Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Judge Nakata, John V. Roos and Susie, Tony Roos, and Alvaro Pardo

It's making more sense now, why something was up with Japanese-American Judge Alicia Nakata and my "fiance" Alvaro Pardo.

The Rooses became Ambassadors for Japan. 

The same Roos family that is connected to an assassination attempt against me in 1992, after Janet Bechtold sent a videotape of me to Japan.

U.S. Department of State.

I was doing a search for "Alicia Nakata" and "John and Susan Roos" and it brought up Japan Earthquake Relief funds and Washington D.C. Tomo Dachi.


I actually had plans to fly over there, to Japan, and help with the nuclear waste clean-up.  I told my family about it and everything and then all of a sudden, it was more torture, and they started pushing my case with my son faster, to keep me in their torture chambers I guess.  I was very seriously thinking about it, for weeks.

I don't include all Japanese in my guesses about things either, but after seeing a Nakata name in the list of persons giving donations, it came to my mind, that having a giant "disaster" is a great way to disguise huge amounts of money laundering.  Not for all the Japanese of course, but just those who probably already have money, or want more, and were working with Nakata, Christa Schneider, Tim and Monica Henderson, Mike Tancer, Alvaro Pardo, Roos, and Middleton.

I mean, if you're going to give someone large amounts of money for doing something for you, that is horrible to others, like false arrest, deliberate misappropriation of justice, conspiracy to defame, and torture of even a child, there is going to be a cash flow and it's not just going to L.A. or New Jersey, or Salt Lake City, Utah.  What better way to disguise new bank accounts, wire transfers, and slush funds, than the cover of a "natural disaster".

This cop who moved into town, into Wenatchee, and rushed out to arrest me, was Wright.  Officer Wright, and I believe he was the one on duty or watching me, when I got dizzy suddenly, for no reason but technology, and almost passed out.  He was watching me from a distance, smirking the entire time and then I went into a 76 station grocery mart and it quit.

I'm being targeted with torture worse, right now, since I brought up Nakata.

There are all of these people who have motive to torture me.  Most of them are connected to people who tried to assassinate me or who planned rape against me. 

Wright, I just checked, got promoted in 2012 to a position that is in charge of Public Information Requests in Wenatchee.  Oh he definitely wanted his nose in all of the records, and that man will delete, alter, and get rid of whatever he can.  http://www.wsp.wa.gov/information/releases/2012_archive/mr110112b.htm

I need to double check and make sure it's the same "Wright", because this says Trooper, and when I knew him he started out as a cop for Wenatchee, not the County or State. 

You know what...Tony Roos' work with "building bridges" with Austalia and the U.S. Army, after trying to kill me, even carried over to Wenatchee, Washington.  They changed the slogan for the town from "Apple Capital of The World" to "Building Bridges".

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