Friday, March 1, 2013

Obstruction from US-UK Sites Online

I am being obstructed by people in the U.S., from any website that features the UK.

This is the other bizarre thing that is occuring.

At first I thought it was UK work, and a couple of times, it's been UK specific, but about 70% it's coming from the U.S.

So why do groups in the US care if I am contacting UK sites?

UK doesn't seem to mind so much as the US, which is really weird.  I mean, why should the U.S. be this heavily interested in whether I place an ad or contact anyone in the UK or not? 

I am not being blocked from doing the same, with any other country in the world.  It is being done only with sites that are both U.S. and UK based.  So for example, a fertility or surrogacy site--if it has anything to do with UK couples, I'm blocked.  Surrogacy forum?  blocked.  Private ads?  blocked. 

So then when I check on the site to find out who is running it, it's always with a US group. 

The kinds of things that are being done, is whenever you have to enter the code to verify your message is not spam, it's refusing to process what I enter.

If I try sending the message to anywhere else, or any other country in the world, there  is no problem.

The US is actively interfering with anything I try to send that might be seen by anyone from the UK.  It's not just refusing to verify the code is correct, when I enter the numbers and letters correctly.  If it's not that, I get a message that my username is wrong, or it wipes out all my information and gives me the message that all fields are blank and "try again".

Half of the time, it's a group connected to U.S. military.  So why does any group in the U.S. military care what might be seen by someone in the UK?

It's not that I'm being blocked because gestational surrogacy ads are illegal in England. I'm being blocked from placing any kind of ad, at all, to any site, U.S. centered or not, that has a UK audience or clientele. 

I guess the most surprising thing is that this is occuring in the U.S.

It's like someone wants UK citizens, or someone in the UK, to never see or hear anything from me, or correspond with me, or have any kind of conversation about anything.

Why.  If you ask me, it's a disturbing sign of something...but I'm actually not even sure what.   Is it that the U.S. is worried someone in the UK might contract with me over here?  I mean, what is the issue here. 

I'm not kidding.  Any country in the world--no problem.  Just not the UK, says some group in the US.  What are they worried about?

It wasn't that long ago that I knew someone wanted me to go to England for study abroad, and I already knew that wasn't a good idea.  But they have a problem with some normal UK citizen or citizens, contacting me for a surrogacy agreement.

Why?  Why not France, Italy, Germany, India, Middle East, Israel, Russia, Australia, Africa, South America, Asia?  I'm not even blocked from Canada sites or sites that have Canadian members or people contracting. 

It's the UK that the US, or some joint group, is worried about.

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