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FBI Agent-to-Be Alvaro Pardo & FBI Drugging

The FBI took my complaint against FBI agents Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza, and knowing they had a lawsuit on their hands, against them, from and by me, they set me up with FBI agent Alvaro Pardo.

The FBI wanted Alvaro Pardo in the country the "fast way", without having to work normal years of service first.  The fastest way to get him legally on their salaried payroll, was to have him marry me.  In 2 years, he had a greencard.  It was the FBI's "fast track" for Pumas.

Special Agent Gregory Fowler is here only because he already knows Alvaro.  He worked for Mueller, FBI Director Mueller, and before him, he worked for Freeh.  Louis Freeh.  Fowler worked the NYC offices, which is where Freeh was based originally, like Fowler.  When Freeh went to D.C. Headquarters, he offered Fowler a job within a year.  It was postponed, and then accepted.

The FBI drugged me.  The entire time I was with Alvaro Pardo, and being used by him, for government "psychic" research, Pardo drugged me.  I've already said this before, but I'm saying it again.  Alvaro Pardo knew I was going to the Middleton Mental Health place and he was fully aware that I was going to be injected and assaulted with Haldol.  I was held hostage as a prisoner and violently retaliated against for not marrying him and giving the FBI their fast and quick green card.

I never accused Alvaro of being a federal worker, and I didn't bring it up, or suggest such a thing.  He did.  He brought it up all on his own one day.  I maybe asked him what kind of work he did in Colombia in the past and he said, "I worked with the FBI on cocaine busts".   His involvement with both the FBI and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) is why I was lied about, and assaulted.

They did it for Alvaro Pardo and everyone he was connected to.

Pardo didn't tell me he worked for the FBI right away.  It was after engagement cards and invitations had been sent and who knows, maybe he had too much to drink one night.  He said what he said and he did not lie.

The FBI Headquarters is guilty of violent crimes against me and my son, and of covering for Alvaro Pardo.

The entire time I was with Pardo, I was being drugged.  The FBI knowingly had me medicated and drugged with something to treat systemic thrush/yeast infection that reappeared without medication.  It was systemic because the doctor refused to treat both me and my son at the time of occurance and then for months later.  So after a year of this, it was systemic.  The FBI was having blood drawn from me and analyzing it in labs while I was with Alvaro as well.  Not only was I being medicated and drugged for something to treat thrush, I was being given birth control without my consent or permission.  It was either put into my food or I was given doses of it through injections when I went to the hospital for "back pain" that turned out to be U.S. Department of Energy and Defense related.  They tortured me one day, when I told Alvaro I wasn't going to sleep in the same bed with him and on the couch instead.  And I was tortured to the point of having to be driven to the ER with Alvaro pretending he didn't know why I was in excruciating pain.

I know I was given medication for thrush, because it returns if I'm not on medication and it doesn't go away on its own. 

I also know I was given medication for birth control, because Alvaro Pardo wanted me to be on oral birth control pills and I kept putting it off.  I didn't want them because I don't agree with hormones affecting the body.    So he kept asking about it and kept telling me to let him know when or if I went on them.  He wanted to know, because they were giving them to me already in my food and wanted to know when they could quit doing that because I'd be signed up on my own.

I wasn't making my own food then.  All of my food was given to me, served to me by Alvaro, or it was given to me at restaurants.  I had a consistent kind of effect to my periods the entire time I was being illegally drugged by my fiance Alvaro, who worked for the FBI.  After I split up with him, it took one month for my period to be halfway normal and by 3 months, it was back to regular.

He had been drugging me and the FBI is legally liable.

So first the FBI had legal liability by their sex abuse an break-and-entry into my house through their federal agents.  Next they incurred legal liability by kidnapping my son from me and knowingly allowing torture of me.  Finally, they introduced Alvaro Pardo, hoping that they could convince me to marry him and then marry out their liability in the process.  If something went wrong, he'd still have his green card, they'd still employ him on their FBI payroll, and he would still be on a track to citizenship.

The FBI could then try to squeeze away their liability by saying I was married to  a federal agent, and play to my ego or sense of intrigue, knowing I had once WANTED to be working for the FBI.

If I decided against it, they already knew people who could switch it out from me and call me nuts, and still protect their man.

The FBI is guilty of treason, of torture, of illegally drugging and medicating me, of violently assauling me and contributing to my assault with Haldol in Nashville, and of using me for government research in Knoxville, TN and in Oregon.

They have thought they could use me however they wanted, because they got into MY house, when I was a baby, and they never left.  They have had zero regard for my right to privacy, to not be under surveillance, and to not have my personal belongings gone through and stolen.  They have been stealing from me since I was a kid.

When Alvaro Pardo went back to the East Coast, he continued with his partying and work in Washington D.C., and in Maryland.  He was then still working with people in both states.

I never signed up to work for the FBI.  I also never signed up to work for the U.S. military and the one time I offered to be of assistance, "voluntarily", was not voluntary when I was on high levels of narcotic painkillers and already being targeted for torture, along with my son.  It was something I did out of desperation, not to "volunteer" and I retracted it. 

The U.S. government has abused me almost my entire life.  When I got older, they tried to kill me more than once, because someone or some group was worried I knew something and might talk and jeopardize others.  So they tried to kill me.  Later, they just kept torturing me and settled for calling me crazy.

I'm not crazy.  I am a victim of torture and of rape by FBI agents, including Mike Tancer.  All of these men that I was meeting around the same time--all of them are working with eachother and connected to eachother by federal business.  They were setting me up to be gang-raped.  Most of them lived close to eachother, and where that wasn't true, they were working together.

My Dad went along with my son being taken from me, initially.  He regretted it later, maybe, but he initially was either supporting the U.S. federal government's use of my son, or he was being forced to pressure me to give him up.

My Dad has been used by cops, FBI, Mormons, any religion, ever since I was a kid and before that too, I'm sure.  His entire side of the family is psychic, except for me.  They all sat around the table and literally read eachother's minds.  So that gets to be really interesting when they're making inside comments and some act suspicious and try to outread the other. The only ones who weren't psychic, were me, and Char's husband, who is some total idiot that decided to live next to her and wiggle into the family so he could play lab scientist and make observations.  That's all he did.  He stood around, taking in the "scene" of my family's ability to make predictions about things.  I saw my mother's eyes get wide at one point but she said nothing so I turned around and it was my Uncle Tom holding a knife and approaching me behind my back.  Maybe he was just testing out the indian instincts in me, but I had reason to wonder about all of it.

The U.S. has tried to pick apart and pry my family apart, on both sides, to weaken us from doing anything to help eachother and to infiltrate and breed into my family for their own political gain.  For all I know, if the FBI didn't have 2 years and kicked me out, they wanted me to breed with Alvaro Paro.  For them.

I believe Carol Middleton is involved.  She has worked with the FBI in the U.S. for a long time, and some of the things Alvaro was doing, was psychic research stuff, on ME, while he was with me.  I wasn't just some girlfriend or fiance.  He was using me, either as his own test pilot subject, or for someone else.  The FBI used me, and had this man using me sexually, as they drugged me, to get him into their workforce.

Do you think they might have a "problem".

Then they used cops and FBI and others to retaliated against me because when he turned 35, supposedly, he was too old to join the U.S.  I think this is what "It's too late" was suppose to mean for him.  If he married me, the FBI would keep him around and sign him up, and maybe thought they would sign me up too.  If one married person is in the FBI, sometimes the FBI signs in the spouse.   So we were both 34, and not yet past the FBI cut-off date for joining.  After I didn't sign papers and he knew, I think he got another gig set up for himself instead.  Then he just played along and thought we'd either marry and correct papers with my going to Colombia or going in or out of a country or something first, or he'd fall back onto Pussy #2.  Or, whatever other arrangment there was.  The CIA has more flexibility than the FBI does, with rules of admission afterall.  I don't know what they decided to do, but it was all about HIM.

It was never about me or my son.  It was about the FBI saving the FBI from a huge lawsuit and public shock.  They and the DEA went together on it, to have me assaulted for Pardo, with Haldol, to lose my mind.

This is the same country that surrounded me with U.S. Army personnel my ENTIRE life, and psychologists who worked for the FBI and CIA.

They kidnapped my son, and they torture us.  This has been going on my entire life.  There was never a time this country gave me a right to privacy.  They have been breaking the law, sexually assaulting me and abusing me since I was a baby, and breaking into my house, reading my diaries, checking me with LSD, and using my ideas to benefit the music and art of others.  The U.S. was so used to getting a free pass into my bedroom when I lived with my parents, that they set me up to live with people where they could keep doing the same thing.  Then when I had my own apartments, they were all broken into, all the time, and it was U.S. government.

I didn't have an "open door" for the U.S.  My parents were forced to have an open door for U.S. feds.  They went through everything.  I would not be surprised to find out they had hidden cameras on me even when I was a kid.  I noticed, as a kid, that our belongings were disappearing.  MY belongings were being stolen all the time.  I never even got to keep my own homework as a kid.  The U.S. government took all of it.  I brought home all of my graded homework (when it wasn't disappearing before it could be graded) and I wanted to keep it and it was all taken away.  I asked my Mom where it went all the time.  She never had an answer.  It wasn't thrown away.  It was stolen.  It wasn't thrown away because I watched and looked to see where it ended up, and it wasn't going into the garbage.  So then, who was taking it, all of that homework I did, for years, if it wasn't going to the garbage?

The United States GOD DAMN FUCKING shits, that's who.

Some of these Mormons haven't wanted me to have my own son because they have been involved in using my family for themselves.  So when Mormon Lance came out from D.C., it's not like he didn't know who I was, when Mormon Alan Springer was the FBI psychologist whose kids tied me and my brother up and fed us "poison".  When I asked Tiffany to play the same "game" she said, "What game?" I said, "The one Kara knows, about tying us up and making us drink or eat poison and witches brew."  Tiffany freaked out and said she didn't want to play that game and that we had to go to bed.  Which was when I said I didn't want to go to bed and she wasn't my Mom and I made her cry.  Quite possibly, she wasn't crying over my announcement that she wasn't "our Mom" more than the shock of hearing Kara was playing the blind, gag, torture  "game" with me and my brother.  So...federal.  "No!" said Tiffany, shaking, trembling, "I don't want to play that..."

She told her parents what I said Kara was doing and that was the last time we had any of them babysit again.

So it's not like the Mormons don't know.  What was Lance's job?  Oh yeah.  Tying up prisoners from Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan, to haul onto a helicopter for "extraordinary rendition" (kidnapping) of suspected "terrorists" from their own countries.  It's not like the FBI hasn't been having a great joke over my life, as long as I've been alive.

I deserve an answer to all of this.  I deserve to know about my family, and why the U.S. is treating us this way and has since I've been born.  My Dad told me tonight it wasn't the "whole family"--that it was just me.  I am the unique one.  So what is that supposed to mean.

My Dad said "No one even knows you EXIST."  I said, "Right."  Then I said, "If no one knows I exist, then who I am really."  He said he didn't want to talk nonsense and I said, "It's not.  You or Mom said in the past, "What if you were told your entire life was a lie" so you guys brought it up, not me.  If no one "knows I exist" then obviously I'm someone else, some other identity that no one even knows is still in existence. 

So I ask the question.  Who am I then.

I remember people asking me if I was "russian" or had any russian background when I was on the East Coast, and I remember someone bringing up Anastacia/Anastasia.  Aside from that, no one ever questioned me about my identity and then oddly enough, someone in Russia or England decided labs proved she died, in 2009 is when they said they had evidence.  I've never made a claim on it.  But if no one knows I exist, then clearly no one knows who I really am and I don't know either.

In the meantime, U.S. intelligence certaintly knows I "exist".  They wouldn't use me, hold me hostage my entire life in a concentration camp, videotape me, abuse me, drug me, gang-rape me, violate my right to privacy every single day of my entire life, and steal my intellectual property so their friends can make money from it in music, if I didn't "exist".  No one would be so desperate as to try to steal my eggs from me, if they didn't think there was something they wanted.

It was an FBI agent who put me in the mental health hospital to be held hostage and violently assaulte.  The FBI has doctors, and they have people who have more than one job working for them. 

This country is so truly disgusting, they invaded my privacy from my childhood, all the way until I was out of my parent's house and then found "roommates" they knew to spy on me and report back, and when that didn't happen, they found someone to break into my apartment and cars, knowing I would call police, and then giving those police access to my house and vehicles.

They used blackmail of my parents to get access to me as a kid and teen, and then it was breaking into my house, all the time, for cops.  What was the "plan" exactly, or idea, of having me live with the Bechtold family when I was in high school either?  This country is so sick, they attempted to have me out of my parent's house, at age 15.  By the time I was 15, this country wanted to rape me.  They figure it would be easier if I were out of my parent's house and living in San Fransisco at a "conservatory" for music, on my own.  Like one of those models that gets sent away from her family to be stripped like a rack of lamb.  My parents said no, to having me be raped at age 15.  So then Plan B was to have me out of my parent's house and living with George and Janet Bechtold and their son, who had more than a crush on me, and said he wanted to marry me, at age 16.  It was up to me.  I said definitely not.  He said, "I asked my parents and they said you can live with us if you want to."  They even had a separate room built, an addition to the house (later I think).

Was that the "Safe House"?  A little rape waiting to happen?  The offer was made after he called me up and suggested he'd done something he had not done.  So it wasn't done and then they wanted me to live in close quarters in THEIR house.  Where they could spy on me.  This is the same "Janet" who later sneered at me saying, "It's too bad you're homeless now." 

(Yes Janet.  It is certaintly "too bad" I was homeless, ever.  Considering how much of my own artistic work was ripped off from me, quite a feat.)

Um, is that in the intelligence file anywhere?  You know, the part about "George comes back from South America and we invited Cameo Garrett to live with our family and Robin instead of her own parents.  Date:  1991 or 1992."  It wasn't an invitation to "stay the night".  It was to live, permanently, with his family until high school was over.

Imagine.  Imagine John Lennon kids.  Lets just.  No one knows I exist.  Just the entire FBI, cops from "Oregon to Washington" (and now, all over the U.S.!), the U.S. military, NASA, CIA, a few foreign embassies maybe, music theives, my son, and reporters.  No one has been trying to kill me since 1991 either.  Just coincidence.

("Come live with us!"  YES! Grand idea! or let's rather drive up a tree when we are crowded off of the road.)

SAFE HOUSE.  You fuckers.

This country has been my enemy since the day I was born.

Alvaro Pardo is my enemy.  He was always my enemy and he lied and passed himself off as something else.  While he was even with me he made intimate gestures with at least 8 or 9 different women and that is not counting one woman who wore a hat and came to watch him at a soccer game, an another woman, Commissioner Julie from Wenatchee, who picked him out on her own to flirt with him.  There was Carolina; the blond with curly hair next to Alfredos house; the one he kissed behind my back; the woman in a zebra suit at our engagement party, ...the list goes on.

(Kate Middleton must be a swinger now too, if she slept with Chris Dabney.)
"I can't get to her...I don't know, it's in the way...I just can't get to her when she'd under that."

So whose name is attached to the file with the CIA and FBI that mentions I was being pressured to move out of my parents house in 1991 or so, and move in with the Bechtold family for 3 years?

It's not ordinary.  But of course.  NO one knows I "exist".

I was a Howard before I was a Garrett.


My son and I have a right to political asylum you mother fuckers and you always knew and you've tortured us for your own ugly odds and ends of a sorry excuse for a country.

I even said this to my mother one night, and she said "Shhhh..."and then nodded.  First she said, "You're last name is Garrett."  Then I said, "Yeah, I know, but before that I was a Howard, and that's why the FB..." and she then cut me off and nodded quickly.  Then we were tortured more.  She has also recently agreed with me that we are living in a concentration camp.  GOD DAMN this nation.  They raped me out of a political and religious vendetta.

Either there is something to it or not, and some big joke.  Because the day the book "Safe House" arrived, by the author, it came in a brand new 1st edition.  The entire town cleared out like it was a memorial day.  Usually people drove past to smile or to notice or to mock me, but no one played games with me.  They all disappeared like it was a ghost town.  Even the Mexican-married librarian who was always making comments around me about genital torture and use of technology for genital torture, shut up.  As a matter of fact, she hasn't brought up genital torture since Kate got pregnant.

The happy noose must have cured her.

This country is in serious serious...they know.  They already know.

I want my son Oliver returned to me you fucking bastards.  And WE are NOT United States citizens.

THIS country has the torture regime.  THIS one has the terrorists.  And the bounties and the Most Wanted signs need to have U.S. names and faces of the U.S. government employees who are responsible for torture.

Almost all of the librarians here in town, were talking about genital torture by technology for a very long time.  I would say, every single time I went to the library, for about 6-9 months.  Every single time I went there.  They talked about "mesh" and vaginal mess and how to introduce electrocution, and all kinds of things.  If they weren't talking about that, it was about "burning hearts".  Mostly, it was the dark-haired woman who is married to the hispanic man.  But almost all of them made comments.

My parents are forced to live around corruption and do favors for those who are corrupt.  As I said, Fowler is here because he is FBI and knows both Mueller and Freeh personally and is "buddies" with Freeh.

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