Monday, March 25, 2013

Oregon Illegal Non-Consensual Medicating & FBI

This state is going to be liable for a lawsuit if someone does not quit drugging and medicating me.

I already wrote that I was drugged again, and I was.

I knew when it happened and it is tampering with my body and my natural cycles and energy level as well as my hormones.

I know it's affecting my hormones because I do not have the same hairs growing that grow if I'm not medicated.

I also know that I have regional pain in my tailbone from a broken tailbone if I'm not drugged, so they're giving me something that is a nerve-blocker of some kind.

In addition to this, I am being given something that ruins my energy level, and creates peeling of skin near my tailbone the same way Haldol side effects were.

This country is doping me.

I believe they are using my parents. No one is going to court, or allowing me to go to court to contest any of it. They are just drugging me. My parents, one of them made several comments about Day. Tim Day, who is a psychologist for the Community College in Coos Bay, Oregon.

I don't know who they are meeting up with, but they had a meeting over 2 weeks ago and it was to drug me.

If I'm NOT being drugged, I am walking or running miles every single day, naturally. Sometimes, more than once. I have normal hair growth. And I am not "desensitized" to pain or feeling.

With Alvaro Pardo, he was FBI. He knew FBI in NYC, and he was FBI in Maryland and working for D.C. They drugged me, and they used one of their agents to have sex with me, while they knowingly exposed me to his sexual behavior that put my health at risk. He was sleeping around.

I also know Chris Dabney, another federal agent, did target me for rape, and that he wasn't refering to another baby with "Here's another one in the hole." I know this, because a condom was used so there is no way he said this, with the idea of impregnating me, he was refering to another federal employee raping me, with their federal, tax-payer funded salary.

Anytime I am my normal self, this country can't "handle" it. I still write the same things. I don't think differently. The only thing they do is try to slow me down so I can't put what I think into action against them, through papers, motions, organizing myself, making reports against them.

They also can't "handle" my getting upset over their kidnapping of my son Oliver. So whenever I start to protest more forcefully about it, this country drugs me.

They've been trying to kill me, and using the U.S. Army and FBI to do it. So do you think they wouldn't drug me.

They had Alvaro Pardo, using a false name, and representing himself falsely, while he worked for the FBI. Michelle Erickson and Jennifer Godfrey already knew and they knew he was medicating me. That means this country used a man who was had risky sexual behavior with others, to degrade me and put my health in danger, while everyone knew about it, and drug me at the same time.

I got yeast infections, the vaginal kind, which I never get unless someone has cheated on me, from both Alvaro and Chris Dabney, from their sexual activities with others, even though I always insisted on a condom. I never get this unless someone passes it to me through another woman's imbalances, because I never get vaginal yeast infections as my PH balance is always correct. It's an infection that is passed from one woman, through the man, to another woman, and both Chris and Alvaro's habits, courtesy of the FBI, put my health at risk. I never had an STD, but I did get a yeast infection twice, and my thrush rash is external and has never affected me with that problem.

Is this Jennifer Godfrey's "friend"?

This is Keri Godfrey, standing by a stairwell with a Santa hat sitting there, which looks pretty much like the photo Alvaro Pardo wanted to take, of me and him standing next to a similiar stairwell, with a giant stuffed Santa Claus there. It was taken in 2006, supposedly. She was a student in a class ahead of me and Jennifer Godfrey, who worked on my case and screwed my son over with lies, might be related to her. If so, it would make sense why Michelle Erickson would act like she already knew Alvaro and shared a secret with him, and why she would interview me to see if I knew I was being medicated without my consent or not.

Alvaro was connected to the FBI and the U.S. Army. Michelle Erickson was connected to the FBI and the U.S. Navy. They were drugging me.

Alvaro's FBI contacts in NYC explains why he didn't like the fact I went to Ephrata to get Karin's photo from the yearbook. Her husband worked for the FBI offices there, and she was connected to the same Canada that was involved in working with the U.S. to try to assassinate me. It also explains some of the black men that came into town to defend Michelle Erickson, who was working with Keri Godfrey, whose associates were black. They were all working for Kate Middleton. Chris Dabney knew Australians and he knew Alvaro. The same Australians who were working with Robin and Tony Roos, who tried to kill me in 1992. For who? Middleton. Roos went on to take a job that basically brags about it. Who did Canadian-FBI Karin know besides Stephanie Maiers and Schneider and Whittemore? It leads to Middleton. This country has tried to kill me, has tortured me, and defamed me and ruined all of my chances of success in this country or even elsewhere, now that I'm 38, by decades of favors to Middleton. I have nothing, and even my son was kidnapped from me by U.S. federal conspirators. I have nothing, because of the FBI and The United States of America and their allegiance to Katie's Crotch.

What I remember of Keri Godfrey is that she wore tight light blue jeans with a high waist and she had wide hips. I remember her specifically because she started hanging out near me, getting close to me, but never saying anything and she had a piercing look. She had spy behavior. What I mean by that, is I sensed she hated me but she was so quietly inquisitive about me, I never knew. I just thought, why is she interested in me at all. She wanted to get a look at my face, because I remember eye-to-eye contact and she was always wanting to see me in the face, not just hear what was said. I think she was trying to read me, but back then I just thought she hated me so if she did why was she wanting to see me, if it mattered? She wasn't overweight, as in this photo, from pregnancy. She was average build and wide hips and I'm not suprised a black man who probably liked bottoms went for her. From what I hear, in hispanic and black culture, there is an appreciation for bigger hips and butts. They're not into flapjacks. I remember her because there was no way to forget her, the way she'd sneak up and then disappear after having a hard look into my face or eyes.

So if she's involved, and Jennifer Godfrey is, which I believe is the case, and Michelle, then all of them deliberately sabotaged my getting my son back and they were working for military and for the FBI, and they knew I was being medicated without my knowledge.

After this country incited rape against me, with others, in 1992, they tried to assassinate me in 1992 and then with Canadian-born Nichols in 1995. They didn't manage to rape me, or murder me, and they hadn't "gotten rid of" me by marrying me off at a young age, so they tortured me. There were people with things to hide already, by 1995. They then forced me to work with government microchip people and began the trajectory of ruining my life.

If Marshall Mathers, Eminem, is FBI, and working for the U.S. FBI, he is also working for Kate Middleton. He didn't go to London, England without a reason and Middletons have been working for the U.S. for decades. If Keri Godfrey knows Cori Mathers, who is his cousin, and who also went to the same high school Keri Godfrey went to, then this would explain why Keri, Jennifer, the FBI and England are connected to Kate Middleton.

After 1995, I was tortured by the United States military. This is the same military that has been paying respects to the Middletons.

This country, having treated me as an "enemy", trying to rape me, assassinate me, and then torturing me, after pushing me out of lawsuits that protected my name, obstructing my travel and business, and college...THIS country, DARED think they could take my son Oliver from me.

THIS country, DARED obstruct me from a political asylum petition when they and Canada both already knew I had more than enough cause to make one and that I am, in every sense of the word, betrayed in every way by this government. Tortured, drugged, kidnapped, and gang raped by feds for sport and their amusement as they slid Katie into royalty with KYJelly.

Mormons have backed the Middletons. Geoff Rasmussen was never a friend. Ever. He was a liar. He acted like he couldn't stand Robin and the entire time they were all working together. The Mormons were in business with the Catholics and they all knew what was happening to me in Salt Lake City, after I wasn't killed in Nichol's assassination attempt. Even Stephanie Maiers has a Mormon background, the same one who married an Australian after moving there with Bechtold's advice, and who humiliated me with Karin at her wedding shower. It was like the only reason she even invited me was to get back for the "slight" she felt in high school in 1991 when she went to visit me.

It's starting to look like Mike Middleton does "hits" for the U.S.

Stephanie had changed by the time I saw her. She was more interested in keeping the Nordstrom card than anything else.

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