Monday, March 11, 2013

Egg Ambulance Chasers

Here's a name for a new drink.

It's named after the people who find out who has "Organ Donor" listed on their drivers license, and then create "accidents" for purposes of getting a free egg donation.

"Look at those women on the road.  They're just fish full of eggs aren't they now.  Maybe you see them as geese with feathers ruffling out the window.  Honk.  Or bunnies, hiding their eggs on a heated basket-seat."

What color should this chaser be?  The Egg Ambulance Chaser?  And what liquor should we use for this drink. 

"Look at all those women on the road.  Accidents waiting to happen.  Heh heh heh."

by Cameo L. Garrett
(I used to have a "D" for "Donor" on my Oregon drivers license at one point, and I took it off, after I was almost killed).

This is the link for Oregon drivers license "donor":
Why don't they add "eggs" to it?  Look at the next link, for the National "Network":  Can I get a "D" on my bumper. 

I wonder how many eggs can be extracted from a woman on life support.  If it's instant death and she's a "D", do they have a way to take out more than one egg from the ovary?  or if it's always one at a time, just keep her on "brain dead" life support for several months as they extract however many eggs they want.  You know, if there's no other way, like getting the eggs by coercion.  Even worse, how would they manage sperm donations?  don't think about it. 

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