Friday, March 1, 2013

Torture Of My Mother (her eye) and Sadist Debbie Sweetwater-Burt

I think my mother is basically working as a slave for Debbie Sweetwater-Burt.

My Mom got back from being there, and I saw her eyes and someone did to my Mom what they did to my Dad's eyes (both of them), which is what I noticed at Walmart last time we were shopping, under the flourescent lights.

But this time, they only did this to one of my Mom's eyes and they chose one that is on the same side as the eye I showed through my photo last night, to demonstrate what kind of abnormal bruising is occuring to my parents.

Debbie has some MAJOR issues in her life.  I don't know when she last had her psych eval, but someone isn't doing their job.

My Mom got home with her left eye red on the inside of her eye, by her eyeball.  It wasn't the outside skin, it looked like someone had surgically removed a triangular piece of skin from the inside corner.  It's only on the left eye.

So what did Debbie say when I called and asked for my Mom? 

"She just LEFT."

No big deal, it's what anyone would say.  But Debbie isn't anyone.  My mother gets tortured at her offices.  Her FRIEND, is this cop, Sean/Shawn who refused to take a report of my mother being assaulted, and said, "They're just old."

He is Debbie's friend.

The only reason my Mom would work for her is if she feels forced to.  She is the one who I know launders money.

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