Friday, March 22, 2013

Updated: List of Names and IDs of Psychic Fed. Gov. Employees

I'll make a list of verified and unverified psychics. Verified means they did something, in front of me that I witnessed, or later knew about that confirmed they are working as federal psychics. Unverified means I suspect they are, or are connected closely to those who are.

I'll start with the courthouse. It's Coquille courthouse.

What I have here, has to be filled in with names, because I don't know the names. But I can list one woman who is working as a secretary and one computer science man who works as a tech for the courthouse.

1. Secretary for Courthouse. (verified psychic). (first door with windows to the right when you go through main entrance). Medium dark brown hair, curly-wavy, and maybe 5'4" and 160 lbs. Double Ds. She was wearing a coral colored shirt when I saw her.

Summary: I went to the offices to borrow the phone and she said sure, and looked at me for awhile. Then she said she'd dial the number and I gave it to her. She looked at me and, and repeated it back, reversing the numbers for one number, in the last part of the phone number. So if it was 541-396-0074 and I said this, she said, "0047?" and I said, "No, "0074". And then she emphasized the mistake again, and it wasn't like someone getting it wrong, she kept repeating the mistake, and said, "Is it 7 or is it 4 first?" So then I had a second number to call and she asked for it and I said 541-290-5044. And then it sounded wrong for some reason so I said, "It might be 2, 5024. It might be 2 instead of 4." Then I said, "I think it's 4. Try 5024, no wait it is 5044."

So then I knew that secretary was doing U.S. federal government psychic work because she made a point to emphasize that she knew I was going to later reverse a number by mistake so she did it first, as a marker to show me or whoever else, she knew it was going to happen. I should add, actually, she did get up from her desk and go into another room and look at some paper for a minute. So it's remotely possible she was repeating something another person left as a psychic marker, to conceal who the actual psychic was, but one way or the other, she is connected to federal government psychics. I don't think she did it for someone else, but that's the disclaimer. Actually, I don't think she went to the back room until later. So it was her. She is working as a psychic. She had him go back to the room with her afterwards, when she told him she couldn't find his medical record.

Normally, it wouldn't be a big deal, but like I said, ALL of the employees in this town, whether they actually work for the government (at a courthouse) or not, are working as federal psychics or are married to them or are their kids.

This wasn't an accident and it's something this town has been using me for ever since I moved here. I can't do one single thing without it being part of their psychic pursuit game.

So really, if you're an international who wants to start spying on the U.S., this is one spot that won't disappoint you, because once you learn who these psychic workers are, it will lead you to who they give advice to in the federal government. I can give you a couple of other "sites". One is the Washington D.C. Post Pub. They employ people, there, for the same thing: research, mind-reading, and government psychic work. If you're not reading minds, they have an interest in reading yours and that is who they employ. Another site was the Logan's I worked at in Nashville, TN and they had a connection to intelligence and Seals who killed Osama bin ladin. They hired a bunch of people at the same time, who were psychics, most of them Roman Catholic, and I don't know how many of them are still there but it's a block away from the research university Vanderbilt. If you get a list of the employees who were working at that time, it will lead you to some fascinating prospectives for your own country's future infiltration.

2. courthouse employee. Computer tech. (unverified psychic). I can't say I verified he is psychic but I picked up on the idea that he was there for that reason, and he came into the room and watched me for a long time. Then he was asking for his medical records from the file cabinet there. I said, "So you're a cop?" and he said, "I'm a computer tech for the courthouse." I said, "So you're a cop." Before that, he was looking at me and the way he acted I felt intuitively he was trying to size me up psychicly. He drives a BMW sedan and he's hispanic or half hispanic. He was later driving by in the same car when I was stopped by police for flipping people off as I walked one day, and had this angry and satisfied look on his face, like yes. He is not a friend. He was also giving off some impression of Chris Rozollo and Justin Titus when I met him, like he'd been around them.

3. Kathy Hathaway. county employee. Her email address is "hikerkathy". verified psychic. She is a jackpot of leads. not only do I believe she has poisoned my mother and assaulted her before, I came across an entire cache of email proving she has a criminal nature and is working for the U.S. government as a psychic. I met her at my parent's house and she had a psychic thing set up, as a marker for water and then she said something to me that proved she was psychic, but I remembered this and don't remember exactly what it was. She let it be known, from the start. When I came across my Mom's computer when I first got here, and found some emails from her, all of them with a point in proving she is psychic, and to get credit for that, and many of them harassing and spiteful. When she was coming over, my mother was always panicked. Literally afraid. My Mom acted like someone who had been poisoned and assaulted and was afraid of having that person in the house, alone, but had no choice. Her friends work for the county, the men in a white SUV who came out to our house on Monument day and said they wanted to see the monument, as they parked next to my house. She sent a bunch of email to my Mom, leading up to Kate Middleton's wedding. She made references to molestation of my son, and when a bunch of so-called "christian" groups did the same, coordinating their messages to work together, Kathy Hathaway then wrote to my Mom saying, "Haven't you noticed the signs? it seems like even the church groups can work together on his coming." Something like that. And all of the newsletters were sending titles that refered to sexual molestation and implied my son was being abused and the "british were coming to town". They sent my Mom emails about peeing on someone too. None of these christian newsletters were actually christian. They turned out to be claiming they were christian, for promoting non-profit status so they could use newsletters to intimidate people. They sounded more Catholic, like Catholic groups using a protestant cover and then like just government that had a Middleton interest. The only person to rub it in, how these newsletters were sending messages of harm to my son (their grandson) that I saw, at that time, was Kathy Hathaway and Shirley Sandberg. Shirley sent a message about "Why We Get On Boys". That title was sent, along with a bunch of "christian" newsletter titles like "He's Coming" and "When Boys Come", and "Filling Boys with the Holy Spirit" with "sexual satisfaction" ads, for example, all on the same day, back to back, and with messages from christian groups also titled, "Ride with the Master". So in this context, and with mention of british coming and Middleton's approaching wedding, Kathy Hathaway was writing, "Can't you interpret the signs." Ride with the Master, Why We Get On Boys, Filling Boys with the Holy Spirit, When Boys Come...what does this sound like to you? Every single day, for months, in my mother's email. And then some email about how the British are coming to join in on the fun. The other psychic things Kathy did were to reference my being thrown in a psych ward, which was maybe not psychic, just knowing and spiteful, and Patty Otterbach and Debbie Burt did the same. They were happy about it. They're comments were made as justifications for Kate Middleton, not for my just being put there, and for "the long arm of the law" and how that arm was going to avenge federal employees to cover for their crimes and rape and kidnapping. Also, I believe my son was sexually assaulted by the same person who swore in the adoption in Wenatchee. I don't know which Commissioner or Judge it was, but I have a strong feeling about it. He already knew who they were and was afraid of them. Then they tried to re-trigger trauma in him by giving him a stuffed animal and balloons, which is something I did for most of my visits with him.

**************to be continued as I have a few other things to work on. Until I go through and describe exactly what was done to verify govt psychic work, basically, all of the Safeway pharmacists here are, the Safeway employees are, and most of McKays. Most of the shops in town, and all of the librarians and all of the post office workers. There is no one living in this town that is not either a government psychic or related by family or marriage to one...if there are, it has to be something like 5%.

When I first moved here, I was told not to buy any groceries here, because it's all feds-connected. I was doing all my shopping in Coos Bay and some are there too, but not as concentrated and there is more selection there.
Safeway employees:

5. Brenda. Brenda is a teller and she is a verified government psychic. She keeps objects next to the register to indicate whether or not someone comes through the line with what she guessed.

6. Katrina. Katrina is a verified government psychic. She does the same thing, with government marker things, at the register.

7. _______. She moved back to Coquille recently, a year ago, and has long dark brown hair, is older, and is a verified government psychic. She might be a good one, because I'm not sure why someone sent her back over here unless they wanted her to try to detect something. I think she's here as back-up for something. My personal feeling was that she is connected to Kate Middleton, but Middleton's had people over here spying on my parents before that. I still have a hunch about it.

8. ________. Young, verfied government psychic and gets a kick out of it too. Blond hair, smaller eyes, sort of Irish or German type of eye, and looks a little like Eliza, Robin Becthold's younger sister, about 5'2". She looks like she's still in high school with blond hair and works mainly in the back stocking boxes. Her markers were in the bathroom and stockroom. I went to the bathroom to use the toilet and she was back there and watched me go in and there were 2 pieces of brown paper towels, exactly the same size and a specific space apart. She did something else too, with showing me she was throwing away some kind of plastic. So I noticed the paper because it was specifically torn, not ragged, in a specific shape, in a weird place on the floor, not where you'd have paper towel "square" pieces. I went to my house and someone let a bunny out by my house which I looked for. I tried to coax it in with lettuce but it was too wild. So I went back to the house, sat down and I had soup out for myself and took the lettuce in my hands and broke it in half and then was eating it and I realized it was the exact same sizes and shapes of the two pieces in the bathroom. So she's a psychic. When I say "verified psychic" I mean, something like this, that I've witnessed, where they do something in front of me or by someone that verifies they are practicing government psychic work. So like I said, we live in a concentration camp. Look at how far I've gone in this country because of it.

I'll list more of them in a minute.

Right now I'll go to why I know Kate Middleton has been spying on me through neighbors around us and how she and William spied on my parents and made their lives living hell. I've written about some of the things involving my parents. She has targeted me specifically however. The entire time, during the Olympics over there, she was using that public forum to demonstrate her psychic abilities and was spying on me with help from the U.S. I noticed, when I saw a photo taken of her on the same day I had been making rivets in my garden with the side of my hand (couldn't find a trowel and needed a thin rivet) for irrigation and she was photographed wearing a full skirt, and heels, and bending over, making a "line" with the side of her hand, the same amount of space. I wasn't targeting her with government psychic stuff, and I didn't see her doing this first because someone told me. She was doing this as a marker for copying me and showing off her abilities at targeting ME. She also was photographed doing this, and I randomly came across that exact photo, taken on the day I did what I was doing in the garden, and knew she was a spy. If you'll remember, this is about the time my Blogger was shut down so I couldn't use it, and that was after I then found another photo, of her with an Aisan guy and William and their "torch" that was designed like the hairdryer my Mom has, which she'd been tortured with. "Don't drop it". I read those lines, spoken by William, which was smirked over, and I knew, with those two things, they have been targeting me and then she's showing off for others. My blogger was shut down by Google after I wrote about just the one thing, and didn't mention her "work" imitating me in the garden, by bending over and using the edge of her hand to draw a line for the Olympics.

The only person around to watch me in the garden at the time I did this, was the new neighbor whose address I already posted. There are other neighbors, but I know he was home. So yes, Kate Middleton is a stalker and she is a government psychic working for the U.S. and degrading me. And her family IS to blame for my son's torture. I looked at the external factors in the photo, and at the background and there is no reason anyone would bend over like that, to make a line with the edge of their hand. She could have stood up straight and done it, but she bent over all the way, and I knew the minute I saw it that she was a monster. She was spying on me, targeting me, showing off for others, and working for the U.S. I know my mother knew somehow too, because when I told what I'd done, she looked sad and it was like she was going to cry because she already knew Katie was on my back, scoring points for people who pay her money.

When I was at the psych ward, it was most likely her Dad who asked for the hit against me, by assault with Haldol. It was a U.S. Army man who ordered it and brought in the doctor. It was her. She is responsible for a lot of crimes against me.

When I was forced to work at Logan's there, and they used me with their mainly Catholic government psychics, the manager was U.S. Army (Matt). So think back to Tony Roos, who tried to kill me and joined the U.S. Army and allied with Robin & friends and Australia. When I say Tony Roos, it's not like he just happened to be behind the first car. He cornered me off of the road too, because it was then that I was in the ditch. They tailed eachother and forced me off.

It's all U.S. military and Commonwealth people.

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