Friday, February 15, 2013

423 DRD (oregon) & Patty (also, cause of death of James)

I didn't have the best feeling about this guy as he drove past.

Also, as soon as someone thinks I put up a photo of myself smiling or with music, they seem to think it's all "fun and games" and it's not.

Patty Otterbach decided she could show up just now.

So basically, any sign of sense of humor is interpreted as "this isn't serious" and "they are not really being tortured" and is used to discredit my claims I guess.

For me, it's a sign that I am not mentally ill nor am I depressed, and I have never had a breakdown.  Ever.

I have been tortured and I continue to be tortured.

My entire family is used for government work.   My claims and complaint against Canada is not retracted nor is my plan to petition under Geneva and Nuremburg kinds of laws.  I don't believe all people in the U.S. or Canada are bad, of course not.  I mean, I have never thought this and I believe there are good and decent people all over the world.  I pray for them almost every day unless I forget.  I say a quick prayer for those in mental or psych wards unfairly as hostages or treated badly even if they are mentally ill, and I pray for those in prison and jail.  Usually just one sentence, I mean, I don't necessarily pray for a long time, maybe just a few minutes, but I do remember and think about them, all over the world.

I'm a normal, human person.  The only thing that is extraordinary is I did have a few talents which were ruined, and that was out of my control.  The main thing is that I am a hostage and tortured in the U.S.  I was tortured in the part of Canada I was in as well, and I wouldn't lie about that.

I have one thing to sort of ammend, for the sake of not making false report or exaggeration, and that is that I wrote this one woman told me it was necessary to have the MRI when I was pregnant.  She did say it was, if I wanted to find out what was going on, but to her credit, she also said results were unknown and there wasn't research and it wasn't recommended. 

I did not have a miscarriage because of a genetic problem, or my age, or ectopic pregnancy.  There was no twin.  There was one healthy baby boy that had a normal heartbeat before the MRI, who died during the MRI.  He did not have a heartbeat then.  The idea that there was a "twin", I've figured out, was a way to make it look like there was something wrong with the pregnancy and that it was not excessive use of the MRI machine.  The MRI was used as a tool to kill him.  And yes, he was tortured in the womb, before he was killed.  It occured on the 7th floor of the apartment in Arlington, VA.  While it was occuring, once, a military helicopter flew up to my window when I was lying down to nap.  I was also harassed while pregnant, at work, and then fired after I announced my pregnancy.  But there were people coming there to deliberately harass me, knowing I carried a child.

I saw the x-rays and scans and nowhere was there any suggestion of abnormal pregnancy or twin or ectopic pregnancy.  It was a lie used to cover for the actual cause of death and to make me look like there was something wrong with my ability to have children, or that I was old, or it was ectopic because I was "older".  This is all a lie.

What is true is this:

1.  There was one baby.  His name was James River.
2.  The pregnancy was healthy and his heartbeat was normal.  There was no defect.
3.  I had extreme back pain, likely because of torture, which was also done by ionizing energy and current applied to him while he was in my womb.  It was the vibrating feeling, where you feel like your insides are being cooked.  This is what the U.S. did to him, at 3 months of age.  The water leaking wasn't amniotic but the back pain was severe and it felt like the ultrasound backpain. It wasn't normal pain from carrying, as I am familiar with.  It is what I now recognize as pain from torture.
4.  There was no "miscarriage".
5.  There was a fetal death.
6.  The fetal death occured exactly at the moment the MRI was applied. 
7.  The result was that then there was no heartbeat and hemmorhage and complications.  Why?  Because he was not supposed to die.  It wasn't because there was something wrong with me, the father's DNA, or my body, or that baby.  It wasn't "nature", it was torture, and then murder by surging an MRI machine to kill him.
8.  The overlarge ovary that was pointed out as "possible twin" was also shared with me as "normal enlarged ovary that released the egg that hatched James River".  So they said there is often one ovary slightly larger than the other one.  If I had had an ectopic pregnancy, they would have detected it at the U.S. Army prenatal clinic because the hormone levels would have been too high.  I chose to think it was a twin, and that the death of James saved my life, because it was the only way for me to cope with the loss emotionally, to think well, if he hadn't died, I would have died.  So I justified it in my mind, to make it easier to bear.  There is no justification.  My life was never endangered and my life was not spared by the murder of James River.  It's a nice comfort, to think that SOME kind of good occured anyway, but no, there was no good in it.  There was no God involved in what was done.  It was evil and cruelty and from the pit of Hell.  It was a 100% avoidable tragedy and murder and the fact that he was tortured before he was murdered, is evidence that supports the idea that someone in the U.S. surged or over-charged the MRI to make sure it killed the baby.   I wanted the baby and I was happy about the pregnancy.  So no, there was no good in it, and there is no comfort from it.  The United States Kills Babies.  They are baby killers, and they choose to rescue contracted baby-killers like Jessica Lynch, rather than attend to torture of their own babies.

So therefore, I had a normal pregnancy and nothing was wrong with me or that baby.

That baby was tortured in the U.S., by U.S. technology, and murdered.

I have no problem being a surrogate for a family outside of the U.S. but I will not carry any pregnancy and live in this country for the majority of that pregnancy.  I am sure delivering here is usually fine, with a C-section, but the U.S. shows and has already demonstrated unwillingness to stop at anything.  They torture me, my son Oliver, and tortured my unborn baby James.  I have no reason to believe the U.S. would not torture any child I carry, and I tend to think they wouldn't if someone else was involved, that they do not feel is their enemy.  The U.S. has been trying to kill me for over a decade.  Some Canadians are also involved in that. 

I want my son Oliver returned to me.

I have also expressed an interest in being a gestational surrogate for some family, for the last 3 years and the U.S. has tried to block me from anything that has something to do with money.  I used to even think I could be a surrogate for someone in the U.S., and carry a pregnancy here, and I don't feel that way anymore.  I might deliver a child here, or start a process, but there is no way I would think it is a good idea for me to carry a pregnancy in a country that has murdered so many children and tortured so many children, in my own family.

It's not like the U.S. is trying to protect me.  They've tortured me and my son.  They tried to extort eggs out of me, but didn't want me to even have money from that, if they were successful.  They have sought, in every way, to keep me broke and vulnerable so they can control me and my family.

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