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UPDATED&Corrected:Premeditated Federal-Canadian Gang Rape, Hostages and Maximum Security Prison

(correction 3/11/13.  I remembered the holes in my clothing weren't showing up after the shorts incident, it was after I was with him in a car and he tore a black lace bra I had.  It was half solid black and half sheer black lace on the top.  I remember he tried to study it like a doctor, but I wouldn't let him really, and it was more like he was interested in making mental notes to provide to others, than he was really interested.  I remember how he was calculating even then.  He felt he had to get the details and information correct, before he passed it along.  I had black lace underwear basically.  We messed around on a couple of occasions (I could count them on one hand) but I always had my virginity, up until technically, the speculum in 1997 and then age 24 when I was actually raped.  But yeah, it was black lace.  I had either cotton neutral underwear or solid black and black lace.  Never colors or patterns because my plan was to save sex for marriage so I wasn't buying things to show off with, and I only wore what I liked.  So it gets creepier that then Kate is also prancing around on a runway in black lace with colors of my first dance dress for that high school.  The holes were being made into my clothing after that, and that was in about 1992 or 1993).  I wore black nylons, or pantyhose, over my underwear all the time too, under my jeans, because it kept me warmer and I often wore slip-on flats.)

I found out we live near a maximum security prison.

So on top of being under what is starting to look like 'house arrest' our entire lives, for at least 40 years, since I was a kid, my parents have also always been forced to live next to either publicly known-and-established military bases or now, I'm finding out, a maximum security prison.  It isn't next door--it's in the next town, Coos Bay, which is 30 miles away and then it might take another 20 or more to get to this prison, but nonetheless, they are living next to a prison.

Which is now making more sense about why I have taken calls from them or placed calls to them and wondered why they sounded like they were talking from a concrete jail cell.  It happened a couple of times when they were supposedly in Coquille somewhere, and I thought, they sound like they're talking from an echoing cell in the Coquille jail, but then I was confused as to why the same thing happened when they were supposedly in Coos Bay.

This would also explain the jubilance and greedy pugnacious hostility of cops in Coos Bay.  They're beating up my parents.

Not only that, they are 100% in on it with the Middleton family and that means they are working both sides of the fence in "law enforcement" and mafia.  I noticed how they acted after the news was out that she was pregnant, and we went to Coos Bay.  I have never seen so many snarling, joyful, and sneering cops in my life, all poised to mock me, and more especially, my mother and father.  They know I notice when they're around, but it's my parents that they know, they can get to, because they are the ones dealing the shit.  I mean, Coos Bay cops in black sedan patrol cars, and I've already mentioned some of the cops from Coquille.  Coos Bay was in-your-face.  Do they have Josh Gatov on their payroll?  Or was he always working for the FBI.  It's not like he is who they all center around, at all, but it's odd to see their alliance with Kate Middleton.  This is how I finally began to figure out she was not a good person.  I started figuring out she's involved in torture of little kids, and has been involved in the torture of my son.  Then, finding the loose ends and connections...and realizing how it connected to my family.

I just realized, for the first time tonight, that I once had my hair dyed wrong, maliciously, as a favor to Kate Middleton and I had no idea then that she even existed.  I think this is what her family did to me, most of my life, stealing from me and then trying to ensure "No one even knows you exist."  They always knew, and others knew, but if I am correct, I would have to check, but I think she had some part of her hair once permanently dyed a raspberry color or hot pink or something.  Like a streak or something.  Well, it was the year 2002 when I had my hair highlighted at a salon and the first time, they did a really good job.  My mother even thought it was beautiful.  She wove in several different layers of very subtle highlights and mostly, I was blond, but with a little red.  Very light strawberry blond, sort of on the ash blond-platinum side but not that light.  The second time I went to her, thinking she was going to do the same thing, I had a bad feeling.  I remember she and some of the other women there were not acting the same and just, bad, bad, feeling.  So she did my hair, and when she took out the foils, I had striped hair, with raspberry stripes throughout my hair.  It was not subtle, it was hideous.  I asked her if she could fix it and she said no, the only thing they could do would be to lighten it and then the stripes would be pink instead of raspberry colored.  So my hair was light blond and raspberry striped.

Kate Middleton.  Was my hair done sort of "pre-public announcement" and dating with "royalty" and then "after"? 

What was even more shocking was the woman who did my hair like that was from Jordan or Saudi Arabia.  I spent time asking her where she was from and thouht it was interesting she was from the Middle East.  The others were hispanic, mostly.  I am not even going to comment on Kate's departure from the hospital, from alleged "morning sickness", with a bouquet of "mummy" flowers.  All yellow roses. 

Before she got the roses, my mother's curtain material disappeared from their house.  I will have to find out if it's somewhere else, but I don't think so.  My mother got curtains that matched the color the stripes in my hair turned as the dye faded, the dusty rose color.  That is how my mother always described that color, "dusty rose".  At least that was the description on a tag, I think for lace curtains at the window in our livingroom.  And though the shade is a little different, I think it could describe a sailor girl dress I wore, and was photographed wearing, for the first day first grade.  I stood against a wood fence, and wore a rose and white colored dress with stripes vertically on the skirt, and then a large V cut out in the center, with a sailors tie, and small short puffed sleeves.  Then there was a sash that went to the back.  I wore tan colored Mary Jane shoes with doily-dot cut outs at the toe and white opaque tights.

I hope Kate dies.

I had all of these horrific things being done to me, and I had NO clue what it was over.  Since I never knew, it wasn't to get to me as much to just bring me down and to get to my parents over something.

I loathe Middletons, and it is seriously looking like she and her family killed Diana themselves even.

I am even thinking, how bizarre that Robin Bechtold's family tried to get me to live with them after Robin tried to make it sound like he had taken my virginity (but had not).  Why else would they want me to live with them except to give him that opportunity?  Yet, instead, I said no, and as it turns out, Katie's parents had the open-whorehouse.

What is even stranger, is when I refused the offer, in 1991 or 1992 (early 1992) I was then shunned by Janet.  She turned on me.  One minute she and George were asking me to live with them and when I declined, they started working for the Wiltbank family professionally and shunned me.  It was all about Kate.  More importantly, it was all about finding a way to take my virginity.

So someone in intelligence wanted me to be disposed of my virginity for a reason if they wanted it out of the way that badly.  I mean, it's not like a prize or anything these days, but to some, it still matters, and some group of people wanted me sullied and "out of the way" so they could then work out the plans they had in mind.  They were plotting against me from the start.

Traitors and terrorists.  And this is how it is so easy to find Kate really is connected to U.S. intelligence.  They inserted her into the CIA.  All I have to do, is look back and see how my parents have been hostages for U.S. government and that some of them are in the mafia.  Then I only have to notice how Kate was constantly being brought up and known in the U.S., before William had ever even allegedly met her.

I find all kinds of great connections from people connected to people, that lead to Middleton.  I just read a book by a woman named "Robin Hathaway" who wrote "Sleight of Hand" and who got "Julia Spencer-Fleming" to say it was a "delicious read" (from St. Martin's Press).  Here's the wiki on Fleming and OH, where was she born?  Air Force Base.  Here's the most disgusting part, since we're on the topic of Robin Bechtold and his attempt to elicit an agreement from me, by telephone, to say I was no longer a virgin.

I mean, this is FBI and CIA set-up SHIT.  This book was published in 2008 with St. Martin's press, and then the cover for 2010, through another publisher, and I believe it's Canadian.  Which is starting to make the Canadian dare to encourage the "tories" to rape a young woman for a prize, look exactly like what I thought it was.  It was an indirect way to encourage men who had access to me, to do this.  What is a tory?  isn't it a British sympathizer?  that would be Bechtolds.  Even if you work for the FBI, how does one extricate England from Kate Middleton's bottom?

Worldwide publishing is based in London, England and this book is a Worldwide Mystery 2010 book, which means it is from Harlequin branch, which is headquartered in Ontario, Canada.;jsessionid=45D37486D4536554278EF949C0D9FBFB?articleId=36&chapter=0

This is why the CIA lost big time when they picked a bitch like Kate for "special olympics" at the CIA.  I have always been heads and heels better than she is and at least half of them know it, but what makes me different is I don't suck royal cock and get others tortured and robbed for my own interests.  I cannot believe what kinds of losers the U.S. intelligence picks out over others who are maybe not Satanic witch psychics, but have enough diligence to follow a fucking lead.  Not that I'm down on Wiccan individuals or people who have different beliefs, but this country has raped and tortured my family over Kate Pudding Pie.

Reviewing this as "delicious" is the following woman:

Julia Spencer-Fleming
Julia Spencer-Fleming is an American novelist of Mystery fiction.
On the cover of this Canadian edition, they have "Robin Hathaway" and then a photo of blood dripping from one finger of a glove. Why? Because, of course, they want to imply "Robin has a way".  The other implied gesture is possibly with Kathy Hathaway, who has lived next to my parents long before 2010. It's not like they don't know. They've made themselves obvious to me at this point. 

Robin called me up to say "Did I?" and then tried to have me say I wasn't a virgin and I had no idea why he was calling and prompting everything.  I am not even psychic and I sensed there was something recorded and very wrong about it.  Like it was out of a competition and I even did think, some kind of organized group.  Back then, I thought that group was maybe teenage boys and nothing more, but no, he was involved in more than that.  He is federal.  So first I was shocked he even brought it up at all.  I had already told him I wouldn't be his girlfriend because I was going to be a virgin until I married, and I planned to marry a Protestant.  He was not Protestant, so I wasn't going to marry him, and therefore, I had no reason to even pursue any kind of romance with him if it ultimately went nowhere.  I was not yet 17 years old when he made this call, and it was in the summer.  He said, "I had some blood under my fingernail and thought it was from you."  I told him it wasn't, and I had been on my period (but that was it).  Basically, he touched me and I backed away and said "Don't" and stop.  I was wearing solid yellow shorts that went up to my top thigh.  UPDATED:  I not only had on the yellow shorts, and told him to quit touching my rear end (not even the back and then he tried something but was not successful. I left, and then he made this very weird phone call to me.  Additionally, you know how Kate's yellow rollerblading shorts were tight?  Underneath my yellow shorts I had cheerleader covers.  They are tight pants/underwear, you put on over regular underwear, so that if your skirt goes up when cheerleading, those pants show instead.  They were solid red on one side and solid black on another side, size 5.  I had one like that and some that were solid black.  The solid black ones were stolen from me but I think it's possible those were the ones I had on that night, and then I still had the half red, half black ones.  Basically, it was black cheerleading underwear covers, with bright yellow shorts over, and my ski jacket and tennis shoes.  So she was not just skating in the same color of shorts, she made it a hotpants effect, when Robin Bechtold and Canadians were attempting to use bets to deflower me as a teenager.  The only one who knew what I was wearing, was me and him because I snuck out at night.  He said, "What is this?" after I said don't touch my rear end, and I said, "Cheerleading shorts" or they're my cheerleading ..something like that.  I also had on my ski jacket that was stolen from me later, which was purple, turquoise, and white.  Underneath I wore a white and pale yellow tanktop and I had on running shoes.  So the informer was Robin Bechtold, who was clearly connected to certain groups in the U.S. and Canada who targeted me and premeditated crimes and made bets against me.  No one else was outside, and I didn't tell him about the cheerleader covers over the phone.  He asked in person.  I didn't tell any friends about it or write about it, except to maybe tell Monica about his weird phone call.  They are 100% Middleton connected. 

Kate Fucking Bitch wore the same kind of shorts as she rollerbladed at a public party.  Robin knew exactly what I was wearing and he was the only one out there.  It was a hot summer night and I had yellow shorts on that were purchased for a summer cheerleading camp in 1990 when I went to such a thing with Moses Lake Christian School.  He tried something when we kissed and I said no and backed away from him.  He never had an opportunity.  What concerned me was that he was so desperate to have me say he'd "done it", over the telephone.  It was like Alvaro Pardo calling me up out of the blue to say, "Talk dirty on the phone".  No way.  He never wanted me to 'talk dirty' and after we're broken up, he suddenly calls and tries to get that?  I knew, from an intuitive feeling I had, there was some kind of bad competition, not a small thing, but a big kind of deal, for Robin to try to do this.

So here is this paperback and they feature a photo of a surgical glove with one finger, dripping blood, from a round steel bowl.  With the title "Sleight of Hand" (a Jo Banks mystery) and the author's name "Robin Hathaway".  The choice of design was made by Ontario, Canada in 2010.  I lost my virginity (technically, blood-wise) to the speculum at an OBGYN visit I thought I had to have, as a woman, even if I never had sex.  That visit was in 1997.  But the whole idea of the blood, in this photo, dropping from one finger, next to the name "Robin" and remembering our conversation, is enough for me to know absolutely Canada is involved.   It was Caroline Mulroney whose name was refered to in Canada, and plenty of men in U.S. and Canadian intelligence and otherwise knew it was implied torwards me.  It was 1992, the same date, time, and year.  Brian Mulroney was her Dad, and he was born in Baie-Comeau, Quebec.  Sort of pronounced like, "Bye Cameo".  It's different in French, but how anyone in the U.S. or elsewhere would read it, fits the intention of what was was being done internationally, to target me for premeditated rape and with offer of reward.  Possibly, he had done this to me, so some other group did the same thing to him, to have the notice of a name similiar to mine, being made.  I don't know, but I do know, there was an international bet and offer of money to "deflower" me, and later, it went on to rape. 

The door handles featured in the photo for the Canadian version of publication of this book, has the same handles that were on most of our doors in Sherwood, Oregon, which is where we lived from 1990-2002.  Well, specifically, it was the handle to the downstairs door and to the french doors that were entered from our wood deck.  Guess what kids?  There is even a nice wood slab in the photo too.  SO Canadian.  There was one other door, I think, that was off the deck, not the french doors, but to the side, and this is where my mother refinished antique furniture she brought home.  I mostly remember those handles on the french doors.  They were broken into by-the-way.  The doors quit working off of the deck all of a sudden, one day and I had no idea my parents were being robbed and assaulted at that time.  So for a guy like Brian Mulroney, from "Baie-Comeau", Quebec (french speaking) as Prime Minister of Canada, taking money in brown paper bags from NYC to the "Commoner Kate" perhaps, is quite something.  How WILL we get our bag money laundered to the Middletons?  How WILL we say goodbye to Cameo for once and for all, through an international wager disguised as one against "Caroline".  I was the girl who drank out of the Karo bottle.  I was a runner.  I took a swig from the Karo bottle of light corn syrup from the time we lived in Moses Lake, Wa, to when I was a runner now and then.

And this photo, chosen by Ontario, Canada, with the name associated with it, is pretty convincing evidence of how funny some think it all is.

The author, Robin Hathaway, is now dead, and has been dead one month (DOD: 2/13).  She was from Germantown.

This country has colluded with Canada in many ways.

As for Julia Spencer-Fleming's interest in Robin Hathaway, and Canada's cover, well, she was born on a U.S. Air Force Base.  She is Episcopal (Church of England--so she's going to be inclined to support England-In-Katies-Bottom).  Her family is 100% career military as well, and her entire childhood was spent from one base to the next.  Her choice of words?  "Delicious" was not a mistake.  It is further reflection of who knows about torture of my son Oliver.

As for her writing?

You suck Julia.   You should have joined the Air Force for combat duty where they could have disposed of you in a delicious way. 

Same thing for Hathaway.  The only people who would be interested in reading her stuff are Canadians and Americans who mock my family and want to feel a thrill over celebrating violence.

In addition, today someone who looked like Theo Keyes drove by.  It had better not be him because if it is, I would get a restraining order.  This is the U.S. Army connected person who the U.S. military and FBI forced me to live with, to punish me for not marrying Alvaro.  Possibly it wasn't him, but if it was, the plates were 529 DFU Oregon. He drove off of the Central road onto a road next to our house.

Another cop from town passed by ahead of him first, about 5-10 minutes ahead of him.  Plates 271232, Coquille.

Here's news about him and his relationship with Michelle Erickson.  Michelle Erickson worked at a U.S. military hospital for her internship, before moving back to Wenatchee to take a job offered to her for CPS.  Theo is U.S. Army.  She is U.S. Navy, or was Navy-employed, on a military payroll at one time. 

It was Michelle Erickson who wanted to know if I knew I was being medicated by Alvaro Pardo.  Erickson was already aware of that fact, and it was kept from me, and this is when I was in Maryland.  So for Michelle Erickson to know about Alvaro Pardo medicating me without my consent, when he was on the East Coast and she was in Wenatchee, Washington, they had a mutual employer or friend.  I would say it was business, because most "simple" friends don't share information about how they are illegally drugging or medicating so-and-so and are you positive she doesn't know about it kind-of-thing.

This means Erickson was a co-conspirator.  Which also means, Judge Alicia Nakata's protection of her, to the detriment of my personal safety, to the point that my life was in imminent danger, and where my entire family continues to be tortured, is part of the FBI.  Judge Nakata is working 2 sides of the fence.  She wasn't the only Judge protecting Alvaro Pardo and his accomplices.

They were drugging me.  They refused to give me discovery and right to trial and notice of my right to my file...the ENTIRE case was a set-up and mockery of justice.

I would never doubt that Michelle Erickson gave Alvaro Pardo blow jobs while he was there.  I would NEVER doubt it.

UPDATED:  Another thing, before what Bechtold did, I sang this part of a song as we looked at stars and it was "The stars are shining bright tonight/deep in the heart of Texas/the cowboys yell, ayippi-yi-yay, deep in the heart of Texas."

Robin Bechtold took his cues from Louis Freeh after I didn't die in the plotted assassination by Canadian Mike Nichols a couple of years later, and moved to Texas.

Additionally, from that point forward, my clothing at my house and at school was disappearing (to be given to Canada or somehow to Kate Middleton for her clothing designs).  Someone was also tearing holes into most of my clothing.  Before Robin, none of my clothes or underwear had holes in them.  I wasn't creating the holes, they were being torn into my clothing and underwear, and sometimes, little holes were being cut out roughly, like someone jammed a screw into a shirt and twisted it.  This happens to my clothing wherever I am on the West Coast.  And then Chris Dabney was later refering to having sex with me, as "Here's another one in the hole."  Who did he know?  Mark, the Irish FBI truck driver who had been in the U.S. Army.

Robin is part of a Mafia and he works for the federal government too.  The Canadian immigration man, is also likely to be both mafia and instead of Canadian, I think he's FBI working in Canada.  The people who sent me to the mental health place, didn't want me talking to the Mormon S.A. in Knoxville, TN FBI offices, and that Mormon probably already knew about me and who Robin was.  Diane Harsha, Knoxville, TN FBI offices (Mormon-Middleton business connection), and Brad Uhl were involved. I think the man who ordered the Haldol doctor was also FBI, not just former military.

Some people in Canada, who are connected to U.S. FBI, have been trying to kill me.  It's not just that they used high schoolers from federal families to plot and encourage theft and rape, and alienation and separation of family members, this is when I was being run off the road in the middle of the night.  Later, yes, Mike Nichols attempted to assasinate me (kamikaze style) and I'm sure he is connected to Bechtolds and feds, as well as Ontario, Canada, which is where Mike said he was going to.

I remember some of the photos of me from a camp in Bend, Oregon, called Kaneta, which is where my Senior class trip was.  I think it was Geoff Rasmussen, Bechtold, Vaughan, and Jordan who grabbed me by the wrists and ankles and threw me into the water and had photos taken of it.  1993.  "I'm going to see Jordan"--what a great name cover when you're really talking about Middletons.

In 2010, Nashville, TN, cops were slashing up my shoes instead of putting holes into my clothing.  The long arms of the law, are well-known to have been responsible for an illegal abduction to violently assault me at a "psych ward".  I was kidnapped--there was no normal procedure being followed.  They did not follow any of the hospital rules or procedures and none of the psych ward procedures either.  They kidnapped me, took me to a remote location, and injected me multiple times with drugs hoping to permanently destroy my brain function.  How do I know?  I know because

1.  The doctor didn't examine me or take a blood sample on purpose, because previously, in Washington State, next to FBI offices in Seattle, when someone tried to have me put into a psych ward, it was after I was drugged at an Irish pub.  Not just drugged, poisoned.  I was not sent to a psych ward on the sole basis that my blood lab proved something was wrong, and serious enough for admission to an ER.  Tennessee people knew this and when the FBI told me to go to their people at Vanderbilt, they refused to do a blood lab first.  The reason is that they did not want me to have proof there was something wrong. 

So I went in, with a normal demeanor, as I've had on my video clips of myself, and not in tears, but rational and normal, and I didn't say anything weird.  I said I had fallen and I thought my knee was broken and that I had pigmentation changes in my skin and recent bleeding.  They did not examine my knee, and they did not order an X-ray.  They did nothing an ER would do.  They didn't order a CBC, which would be the most regular thing they could have done.  That visit was used for a scheduled kidnapping.  They followed none of normal procedure.  I told them I had wanted to visit Knoxville FBI for a report and stopped at Nashville FBI first and they said they wanted me examined for the blood.  So the doctor left for 5 minutes, and came back and without any examination told me, "You're going to a psychiatric hospital."  I said, "I would like to have a CBC or bloodwork done first, because something is wrong."  He refused.  They did not even look at my knee.  That was per FBI orders.  They did not evaluate me there, or put me on a standard 24 hour hospital 'hold' and call in a psychiatrist.  I never saw a psychologist or psychiatrist.  Not one time.  I was then made to wait in a place until a cop could drive me there "for evaluation".  So it was always about "evaluation".  This was a lie.  I asked to talk to a hospital administrator while I had to wait, alone, for the cop.  She came in and I said no one had done a CBC or taken a blood sample, or done anything normal, and not even examined my knee which I believed was broken.  She wasn't a psychologist or psychiatrist.  None of them were.  They picked up a call to the FBI, told me to wait for a cop, and then drove me to a psych ward where I was NOT "evaluated" and was immediately injected with a toxic overdose of Haldol, which is what is given to political dissidents around the world, as punishment for bucking the system or not going along with FBI-Mafia criminals.

When the cop dropped me off, they asked questions and told me to give them my "valuables" and whatever was in my bag, which included photos that were stolen there.  This took an hour or more and the entire time I was told, "You will be evaluated and then we'll decide what to do."  There was no evaluation.  After they filled out a form and took my 'valuables' they forced me into a room out of sight of others, and told me I was getting an "injection".  I said I wanted a blood test done first and they refused.

What were they trying to cover up?  They didn't want to do a blood test first, because the entire point was to violently assault me and ruin my mind.  Then the Department of State prevented me from leaving the country again. 

It was the second time I was kidnapped by U.S. employees, if I do not count the 3rd time in Knoxville, with a false arrest for "improper 911 call" and using that as an excuse to do federal government research on me in an open glass room. 

So then this same country that had been colluding with Canadians to have me raped and separated from my family at age 15, that tortured me from the time I was born, and then tracked me and stole my personal property, a couple of decades later has stooped to outright torture, multiple false arrests, coordinated federal gang-rape, kidnapping and torture of children (my son), internal defamation, and kidnapping of me, by forcing me to go to federal places where they either broke my bones with employees assaulting me, or poisoning me in overdoses of toxic medications and drugs.

YES, the Middletons are working for the U.S. and YES the U.S.FBI laundered money to them and has Mafia-FBI working with Canadians.   Canada has been involved since Middleton was born.

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