recognize from my real life and in the dream he wasn't anyone I thought I knew already.

The only people that I already knew, who were in my dream, were the aristocratic couple who were labled as mentally ill. But I didn't know them or recognize them in real life or when I woke up. I knew I already knew them when I was in my dream.

Then I woke up after the gingerbread house part. It was the assembling the walls and main structure part. They hadn't started decorating, it was the different parts that you first have to assemble and stick together with the frosting. There wasn't anything else on the table at that moment. Not bowls or papers or frosting or other things. Just a table, two people, parts for a house they were making and me and I woke up.
Before I fell asleep that night I had one small impression of a man crouching down and being repeatedly shocked and electrocuted too. He seemed to have blond hair and he was thinner and was in this room and it was so bad that he was jerking around and starting to look like he was going to go crazy. He was in his 20s or 30s or something and got shock after shock and was crouched over and trying to move from it but they kept torturing him. It was a bright room.

Then I fell asleep.
I guess one thing I can share, from random Bible things I've read, was something I found surprising after seeing the movie "War Horse". I turned that night at random to:

"The river Kishon swept them away, the age-old river, the river Kishon. March on, my soul; be strong! Then thundered the horses' hoofs--galloping, galloping go his mighty steeds. "Curse Mroz," said the angel of the Lord. "Curse its people bitterly, because they did not come to help the Lord, to help the Lord against the mighty."

Judges 6:21-32

I thought it was strange because the movie is about horses and in the previews even they capture the words "Be brave" and this was sort of the same thing.

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