Monday, March 4, 2013

My Mom Tortured (eyes, new symptoms)

I saw my Mom this morning and her eyes have changed.  There is a thick keratinized layer of yellowed skin around her pupil.  It's opaque, against the white of the eye, but is raised up and yellowish or cream colored.

So basically someone tortured my mother over my comment that the "cream rises to the top".  It is clearly visible to anyone, if she looks left or right.  It's on the outer part of the whites of her eye, not the inner part near her nose but the other outer corner.

This is after I looked up Hcl last night on wiki, where they have a green round dot representing Cloride and a white dot merging to rest on top of the green one, representing Hydrogen.

The layer on my Mom's eyes is about 1/16th to 1/32nd of an inch thicker than the rest of the white of her eyes, and is in the shape of ( for the left eye and   )  for the right eye. 

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