Monday, March 25, 2013

My Dad's Disappearances and In Danger

As I've said, my parents have had to work for the U.S. so they are threatened with treason if they say anything or admit any of what I say is true.

But both my Mom and Dad are experts at knowing when to leave and not have me notice. Today my Dad was right by his truck and I didn't know it. He left it running and I looked for him but didn't see him anywhere. So I went to the porch and then he came out from around the truck and got in and was leaving.

I know when I have eyes on me or sense things, but somehow my parents are Masters at what they do. They can slip in and out, or off of the property, and I never know. It looks like they are literally disappearing into thin air. I can be at the window, watching for them and somehow they know the exact split second I'm not looking and I look up and their car is gone.

Basically, they were trained to do what the CIA teaches their operatives--how to "drop out of sight" but they don't even have to use anything like change of scenery. They are so psychic, they read minds to know when to show up or leave without being noticed.

All I know, is some people, could never escape my detection but my parents can disappear whenever they want, and I mean, within a few seconds time.

So they are 60 or so and they're not old. Some people have tried to make them that way, and excuse torture. But they are very, very, good.

The U.S. has been trying to kill me however. They've put hits on me, through Mike Middleton and others. They've ruined my entire life. As I say, I know my parents have tried to leave and have been kidnapped in the U.S. before.

It hasn't been just a few times, the disappearing act. It's happened dozens of times, and when I'm being hypervigilant, and watching out my window the whole time. One second, and they're gone, and I look up, and nothing is there. They're there and then they're not. You wouldn't think anyone could disappear like that or escape detection, but they can, and it's because of their ability to read minds and see what someone is doing or about to do and knowing their moment to go or not. They would have been expert, master cat burglars if they'd ever had the chance. I mean, they are good enough, they could have done huge heists. They'd never do this though and never had a chance to.

That's not all of course, either. I think they want someone to know they really have been forced to work for the federal government because I don't know why else they'd show me these things they know how to do.

I respect their abilities but I feel they should be able to do what they want. I want my son returned to me and we want to leave. My parents are being cut up and they let me know they are in danger.

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