Saturday, March 23, 2013

Drugged by The U.S. Again

I was recently drugged by the United States again. It occured a little over a week ago, to 2 weeks ago. This is why I have been doing a charcoal detox and other kinds of detox.

I'm not doing it, for an abnormal reason. I'm doing it because this country had me drugged again. I knew because of how I felt and then how my energy level was down after it was committed against me, this crime of unlawful use of drugs and medications on me, and because the same dry skin patch that occured from Haldol overdose in Tennessee, which has only occured with that drug, showed up again, after this same kind of drugging against me was committed.

It was lower dose, but it caused the same kind of physical reaction.

It never changes my mind. Ever.

I have never changed my mind about the United States being corrupt, criminal, and torturing me and my son after obstructing justice and trying to entrap me for crime after their own agents raped me.

It doesn't change how I think, or my moods, or my mind in any way. All it does, is slow me down.

Which is what this country wants and has only ever cared about--slowing me down so I don't get ahead of them and back on my feet after their crimes.

My parents were basically only talking to me from behind glass doors and not letting me in the house, and making a big deal about things, for the U.S., per U.S. orders, and the U.S. shut off my electricity, my phone, and my computer.

I believe there is even something possibly wrong with some of things I bought at the Safeway pharmacy to detox. The activated charcoal isn't acting like activated charcoal, at least the first batch didn't, and it's not standardized. However, I think the other batch was fine. There is something strange about the castor oil too, from the last shipment I asked for compared to what I first tried. It works like castor oil, but there seems to be possibly something else added to it, I'm not sure--it causes short-term memory loss. It is only after taking it right away, but that never happened with the first bottles I was getting, and then I made a larger order of 6-7 bottles.

I am lucky that I did not take calcium. I was talking about the tooth this country blasted out, partly, and since I have calcium, maybe someone thought I'd think to take it, but no, I didn't. I suspected someone was going to attempt to drug me again. Since calcium increases the effectiveness of Haldol and those kinds of drugs, which have been used against me to slow me down, I didn't take it. I figured something was around the corner, because once again, and always, this country has something to hide and an interest in torturing me and then trying to cover up for it and get away with it by drugging me.

Who is contacting me from OSU by the way, but Veterans Affairs. I'm having my financial aid and registration and petitions managed by them. Then they stalled on it, and wouldn't process my petition, until a week or more after I was drugged again.

It's like they wanted to be sure I was really drugged, and that someone "did the job" before they would even process my financial aid.

So all I've been doing is shitting.

Just shitting all day and all night, and eating, and then shitting some more. Laxatives, more laxatives, and more laxatives, for shitting, and who tried to kill me?

This country. The same God damned country that is still drugging me.

They are torturing me like a political dissident. I am in a concentration camp. Not only that, they did this, knowing I was working out and exercising to be a gestational surrogate. I even threw out all of my over-the-counter medications or painkillers like Tylenol, Advil, and aspirin. So basically, I take painstaking efforts to keep my body clean and this country contaminates me deliberately, knowing it will slow me down and keep me from working out and getting organized, and they also know if I talk about it, it ruins my odds of being a surrogate.

So I have been detoxing all of the shit the U.S. gives me, and I would love to have the Pentagon and NASA eating my shit. I can send Jessica Lynch a plate of it whenever she wants.

On top of being drugged again, by non-consensual use of medications and chemicals, I've still been tortured as well, and then they shut everything down on me too, and forced me out of my house, after they did all of these things to me.

I do think the charcoal, as of today I thought this, I think it's activated. I bought 6 bottles of it and had some leftover from other stock as well. It's not as strong though, like a lower standardization, at least for the first one. As for the castor oil, I don't know why it's doing this, because in the past, I got the same brand and zero problems, I didn't notice any at least.

I have clothing folded away from last summer and it's been sitting sort of locked up in one part of the house over the winter and I smelled it the other day and there is a really weird, abnormal chemical smell to them. I couldn't smell it in the rest of the house and I'd been outside, so I should have noticed if there was a smell, but it was still on my clothes, and I am telling you, it was not normal.

It was not like any kind of normal chemical smell that anyone would normally smell. It is a foreign, weird, strong sharp smell. I think I was recently drugged by pills though, that weren't just normal OTC's when I was forced to take some after the U.S. triggered a horrendous headache and torture to my scalp for over 1 full week. I refused to take anything and they kept doing it. They did this to me, with a constant headache, for over one entire week.

I have prenatals but I'm not taking them. I can't trust anything I buy in this country. I want to take them, and I believe in vegan prenatals, but I can't take them because this government has already tampered with my food, drink, water, and medications, and they've fumigated me with toxic chemicals that put me into a deep sleep, for a couple of years now. Instead, I try to buy food that is healthful.

Basically, the scent that was on my clothing smelled like a weird combination of alkaline battery acid mixed with whatever that paper acid is on old books that makes some old books and paper smell funny. Then, if you added in some of the weird fumes that I smelled sometimes after being out of the house, that's it. My Dad said over a week ago that I smelled "like the Chinese spices again" or "asian spices" which he means as "Belinda's cooking" but it was some weird smell the U.S. was using against my Grandpa Garrett before they killed him with heart attacks.

It wasn't from teff, and it wasn't from vegan prenatals. There are only a few things it could be. I know I slept in a lot longer all of a sudden, after it was done to me, and then several days after that, I got a peeling skin effect on my tailbone, which is exactly the reaction Haldol cause in TN.

I took so much charcoal and other things to detox, I think most of it is out of my system, but I'm tired of this. I am tired of this country's shit.

Before they did this to me, and tortured me with a headache for an entire week, I was walking fast-paced, several miles each day.

I am not a drug user. I'm not even an over-the-counter painkiller kind of person. This country has tried to use me as a scapegoat for their own crimes. Anytime I get worked up about these crimes, or what they've done to my son and his condition, or me, or I'm ready to talk or write about things, they drug me. If I have my normal energy level, they drug me. If I am clear-headed enough to be getting all kinds of things done and out of the way and organizing myself, they drug me.

This is why I had a "laxative" "party". I took the laxatives to keep things going but of course I still ate, which looks like binging and shitting, but that's not what I was doing. I had to keep food going to start and then maybe later I'll then try going down to liquids and then another detox.

This is why I have to keep these things on hand and stocked and why I can't even trust what they give me at a pharmacy anymore. The U.S. is trying to scare away potential parents who might hire me to be a gestational surrogate, because they don't want me to have any other place to live safely, and be able to organize myself elsewhere or make money or get out from under the U.S. slander of me and torture that makes my life a living hell every single day. It is worse, I think, for my parents.

Sandbergs. Why We Get On Boys. That email was sent amid a bunch of emails that sounded like sex abuse of boys. That's federal government. Their daughter was Chief of Police for the entire State of Washington and then went to work with FBI in D.C. I even think Shirley is not even Protestant. I think she's Catholic. All this time, for decades, they went to a Protestant church and I thought they were christians, but I think she is actually Catholic and raised so and/or her parents were.

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