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Caroline Mulroney's Terrorist Connections

So they really are as bad as it seems.

I found out today, after wondering why the international incitement to rape me went through Canada first, and used Mulroney's daughter's name as a guise for me, and who it was intended for, that Mulroney's relative was working for MKUltra.

He was practicing torture against citizens in Canada and he was a Serb named Dimitrije Pivnicki.  Her married someone and had "Mila" who was married to Mulroney.

So basically, Mila's "Dad", and "Caroline Mulroney's" grandfather, worked with the U.S. in the same program that involves mind control and torture of innocent people, including kids.

Caroline is currently seeking "refuge" in the U.S.  I knew something was wrong with her the minute I saw her photo, and that was just yesterday. I saw, in that one photo, a very bad person.  Just because her Dad, or grandfather did disgusting things, and committed acts of terror against innocent Canadians doesn't mean she is bad necessarily, but I looked at her and knew she was bad.  That is why I decided to look up her mother and noticed her mother's father moved to Canada to do "research" against Canadians, and he worked with Ewan Cameron, who is one of several prominent doctors who worked with the U.S. in their acts of torture against citizens through MKUltra.

As I've said before, this program involves the U.S., England, and Canada.

So what is happening, is whereas all of these people knew what the connections were already, as they abused me and my son and encouraged, even incited others to do so, is I'm finding out and making it public.

This new piece of information is evidence that supports my claim that the ad ran by the newspaper Frank, about "Mulroney" was actually a disguised advertisement to rape me.  They knew about me because I was part of MKUltra and I guess, they felt I was "competition" to their other brats, so they wanted me raped.

Caroline is, afterall, a piece of shit, because she comes from shit.  This is exactly what I'm talking about--look at who gets to the "top"...individuals who literally torture others.  How DARE that family make any claim to have "helped Canadians" when THEY are responsible for colluding to destroy families they wanted out of their way, by means of electroshock, lobotomies, torture, drugs, and highlighting messages to rape others.  Caroline's grandfather was actively involved not only with torturing and terrorizing his own citizens, but also worked with the CIA, and the Canadian military.

So yes, it IS Middleton as a hitman for the U.S.

It's like these people get elected while no one is paying attention to their history and who they are related to.  While others suffered in excruciating torture because of Pivnicki, he got to live until he was 89.

Not only that, the CIA and Canada had some sick game going with Pivnicki working as a psychiatrist at "Allan Memorial" hospital with Ewan Cameron while I was being raised next-door to Alan Springer, a psychologist for the FBI (I thought it was FBI, but maybe it was CIA afterall).

If anyone is not exactly following what I'm refering to, about incitement to rape, and the attempt to highlight and broaden the publication by disguising it as an attack against Caroline Mulroney should read my last several posts about assassination attempts and incitement to rape.

There is no question:  The United States and Canada have been trying to kill me and then they tortured me instead, amid more attempts, to discredit me.  They then stole my son from me.

What is this BITCH Caroline doing?  She has no problems with the U.S. government does she?  She is immune, because of her family's horrific medical experiments against innocent people.

Do you know what kinds of things her grandpa was doing?  I mean, aside from colluding with others to rape me?  and assassinate me?

Her grandpa, who only recently died in 2007, was cutting open skulls of living human beings and implanting "nodes" for giving them shocks and watching their reactions.  Her grandpa was taking healthy human beings, with normal brains, and cutting them off from half of their brain, and then taking notes about "how do you like me now?" and what the difference was between a whole brain and half a brain.  Caroline's grandfather was sticking electrodes into the eyeballs of children and watching their reaction and asking them if they could still see or not.  He was putting them in rooms isolated to see how long it took until they lost their minds.  He put them in rooms with radio waves to see how much it took to cause them to go deaf.    He was taking innocent kids and calling up the CIA to ask how much they dosed their own citizens with LSD and what amount should he try?

Caroline Mulroney's family drugged Canadians and what did Canada do?  They elected his progeny, who then went on to spew messages of hate through publicizing an international bet and challenge to have ME raped.

They named their last son, another "real winner", "Nicholas".  I can't stand that name.  It was a Mike Nichols, born Canadian, and working with U.S. government, that tried to kill me in one of the assassination attempts against me.

By the way, Karin's family is from Montreal.  Just in case no one knew.  The Karin involved with FBI and people who tried to kill me.

I always thought mica was pretty as my parents stared at me and said, "It's not real gold."  I used to say, when I was little, "What do you mean?" and they said, "It's fool's gold."  How many times did I say, "I found gold!" and show my parents and they always said, "It's not gold.  That's Mica." 

Mica is pronounced:  MY-kuh.  Like Mike, but with an "a" at the end.  Mila's full name is milica.  I think Mike Middleton was working with them, which means he is part of the English-Canada-U.S. MKUltra program that practised mind control and selected some kids to be their "manchurian candidates" whicle others were tortured, murdered, or sent to insane asylums to shut them up.  Anyone who can read a photo, can see that Caroline Mulroney is a very bad person and now we know what kind of blood she has running through her veins.

War criminal blood and the worst of the worst.

This horrible country has done all of these things to me, and known about Canada's involvement all along, and they dared collude with Canada as I attempted to find refuge.  These countries violated international laws for their disgusting programs and they kidnapped my son from me to do the same.

God damn all of you.  In the name of God, I pray you are cursed.

It's Middleton.

Ewan Cameron worked with several British in the Air Force, like David Henderson, who then directed the Red Cross.  So there is a clear link between MKUltra and use of The Red Cross as a participant in torture and a cover under the guise of humanitarian aid.

Not only that, I had been asking the FBI for FOIA about me for years and they had all of this information about me, which their agents and police and others had and used against me, and they refused to give me the information I needed to protect myself and my son and be credible to the public.

The FBI is guilty of arranging for my and my son's torture. 

Below is a small sample of what Caroline Mulroney's family is guilty of:

In the 60's and 70's Stereotaxic Surgery--Alan Scheflin reports on some of the children who received this brain surgery. He says one young boy would sneak away from home, and crawl underneath an automobile in order to smell the oil. Two groups were as young as two and four years old when the surgery took place for "violent behavior."

Fernald School-Young male children who were institutionalized at the Fernald School in Massachusetts were fed radioactive cereal in the 1940s and 1950s.

Vanderbilt University Hospital - 1945-49 at Prenatal Clinic - 829 pregnant women given a "cocktail " laced with radioactive iron.

D.C. Children's Center in Laurel in a section called the District Training School in the 60's-Retarded children were used as human guinea pigs for both private industry and the government.

Clinton Elementary school in Minneapolis 1953. Spraying of microorganisms either alone or in combination with the zinc cadmium sulfide by the Army.

The link about Ewan Cameron is written as if he was a good person, just doing "controversial research".  I notice how it omits specific torture against children and elaborating on what was done.  Afterall, the Mulroney's are still alive aren't they?

Caroline is not innocent.  It is not just projection of her grandfather's crimes onto her, it is that she herself became someone who chose to glorify those crimes and take personal and political advantage by it.

Here is her family's connection in Montreal:

Upper Left is the Allen Memorial Institute of Psychiatry, McGill University in Montreal, CA, where Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron worked. The Rockefeller Foundation had funded it in 1943. Picture next to it is the stables that were converted to a behavioral laboratory and housed a box for sensory deprivation experiments by Leonard Rubenstein, Cameron's assistant. This lab was directly behind The Allen M. Inst.

The Montreal Neurological Institute, lower right was also academically affiliated with McGill University and located on its campus. Penfield and Hebb both worked there. The Rockefeller Foundation funded it with $1,232,000 and it was opened in 1934 and Penfield was hired to run it. Braehead, lower left was donated to McGill university in 1944, and faculty lived in it as well as Purvis Hall which was connected by a passageway. Braehead is where I was kept while some of the experiments took place in Montreal.

Caroline's family put people, human beings, in "boxes" and then what idea does she have for a "charity"?  Donating shoe boxes.  I guess that's in the hope that "boxes" connected to her family's disgusting torture of children in isolation, is wiped out by the connotation of boxes from shoes.  It wasn't just Rubenstein--it was Pivnicki.  Reeeeeal "nice" family.  Moral "defects" all the way around.

 One source of this collection of info:
Here is a paper on sensory deprivation, published by only some of the people involved, and not including the fact they used innocent children for these studies:

The Mulroneys don't dream in color, they dream of formaldehyde.  Just like the Bechtolds, Wiltbanks, Springers, Maiers, and Rasmussens.  They are not even interested in research, as a few whine about "not keeping pets" and animal rights--they want to have people destroyed and suffer with decades of torture, rather than be honest people.  As long as they can keep the Nordstrom card.  I'm surprised, if Levy and Rubenstein were Jewish, they would dare be involved.  That is asking for a double-whammy.  Some of the Bosnians or Serbs were even more vicious than German nazis, skinning children alive to hang from ceilings...grotesque things, and Canada wanted one of their own. 

Cornell University is involved and gave out donations under a shell name, for MKUltra (to this day) which explains Dr. Rob Fallon and Mary and Carl Del Balzo and how I was forced to be under observation by Mary, who went to Cornell.

In fact, the department that distributed these funds, The College for Human Ecology, is getting a new building, designed by an architect that knows the Pivnicki family.  How nice.  He's from "Croatia".  Darko Hreljanovic.  A member, like Pivnicki, of the former Yugoslavia, which encompassed Slovenes, Croates, and Serbs. 

And God said "ha".  I next found Pivnicki's link to Cornell.  He was born in Novi Becej, and then he did his "psychiatry research" at a university in Mostar, Bosnia that has the same "seal" and emblem as Cornell.  It has the year "1977" on it.  And Cornell is proud to display the year of "Darko's" graduation in the year of "1977".  So Cornell is looking for murderers everywhere, and where else to find people willing to commit atrocities against children than "Mostar, Bosnia".

Cornell read about the way this former Yugoslavian place murdered children and tortured them and thought, "It's perfect for us!  It's just like Mary Del Balzo".  Pivnicki also worked in Hungary.  Did he know Susie?  my roommate?

I have no idea how any of the Mulroneys and Pivnickis even feel good enough about themselves to want to stay alive.  Why haven't they killed themselves? 

So yes.

It was an incitement to rape me and many people knew it.  Caroline even knows and she thinks it's funny.  It wasn't her afterall.  Her mother, Mila, supposedly had over 100 pairs of shoes.  Did she take them from the kids herself?

I'd like confirmation on who Mike Nichols parents were because I think he was lying.  I think he already knew who they were.  So who were they.  I am going to find you you know.  I have a right to know who an assassin is related to in Canada.  I suppose even if he didn't know, it was enough that he worked with FBI in the U.S. and knew Robin Bechtold, who is connected to the first assassination attempt against me, or what I describe as the first one, in 1992. And Robin was one who was taking Canada up on their encouragement to rape me, and I'm sure Geoff heard about it too.
There are probably more that I am not thinking of, or don't know about.

I had discovered Mulroney's before, but I hadn't connected them to my assassination attempt and people surrounding it, and how they are connected to U.S. and Canadian government.

So this is more.  It provides background information that supports my claim, when put together.  It then refutes the idea that I am mentally ill, and shifts everything to conspiracy to have me murdered.

Did you know that's life? 

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