Thursday, March 28, 2013

2 Dads & Assassination Attempt (not denied)

There are definitely two Dads.

I saw my other Dad today, and after I looked at him, I said, "Hey, you're the other Dad."  It's the other one than the one I saw during the day yesterday or earlier.  One is slightly bigger, one has a slightly different nose, and a little wider face, and one has worse eye damage on the inside, the sunken-in problem.

There are definitely twins.

So if anyone got framed (my parents) for participating in trying to assasinate me, they probably complicated it too, with the identical twins thing.

I thought about some other things too, about other people who are connected to the assassination attempts against--possibilities of connections.  It definitely goes further for motive later, and the additional people who wanted to defame me to assist in concealing what was being done to me (is being done). 

Both my Mom and Dad are not denying they are framed for involvement in assassination attempts against me.

I'm not deluded.  James Holmes, for example, here, is disputed as being the same person as who shot people.  We don't have photos of who the police actually picked up, when they picked him up, but from this website, I am not fooled, and it's clear to me it's the same person. My Mom and Dad, on the other hand, have twins.  I can see the difference.  It's not just their faces, and slight differences in body (though they are extremely close), it's differences in color and markings in the eyes as well.  They have the same voice tone--everything.  But my Mom and Dad are twins.  They are "doubles" as in, twins. 

James Holmes looks the same except for a few things, which could be possibly if he was an identical twin, but if you look at his eyes, it looks more like he's been tortured.  You can't get someone's eyes to go from a normal-average size lid to large lid like that, and bulbous eyes, without torturing someone.  Being "crazy" doesn't make your eyes bug out.  Sorry, but that's not in the DSMV for mental illnesses (bugged eyes, bulbous eyes appear after mental illness sets in)--no, not possible.  It's torture.  James Holmes is tortured.  If that drove him to insanity, literally, well look at him.  What kind of pressure to his brain is causing his eyes to bulge out that way?  It's torture.  For all we know, he really did go insane after he, the physics person, developed a conscience and the government got nervous about it and went after him.  He was not only being tortured, he was on serious psychiatric drugs.  Even those drugs would not cause his eyes to bulge and distend to that degree.  High blood pressure also has nothing to do with it.  With all of the doctors around claiming to be "Human Rights Medical Professionals" I'm surprised none of them ever speak up when they see something they know very well is caused by torture.

Back to my parents, as I only brought up James Holmes because of recent news today, they do not deny being framed for assassination attempts against me.  This makes sense to me, because what would make them lie, to my detriment and torture, and their own, other than blackmail over something like "go ahead and say something, and you'll get treason for divulging national security secrets and we'll expose you for your involvement in the assassination attempts against  Cameo."  The blackmail has to be something that significant for any of this to be possible.  The only way they would not be "framed" to cover for some group's attempts against me, where it's a lie completely, is if someone had some kind of superhero kid they thought I was getting in the way of, or it was secretly one of their own kids.  I mean, for any attempt against me in 1992 and then in 1995.

A peep hole was made into the bathroom I used at that house.  I believe it was U.S. government-inspired.  Everything about MKUltra and CIA working with U.S. Army talks about surveillance of everything, and finding ways to videotape people, or watching people, and using it as blackmail later.  Not the biggest deal maybe, in my life, definitely not, but it points to the U.S. again and to people from Sherwood High School.  I say this, because later all of my personal photos from class photos were being taken and distributed to boys at the high school.  I am positive that Mormons were also involved.

After taking a shower in the bathroom I used, I stood in front of the mirror to do my make-up and hair, sometimes with just a towel around me, sometimes a bra and underwear, and after getting dressed somewhat, from wearing nothing.  I noticed movement one day, from a hole that had been made into the wall of the bathroom.  I didn't imagine someone was there, I saw the movement of someone there, and I pulled something on, and then opened the door and looked around the corner and the door to a storage space was open.  If you went inside the storage space, you could close the door after you, and not be seen, and look through the hole into the bathroom.  It was dark inside there, so most of the time, no one in the bathroom would notice.

I confronted my brother about it.  He looked stunned and said, "It wasn't me."  That's all he would say.

The next thing I knew, later, a big "to-do" was being made of Erica Wiltbank's breasts and someone telling everyone, while we were at her house, that one of the high school students saw her through her window and she wasn't wearing her bra and "it was amazing".  So these guys were going on about peeping-tom events.  My thought was, why is Erica stripping in front of her window when she knows high school students are around?

She did this, after I discovered I was being non-consensually watched or videotaped while in a state of undress.  She did it about 1 year later.  I always knew she'd done it on purpose--I intuitively knew that for whatever reason, she did it to bring attention to herself.  And she was the Mormon Robin Bechtold was then dating, as Janet snubbed me (after the assassination attempt in 1992, of course).  I said to my brother, "If you didn't do it, then who did?"

I had seen movement and heard a noise.  So then I stuffed it with toilet paper.  Then, one day when my brother wasn't home, I went through his underwear drawer.  I wasn't sure what I was looking for, but I was curious, so I looked, and there, was Cindy Crawford.  He had a few different cut out photos of her, the first one I remember, with her hair down and wearing a bikini.  I never thought my brother was into Cindy Crawford and wondered how he got the photos.  He didn't have any of anyone else.  Only her.  He had dated Sandy Doran (Barb and Chris Doran's sister) and she was a 6 foot blond with huge boobs and a so-so face so I didn't really think he was into brunettes.  Then later, I either found a photo of Cindy Crawford in Robin's drawer in his room, or he talked about her, and I thought it was strange I had seen Robin involve my brother in a drug deal, and they both had some photo or interest in "Cindy Crawford".  I told Geoff Rasmussen I hated Robin for involving my brother in drugs but I didn't know Geoff was involved too.  I said anyone who was a drug-dealer, didn't care about kids.  That was a sentiment I expressed.  Around that time, my class photos were being given out to others too.  Then my brother took my yearbooks, but he only did this, after Carmen, his Army wife, asked for them.  I had yearbooks with signatures for every year I attended Sherwood High and all of them were transfered to Carmen's house.  When I tried to take them back after visiting once, and she was the only one there, she told me to leave the house and don't come back.  Carmen Wilson-Garrett.  My yearbooks were sitting right there, at the bottom of one of their bookcases, and she was refusing to give them to me even though they had my name all over them, and all the notes from others were addressed to me.  "Hi Cameo!  Stay cool"--whatever it was someone wrote, it was in the yearbooks.  And CARMEN thought she had "rights" to them.  U.S. Army.

The photos of Cindy Crawford, were cut into class photo size.  They were the same size as my class photos that were disappearing.  So photos of me were being sent out to others, without my consent or knowing who these people were, and my brother was getting class-photo size cut outs of Cindy Crawford.  There were 3 of them.  All of them the same size, and the bikini one on top.  If it was supposed to mean something, to me, the only Cindy I ever knew, really, beside shy Cindy in jr. high, was Cindy Sandberg.  Annette Sandberg was her sister, the Chief of Police for Washington cop who moved to D.C.  Cindy Crawford--Annette Sandberg....?  I don't know.  I also found a Hustler magazine and was shocked beyond belief and my brother said, "It's not mine." I said "Whose is it then?"  I remember telling Robin about the Cindy Crawford photos for some reason and he got very weird about it.  I thought, why should Robin care at all?  and he actually got this hard jaw-set look to his face and said something bitter.

It wasn't what I was expecting to find in my brother's underwear drawer, though I didn't have any ideas.  When I had looked in my Dad's underwear drawer before, he had only one black and white photo of his firstborn son Gannon, who was assassinated by the U.S.  Someone stole this one photo from him, and it was all he had. 

The peeping on me, is U.S. Army and CIA-specific.  It fits the protocols for their MKUltra program and every other program they've designed for abuse of citizens, manipulation, creation of agents at a later date, and mind control, and psychic research projects.

If Geoff Rasmussen was later breaking into my parent's house with Lenny Schwabe and some people, and FBI criminals, maybe it was to cover for things they were doing to me.  Which also gives them motive to want to kill me, especially if later some of them hate me because I hurt Robin's feelings and offended some by saying I'd only be girlfriend to a Protestant.  Robin was Catholic and Geoff was Mormon and none of them took my virginity.  They left it to Josh Gatov 6 years later, a Jew.  So everyone who was NOT "Protestant" went after me.  Lenny Schwabe is 1/2 philipino with his mother being full Filipino, and his Dad in the U.S. Navy I believe, and he was involved in abuse of my parents.  Our dogs went wild with trying to protect my parents when he was around.  When I went with him to a dance as "friends" with another person, he wanted all of the photos to me with him holding a giant key ring and keys dangling from it, like a prison guard has.  I wore my Marilyn Monroe halter gold floor-length lamé dress and he held prison keys in front of me and grinned. I had no idea then, and that was 1993, and by that time, those involved in trying to assassinate me did want me in jail.

So then Rick Baken, FBI and friend of Schneiders, who were involved in trying to assassinate me, sends his daughter to school in the Philipinnes and moves in behind my grandparents in Cashmere, WA.

Lenny went to Pepperdine.

I want my son returned.

And I want investigation of the multiple assassination attempts against me and the conspiracy to defame me and discredit my testimony in case I talked.  From what I've gathered, my parents were framed for having some part in it, and my guess would be that someone like Lenny holds up prison keys or a gun to their heads, or gets friends in government to torture us, and defame us, and gets them to keep lying about me. 

Here's another thing--when the incitement to rape me or take my virginity through an international bet involving money was made, it was to "deflower" 'Bryan's' daughter whose father was from Baie-Cameau.  I had a prom photo with Bryan Parker, where I wore a solid white dress and long white gloves and had fresh red roses in my hair.  I was the only one at that dance with flowers in her hair.  I am the only one with the name Cameo, which is Cameau in French.  I went with Bryan and it was platonic.  It was after this dance that the Canadian bet was made, in the guise of a bet against someone else.  She was born in 1974, which is when I was born.

I am posting a link about Caroline Mulroney and then about the magazine.  The other thing is that it's based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is where LM Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables and the mini-series of the same name are based.  Everyone knew it was my favorite movie and I had her book series in my bedroom.  The incitement to rape had NOTHING to do with "Caroline Mulroney". They used her name as a cover for going after me.  It was published in the Ottowa version, by the magazine based in Nova Scotia.  The assassination attempt followed.

What must be hilarious for Caroline, is that she's decided to have a "shoebox" charity.  I guess it's to help people "run", people who might maybe wear braces.  I was wearing braces in the photo with Bryan too, with the flowers in my hair.  My white dress had a Jessica McClintock label.  Caroline's family and Canadians hustled to find her a suitable match to smudge out that reference from internal files by attempting to replace it with the "Jessica" that became Caroline's sister-in-law.

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Caroline Mulroney Lapham (born June 11, 1974 in Montreal, Quebec) is the daughter of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Mila Mulroney. In 1991, she became the centre of controversy when Frank Magazine ran a satirical ad for a contest inviting young Tories to "deflower Caroline Mulroney". Many groups and commentators joined Brian Mulroney in denouncing the ad as an incitement to rape; however, the magazine took the stand that they were simply commenting on Mulroney's perceived habit of using his daughter as a political prop. On September 16, 2000, Mulroney married Andrew Lapham, the son of Harper's editor Lewis H. Lapham. A singer at their wedding, Michael Bublᅢᄅ, attracted the notice of guests with connections in the music industry, and subsequently became a Canadian pop star in his own right. On October 26, 2004, she gave birth to a boy, Lewis H. Lapham III, at New York City's Presbyterian Hospital. On January 27, 2006, she gave birth to twins, Pierce Lapham and Elizabeth Theodora Lapham, at New York City's Presbyterian Hospital. (Source: The Vancouver Sun, January 28, 2006). Mulroney, CarolineMulroney, CarolineMulroney, CarolineMulroney, ( Wikipedia article )

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