Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Mom's Feet Are Blue

I cannot believe it.  No one is tested my Mom for chrome sores when it's obvious this is what she has--chromium poisoning.

I've seen them with the sores but not with a blue and purple undertone and bruising beneath the skin.

I freaked out today when I saw it. 

About 2 or 3 days ago, I went to see my Mom at night and she looked so-so.  Then overnight, something had happened because the next morning, she looked totally dehydrated.  All of the plumpness was out of her face and she looked like she'd been sucked through a vaccum and had all of her cells drained from water.  Then her face looked normal again except for the eye brusising.

But today, she had all of this blue and purple discoloration under the skin, around the chrome sores.  I said, "Did that last doctor give you anything for this?" and she said no.  I said, "No doctor tested you for chromium poisoning?"  and she said no.

I am almost starting to think this Kathleen Brown injects my mother with the poison to begin with.  I said, "Mom, are you kidding me?  Do I have to become a doctor just so you have normal medical care?"  She told me to leave because she was working on some things and I said, "How many doctors have you seen?  Six.  And none of them did anything."  My Mom said, "No, not that many."  and I said, "Yes.  Six, Kathleen Brown."

I don't think it is possible for my parents to get healthcare in the U.S.  I know for a fact they are denied treatment, just as my son and I were.  Not only that, in the last 5 years, they've tried to dope up every single person in my entire family.  Anything to slow down how the brain works or thinks...

So they've been giving hydrochlorides to every member of my family, including my parents, me, and my son, all with different excuses.  They gave Hcl to my Dad through sleeping pills to knock him out.  They gave my Mom Hcl through antihistamines, to try to knock her brain out and knowing it does nothing for chrome sores.  They gave me Hcl for "migraine treatment", telling me antihistamines helped with nausea from migraine but I didn't have nausea.  I literally had allergies from it and it's the one medication I know I'm allergic to but they kept giving it to me.  It slows down the brain and knocks out histamines which work with hormones to keep your brain sharp.

This country is attempting to turn my family into a bunch of idiots through Hcl.  They gave my son Hcl, and they used poison forms of it, acidic burn forms, on my Dad's fingers and my son Oliver's finger when he was only 3 years old, to "get to" me when they took him to see me at visits.  They knew I was helpless to do anything so they kept up a routine of abusing my son in CPS state offices and by Sean Neil and the O'Neil people.

Someone has some kind of gangster obsession with hydrochlorides.  A little Hcl acid can be good for digestion and it's naturally made in the stomach, but someone has put acid on the fingers of my Dad and my son, and they've given all of us forms of it through antihistamines and sleeping pills to knock us out.

I would say, it's been the last 7 or 8 years, not just 5 years, counting the antihistamines use against my family.

I decided to write about this after I lit a candle I got at the store today and I didn't feel like using a lid for the candleholder so I used a piece of paper from a magazine and just thought something with kids stuff on it.  It turned out to be a clorox ad but I cut it out so I didn't have to see that part and then I kept getting this sad feeling over it.  I had the candle in the center, above a yellow door.  Then I thought, "This is depressing" so I flipped it over to noodles and chopsticks.

When it was on the yellow door side I then saw the first line of the news was that the Queen Elizabeth was in the hospital for a virus.  I know my Mom didn't have 24 hour flu but something happened to her right before someone came out to look at a bike rack.  It was the night before or the morning of.  She just looked horrible and I wondered if she'd been throwing up but I didn't ask.

Oh yeah, and my Mom's an easy bleeder.  But the bruising in her feet, is not normal or from hemophilia symptoms or something.  My Mom used to accidentally cut herself shaving all the time when I was a kid, in Moses Lake.  I used to freak out, and say, "WHAT DID YOU DO?" because she'd have these horrible lines of blood or scabs that formed from lines of skin being cut off from a razor.  She always cut her shin and the back of her heel.  I used to get upset and tell her to be more careful.  I couldn't stand it.  However, this bruising and bleeding under the skin of her feet is not from that or a tendency to bleed at all.  It's streaks and pools, under the skin, along the vein where all these chrome sores are, and on the sides and front.  It looks like her feet are poisoned.

What have doctors done?


Sorry, but "antihistamines", administered and prescribed to my family in any kind of dose at all, since 2002 or so, is not acceptable.  I saw my Dad around that time and he was not even himself.  He didn't have haircuts like normal or wear clothes he normally would, and around that time, he was being doped up with sleeping pills.

The only person I don't know about for sure,is my brother, but I am pretty sure he got jacked with antihistamines and sleeping pills too.  I think they were giving him this crap and telling him he'd breathe better at night, with a broken nose, if he took anti-histamines.

Doctors started pushing anti-histamines onto me in 2004-2005 in Wenatchee, WA.  For my Dad and Mom, it was possibly earlier, in 2002, but definitely in full motion by 2005.  For my brother, it was maybe around 2002-2005.  For my son, after the U.S. took him from me.

This is when not one person in my family has allergies, except for my mother, as she used to have "hay fever" in Moses Lake and sometimes took something for it, but I don't believe it was anti-histamines then, she had a different kind of allergy thing she took.   That was in a huge pollen area.  No one else did.  I sneezed sometimes, but never had trouble with allergies.  Ever.  I have ONE allergy, and it IS anti-histamines.  It is my only allergy (that I'm aware of).  I thought for awhile maybe corn was an allergy, and possibly it triggers somethings but I have a chemically adverse reaction to antihistamines and they kept jacking me up with that stuff.

Why would someone then put hydrochloric acid on my Dad and son's finger?

I mean, it's not just medical gangster work, it's symbolic crap that some group is making out of Hcl.  It's been prescribed through excuses for other things, when the main effect is to slow down the brain.

My parents need a normal doctor.  A good doctor will be known when they insist on testing my mother for chromium poisoning.  Any other doctor, is bad.

Kathleen Brown, is bad.

My Dad needs someone too.  I think some things resolved, but someone might have come up for an idea of why his hands are going through the "good day" and "cops beat me up and crushed my knuckles" or "NASA technology caused cramping and swelling"  in my hands day.  It's a little harder to figure out.  But come on.  My Mom's feet?

All of her past doctors who looked at her feet were bad.  It's like they get lined up ahead of time, to make sure a good doctor doesn't manage to squeeze in and prove what it is.

It was like Dr. Butler's refusal to treat systemic thrush.  There was no excuse for it.  It harmed me and my son and there was no legitimate excuse for refusal of healthcare that our insurance covered.  It was done out of malice.

We have been denied normal healthcare, because of malice.

Obviously, Dr. Kathleen Brown wants my Mom to die.

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