Friday, March 15, 2013

Parent's Tortured To Eyes & Gestational Surrogacy Obstruction

The U.S. has continued to torture my parents, targeting their eyes.  My mother said she had a headache for 2 days.

The part of my parents eyes that was cut out is the part that is refered to as "a bit of flesh" from an anatomy book I have.  It is also refered to as Sandman's because it is where the 'sleep' from the 'Sandman' develops.

My parents were tortured to this part of their eyes after I said out loud I don't cry very much anymore because this country has already tortured us and commited treason.  They both got an alarmed expression and shook their heads as if oh no, and then the next thing that happened was my Dad had this part of his eyes taken out and dented in to create a round hole. Then it was done to my mother, on just one of her eyes.

I also know the U.S. has attempted to drug me and medicate me again. 

They don't care what I say if they drug me, or torture me.  What they care about, is if I am normal and at my normal energy level and capacity.

They are also attempting to create a scenario out of my interest in being a gestational surrogate and it is not up to the United States to make decisions when they are responsibile for an illegal bribe to marry Alvaro Pardo for the United States FBI workforce.  Bribing me by telling me I'll have my son back and now they'll organize the counseling...they are shits.  Then they punished me if I didn't, so that was the same thing as a bribe.  Do this, marry Alvaro, and you can have housing.  Do this, marry Alvaro, and we will quit torturing you.  Do this, marry Alvaro, and you can have your son.

I have been thinking about being a surrogate for 4 years now, and this country isn't satisfied with NO as my answer to an FBI fuck employee who lives in Colombia.  They tried to force me to be with Alvaro, so Canadians and U.S. personnel could jointly drug me for at least 2 years.

The entire time I was with Alvaro, he medicated my food.  I was also drugged at The Post Pub, which is owned by Bob Beaulieu from California and who had Chris Dabney running the kitchen and waiting tables and a black man who was out of prison at one of the cooks.  I liked him, the cook, and didn't have any problem with his personality at all.  But somewhere along the line, my food was being drugged and medicated when I was there, and possibly it was in my drink because we were offered 1 free drink per night and sometimes if we wanted, to try shots.  So actually, it was maybe not the cook.  It was maybe the bartender Niki, who is born and raised in Virginia and who knew what my former library list looked like.  So how would she know that, if I didn't tell her.  What kind of outside job does Niki have that allows her to see my library list from Wenatchee, WA library.  The other bartenders were Linda and Kathy.  I didn't see Linda much and don't think she'd do this to me but who knows.  Niki definitely would.  She killed her own baby and talked about it, calling it "nothing but hamburger". Kathy was lying about my orders so she's dishonest as well.  Kathy and Niki would do it.  Niki was so paranoid, she made her meals herself.  I wonder why, when she is drugging people.  I think she's afraid of karma.  Chris Dabney, not sure, but I believe, he also knew my book list.  I realized this while going through the prenatal books I checked out.  One of the ones was "A Child Is Born" by Lennart Nilsson and Lars Hamburger.  Those people premeditated the murder of my son.  As to my theories about why Chris Dabney announced "Here's another one in the hole" when he had sex with me, "another one" is either another federal employee, who is calling me "hole" as they have been stealing my clothing and putting holes into my clothes and socks since Robin Bechtold, or it's "another baby" and why would he think that.  One of the other books I checked out was "The Whole Pregnancy Handbook" by Joel Evans and Robin Aronson.

I don't miss how clever seem to think they are with inclusion of the name "Robin" with anything to do with a "hole".  He and his cop and FBI co-workers, have been ruining my clothing ever since he decided he thought he staked a claim.  No one would repeately mark up my clothing and refer to me as a "hole" and make gestures of such, among FBI unless Robin Bechtold works for the FBI.  His brother is a cop and he's a lawyer, and Robin has been getting intelligence from someone since 1991.  That means, since he was 16 years old.

This is the second time in 2 years that the U.S. has attempted to obstruct me from being a gestational surrogate.  They did this to me one month after I arrived from Knoxville, TN, but only after I refused to work for a cop who owns Devil's Kitchen, who is U.S. military as well.

This entire town is full of nothing but government psychics.  It is like an entire concentration camp surrounded by a group of controllers who make sure none of the guinea pigs are able to leave.

I have looked into being a gestational surrogate, and that is what is going to happen.  It is no more impulsive than my planned departure from the United States since about 1994, from the time I thought I might teach English overseas, and then later, when I knew I was leaving because of corruption.

No one owns me.  No one controls me.  I don't need a man telling me what to do, and I don't want a man telling me what to do.  I am not "saving myself for a baby in marriage" because I am not wanting to have a baby for myself just to have a baby.  I am doing it for my own reasons, and I do not want to keep the baby after it is born--it's not mine and I don't want it.  I am not saving myself for work with the U.S. because there is nothing I would do for the U.S.  Their attempt to get me to be a school teacher, was just to service more military brats after they kidnapped my son from me.  They thought, knowing I have attention to detail, that they could get me to do something great for their kids or with them.

Believe me.  I can.  I could.  I can turn an F student into an A student like (snap fingers) that.  I can figure out kids and what drives them to excel and feel motivated so they are able to reach their full potential.

Are you asking me to do that?  Really.  You really asked me to do that.  I don't believe it.  You fuck my son over, and torture me and make my childhood and entire life in the U.S. one living Hell, and you force me to work for you and your military and federal brats (I say brats, as in military brats), and then you torture me for my reward.

You have close to zero credit.  I am shocked the U.S. credit score is even as high as it is.  It should be lower, because in actuality, it is dive-down low. 

I am not putting my foot forward for U.S. kids that the federal government want something for, when you have done NOTHING for me and my son.


In the meantime, if I want to be a gestational surrogate, I know what I want to do and why I want to do it.  I've known for 4 years.  And how long has my son been tortured in this fucking country?  6 years.  He is almost 7 years old and what has this country done for ME as you used and exploited us and torture us.  This country robbed me of my talents and abilities and using these skills with my own son, but literally thinks I am so STUPID that I would do YOUR KIDS MORE fucking favors.

I'm so great you love to get high-rate nanny work and babysitting work out of me, and then you want teaching out of me for your kids too.  Yet you dare think you can steal my son from ME so you can get your greedy little fucking hands pushing me to work for your brats instead.  Fuck you.

I am tired of constant excuses and obstacles to everything I try to do.  I don't want your lame-ass excuses about how someone doesn't like the idea; or someone else thinks it's "dangerous" for health.  I don't need lame-ass Mormon excuses about how it's not safe, when they were trying to steal my son from me because "a child needs both mother and father" while one church man and one lawyer were sexually suggestive to me.  Don't be a single mother, please be someone we can take advantage of with the kid out of the way.  I don't need lame-ass Catholic interference because they are worried about my having any money at all when they're the group behind pulling the trigger in the first place.  What was Mike Nichols?  Oh yeah.  Catholic.  FBI Catholic, and Canadian too.  And I remember exactly how the doctor looked who came to my private hospital room to stitch up my head while looking at me in digust.  I do not need any excuses from anyone, about anything, ever.

It is my life, and I'm tired of U.S. intelligence hos and jos telling me what to do and trying to put obstacles in my path to force me to do nothing but work for THEM at the lowest-paying positions possible.  Or for free, because that's what they've done for the last decade, is get free welfare from me.  They take a fucking welfare coupon for free work from me, for themselves, every single fucking month.

So stay out of it because it's none of your business.

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