Thursday, March 21, 2013

Return of My Son and Oliver's Deprogramming

I was in the tub tonight and reading a little and then thinking about my son. He needs to be returned to me and then I realized, and he would also have to be de-programmed by me.

The U.S. has already brainwashed him with so much garbage it would take a year, at least, to undo that damage, and then to work on nurturing and supporting my son.

This country has done extremely sick things to him, and knowingly stood by as they allowed others to do things FOR them. Haven't got the stomaches themselves, so they leave it to their mafia friends.

I also realized the entire reason they are working overtime to keep me and even my parents from having any contact with him, is because of 100% government control. They are controlling my son through the mafia. The mafia is taking orders from the U.S. government and then other times the U.S. government and employees are doing what they want on their own. They chose the Avilas because of their vulnerability and susceptibility to United States government blackmail.

They can even use the Avila's house against them. The Avilas do not own the house they live in--it's rented from a landlord that controls them. He is not just their landlord, he is their employer and owns the orchard they work at around them. So he is in control of their housing. It doesn't matter how many decades Holly spent putting flowers in the garden and buying bulbs. The house isn't theirs.

Preventing me from having any communication is the U.S. way of attempting to sever our bond as they do sick things to reinforce an unnatural and unhealthy bond to them, and to the Mafia they are USING. Their idea is to make my son feel so dependent upon the Avilas, and living in the U.S., he is unwilling to leave when he's 15 if I don't sue the shit out of this country first.

Things they did, even when he was little, were attempts to traumatize him and then have him need a source of security and run to the chosen person. Pablo. Also Holly and Andres, and others. They dumped him in the river deliberately, when he was still having visits with me, when he took horse riding lessons in Leavenworth (where all the Senior military intelligence live). Then, they had Pablo rescue him. So then of course, impressed into his memory is the feeling of danger and fear from what he thought was an accident and then the idea that Pablo was his deliverer. "He saved me!" is what my son told me. "Pablo had to get me!" "I fell into the river and Pablo saved me!"

Let's get creative and cause accidents and tragedies and then put people there who "rescue" that other person, so they "trust" them. Whether they are trustworthy or not. This is only ONE of several games the U.S. government plays. Aside from the false attachment attempts, after they traumatized my son, they programmed him in other ways.

Other times, they weren't even programming my son at all. They were torturing him and degrading him and not making any use of his abilities at all. If this country cared about my son's abilities, they wouldn't have tortured him and tried to fry his brain.

My parents told me that after I was born I was deaf and mute. The only reason was trauma inflicted upon me by Central Washington Hospital. They traumatized me so badly, that I was not responding to sound or noise, I wasn't vocalizing at all, and I had no responses, smiles, staring at objects for a long time, for over 3 months. What I DID have was extreme jaundice. Jaundice is caused by blood pooling in the brain if there is brain trauma, or other bodily injury. In response to excess amounts of blood, the infant produces more bilirubin which then turns the skin yellowish and it tries to clear the body. If it does not clear the body, it can cause death. I had jaundice for over 3 months, just like my son. You can see it in my baby photos. It was elevated bilirubin levels, which means I suffered a traumatic injury.

Even my own son Oliver, whose head was pushed into with a few fingers, for hours as he tried to resist and escape and come out to be delivered, even my son's brain hemmorhage did not result in the kind of lack of response that I had as a baby.

They turned me into a vegetable. Central Washington Hospital did. This is most likely the only reason why I am not psychic like my parents are, today. How could I be? I was severely brain damaged and otherwise. It was considered a "miracle" when I was prayed for and started to have normal responses and then caught up. I was walking early and using full sentences by 9 months of age. I have never been psychic and the only reason why, is because of what that hospital did to me, and then they did the same slimy things to my son.

They had me under glass, under bilirubin lights, for a week and my parents were not allowed to hold me. They got to touch me a few times. So I lived the first week of my life, after being traumatized there, alone and then I was deaf and mute and didn't smile or seem to see anyone. I was a complete vegetable because of what they did to me, and I'm sure it was bad, because my mother refused to have my brother there next.

My son is to be returned to me.

This country, and Alvaro, had better figure that out. Alvaro thinks he gets off scott-free after he USED me for CIA and FBI predictive games. Against ME. I didn't use him and practice my abilities on him for the government, to degrade him and win points for myself. Or to set him up for jail. I was a normal person. This country is SICK.

My son is already completely brainwashed and dictated to. CPS thinks they can still play games and use friends against my son, and order the Avilas around even. I have read things from Holly that I know have nothing to do with her style of writing or thought process and I'm not exactly on her side either. Her daughter used to mock me to my face in Wenatchee.

I want my son returned to me. He is going to be 7 years old, and I have lost all that time in his life, and I am not "okay" with this current situation. I am never going to work for the U.S. government and I want my son to have no part of this country. That was my choice before he was born, after he was born, and when I requested political asylum. I have never thought, "Oh I might just go on living here." I was told, when I got to Oregon, that in some ways, I had another "chance" to get my son back and their idea, the government's idea, was to have me be an elementary school teacher. That way, I get the lowest average salary possible and can't sue them effectively, and I take care of more of their kids.

I cringed at the idea. Why would I want to work for U.S. kids after what they did to Oliver? But of course, if I didn't go along with THEIR plan for my life, their COMMUNIST plan, where the U.S. government thinks they can obstruct me from what I want to do and instead try to force me into more of their slave labor, they weren't going to return my son. As if that is even negotiable.


When is the last time the U.S. got slapped with Fraud. I mean, a massive investigation and lawsuit?

I want my son back and the assholes who are dictating to the Avilas about blocking communication of my son to his grandparents and me, need to be exposed. My own parents have only heard from him twice in the last 6 months. I haven't seen my son for 4 years.

Four Years that this country full of MORMONS and Catholics and heathens and Protestants and Jews who think they
can isolate me from my son, have traumatized my son and held him hostage under an illegal adoption and kidnapping.

Why, by the way, was that recent Ohio shooter who just got sentenced to jail, killing people with the names Mueller? and Russel?...all of the names of people he shot and got were named of people who are involved in directing the FBI and CPS.

From US today: Three students -- Demetrius Hewlin, 16; Russell King Jr., 17; and Daniel Parmertor, 16 -- were killed last February. Nate Mueller and Joy Rickers were wounded, as was Nick Walczak, who is paralyzed from the waist down, according to Reuters.

I'm not totally sure what his message is but his pants look familiar. They look like cop pants. First I thought Mike Tancer pants or something. Then I think, no, maybe it's cop pants. I just looked at some other photos of him and he looks like a possible MKUltra victim to me. The photos of his eyes crossed, one of them specifically, is a trait of MKUltra just like "scanning" is. I mean, scanning with the eyes going left right left right, very fast, as they talk, which I was told is rare and indicates a person is accessing both sides of the brain and switching back and forth with the eyes to do so. This is a trained thing MKUltra has done, and they use hypnosis on kids before the age of 3 to do it. The other thing is "follow my finger" hypnosis for crossing the eyes. I'm not totally sure what crossed eyes are for. I mean, not good to do, but maybe it means the brain is doing something different. I think yeah, some people have naturally crossed eye tendency, but it seems like a possible MKUltra thing. Which would mean he has a right to that evidence being brought into court. Now that he's sentenced, I don't know what they do. It's hard enough to get FOIA from the government. He is also super skinny in one photo by a bunch of skinny trees. I think he picked skinny trees for a reason, or someone did. Maybe to show an idea of starvation. Which is like concentration camp basically, combined with the buzz cut. Some teens are that skinny...I was sometimes, as a pre-teen. I wonder if some of those kids that died chose to die. The names are all unusual combinations and if someone wanted to send a messsage, you'd have to assemble the right people with the names you wanted, generally. I guess it was in class though? so they were already there.

Anyway, back to my son, I gave him paintbrushes and was told, "He said 'Oh'". I don't believe it. It is like what someone over there, or a cop here wants said to me. I was told he'd like video games. I'm sure, but I'm not giving him a bunch of video games, at his age, when there other things better for his development. I have had a really bizarre feeling for about a year now, that Kate Middleton is getting to see what I send my son too. I have no idea why, and it's this weird intuitive "feeling", like when I knew the FBI was giving her records of me, but not even giving them to their own citizen whose life they endangered for a decade while refusing the documents they knew would help me. The FBI destroyed my life, and then after they got Katie into her royal wedding, THEN they gave me a few pages.

Totally nuts. The U.S. must have a dynamite cover for her work with them, for England to keep her. It must be something like, "Yes she does WORK with us on occasion and if papers are requested we DO work with the UK, but she isn't our employee." Something shifty like that. Basically, it has to be good. It has to look like it's just a mutual cooperative venture, not actually spying from one country to the next. It's the same kind of idea as knowing some kid is being trained to spy, so another family names their kid with the same name to cover for the other one. Basically, a smokescreen. It works to protect against mind readers too, because if someone picks up on the name "Jessica" and there is a relative and a friend named Jessica, it's harder to figure out which one. More complicated than that, but yes, that's been done for eons. So sure, sell Brownies to the FBI and they'll pay in weed, and while everyone is eating brownies, smile and say no you don't spy on the U.S., you just deal with them. Zing.

Return my son if you want to make it "Spy Company".

Did I mention I was told Eminem might even be FBI? I find that hard to believe, and why would he go to England, if so?

Back to my son (again), I spent $700 on gifts for him and had been trying to keep in touch all the time, and after I noticed what they were doing with him, in May, they cut me off from ever hearing my son's voice again. I was sitting outside as kids walked by me eating ice cream from waffle cones in flip flops. He was on the phone with me for almost one hour and the entire time he wanted to talk to me. This country needs to be nuked for kidnapping and torture of their own citizens, cruel and degrading treatment and lying to entire families for decades as they illegally surveill them.

I don't believe anything a U.S. employee tells me anymore.

There is not one law anyone can have any faith in, and the birth certificate is regarded as nothing. It amounts to nothing more than a coupon for groceries.

The FBI is corrupt, the CIA is corrupt, the military is corrupt, and the White Staff is mostly corrupt. NASA is corrupt, the hospitals are mostly corrupt. Everything they feed us, everything we were taught to believe in, is a lie.
3/22/13 I think the forest of him skinny by the trees is "forest of starvation" i.e., "forced starvation". That came to mind last night after I went to bed. Forest of starvation....forced starvation. It's a whole field and forest of people forced to starve or who live in concentration-camps in the U.S. today. That's how I see it.

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