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Lady of Shalott (loreena mckennitt? or? lifted)

I don't know. I was listening to Loreena McKennits' "creation" of a melody to "Lady of Shalott" and something came to my mind.

I was in my bedroom, at that time of my life, in Sherwood, Oregon, creating a melody for Lady of Shalott. This is supposedly her only "creation" on her entire CD and it matches what I was putting together in my room. The lyrics are more expansive, but I had drafts of lyrics and revisions all around my room, on paper. Sketches and ideas and I was making a melody for the poem, from Tennyson's version too. My writings of it were all in pencil, nothing was in ink. It was several pages of drafts in pencil.

I just think this is a little odd, especially given I've noticed music theft of my ideas later. I never thought it might have been occuring much earlier than 2002.

I think about it because it is the only poem I was revising to music. I did it, because of my love of the recitation by "Anne" in "Anne of Green Gables". She recites it throughout this scene, and I found the poem and I was working a melody around it and it pretty much sounds like what McKennitt did.

I was also telling my parents, at that time, that I wanted arched doorways instead of rectangular ones. And Loreena has an arched doorway featured on this CD that has a song which appears to be "lifted" from something I was working on, in the privacy, I thought, of my bedroom, but I may have put it on a cassette tape too.

We had moved to this new house in Sherwood, Oregon, and my parents were renovating it. I painted the daylight basement, where my room was. I told my parents, I thought they should make the doorways arched, instead of square and they hated the idea. I tried to persuade them and they said no, but I told them I wanted my own bedroom door to be arched.

I didn't have a guitar at the time. I made up songs with just my voice and there was a piano downstairs there too, but most of my ideas for melodies came to me from my head, without tapping something out on the piano.

She went to Venice, Italy in 1991. Before that, she'd traveled to Ireland and England. She features "Anne Bourne", on cello, on this CD, The Visit. I lived down the road from Aaron Bourne, and Geoff Rasmussen played cello.

I know that I had Robin over to visit and I showed him how I had wanted my doorway arched. He also saw my pencil drawings of a woman in a long, floor-length, dress with her face not yet done, and long hair.

So then later, several years later, after at least 2 assassination attempts, someone named "Quin" wanted to date me.

The label for "The Visit" is Quinlain, in Canada, which is part of Warner Bros. It's like someone wanted to mix things up. I wasn't even aware of the CD at the time.

Bryan Parker later gave me a book of a collection of poetry but I already had the one poem, lady of shalott, because I looked it up, out of my interest inspired by the "Canadian" movie "Anne of Green Gables".

I think people have been ripping off my music ideas for a very long time.

Robin Bechtold was the one who saw the pencil drawing and I believe my ideas for Lady of Shalott were also out across my floor. So he asked me to sing something. I told him how I had wanted an arched doorway too. I told him, like a girl who has someone over that she knows is interested in her and she doesn't know what to talk about so she mentions her decorating ideas. I remember it. I might have also showed Geoff Rasmussen the same thing. It was Geoff and Robin as the only possiblities. Not even Monica--I went to her house, she hardly ever went to my house. I'm not saying Monica isn't guilty of anything later. It was Geoff and Robin.

Monica was over to visit, and possibly Geoff, whose uncle is FBI. Someone had my family under surveillance even then I think, and they were using my material.

I just looked up Quinlan Road, and it's off of Stratford.

We lived off of Stratford. That was a name of one of the main road by me. When giving directions on how to get to our house, we always had to say, "You know where Stratford is? Take Stratford, and ..." Bryan Parker lived off of Stratford. He's the one who gave me a large book, anthology of poetry, for Christmas one year, but the only poem I'd been working with prior to that was Lady of Shalott. I remember I had a weird feeling about that book and rarely used it. There was some kind of "not right" connection to it, and our dog Topper hated his guts. Our dogs freaked out over Geoff and Bryan and Lenny. I remembered wondering why our dogs got vicious and protective of my parents around Geoff, the nice Mormon, but not Robin, the guy my Dad didn't want me to date (not anyone really). Maybe someone thought I was going to sit around, creating melodies out of other poems from that book, that they could steal from me. The gift from "Stratford". Where are my royalties?

Quinlan Road is a fully independent record label and management office founded in 1985. It is wholly owned and operated by its only artist, Loreena McKennitt.
Quinlan Road's head office is located in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

She also had Warner Bros on the label.

I guess someone named Steve Ross was killed in 1992, who worked at Warner Bros Records. This was the same year Tony Roos made a hit against me. I still think, if Loreena (not Loree, Loreena? No, that is not correct) wanted to claim my idea was her melody idea, it would be something someone else handed to her. Regardless of the label, the artist is the one taking credit for the idea so they are one guilty of plaigerism and intellectual property theft.

I suppose I do note "Rob Cavallo" is current chairman for Warner, and Jeffrey Bewks is the one for TimeWarner. I note this only because it seems when someone is getting away with something, they like to leave a kind of symbolic mafia-style "mark" of "who did it" by re-introducing similiar names to the field. It's like a way of giving credit to the badman.

The way I've been used, makes me wonder about my Dad, if he wrote things others copied or took deliberately. I listened to the entire Doors album from 1967 and it sounds like my Dad's style. The organ playing, and the type of lyrics (back then). I started thinking, how old was he then? and is it possible? He was 17. I'm not saying he had anything to do with it, but at this point, I feel like anything is possible.

I mean, the FBI has been stealing my music. Don't tell me they're not involved when their kids are involved.

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