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Billy's Crack Kid and Springer's Role-Play Drug and Tie Up

Billy and the Crack Kid (Child, now, it's Child)

I can't believe the Middletons have made it this far.  It's not without killing Diana and the U.S.'s help.  Carol Middleton is the woman who terrorized my mother back in the 80s.

She works with the FBI and they have always worked with the U.S.  This is the only reason torturing my family has been of high state interest.  The U.S. paved the way, in concrete and cocaine, for Middleton to be where she is now.


It was the same year a lot of things were stolen from me, personally, as a kid.

I asked my mother the other day if she changed a bottle nipple on me because I remember when it was done.  That was before age 2.  I also asked about other blankets or comforters I had before I picked out a peach and green one.  She said she didn't remember.  I said, "I remember a white one."  It was stolen from my family. I said, "It was white and sort of shenille or embroidered and had nubby things on it."  It was a beautiful bedspread and it was stolen from me in about 1981 or before.  When I told my Mom I remembered this bedspread or blanket she looked shocked.  I also remember that my favorite blankie was stolen from me and I asked where it was.  It was stolen.  I told my Mom, "I remember when it was stolen, because I was maybe 4 years old."  My Mom said, "You had that blankie until you were about 7."  Oh that's right.  1981.  The same year Bitch Carol Middleton got pregnant.

So let's start stealing everything from the Garrett family now.

The fact that my son is being tortured and there is evidence of it, and nothing is being done, is shocking enough. 

I am also realizing some of the Mormons are involved with it and some are with the FBI.  It's the only reason they are involved--Middletons.  They like the idea of Royal Piece of Pie.  So they even torture children over their piece of Royal Pie.

I know FBI is part of it because Andy Panda worked for the FBI at his computer shop in Wenatchee, and he and his 2 boys had these transformers they were playing with all the time. I thought, when I saw them, they were being used for mind control programs.  They weren't acting like normal boys who are just playing whatever they want.  They acted like boys who were taking directions from adults who had them in some kind of military/FBI mind control.  So what did Patty Otterbach leave with my Dad one day, when my Dad was being told by the 20+years Air Force pastor to come up with a Sunday School lesson?

Patty, whose former employment is with Police Departments (she's admitted it), gave my Dad 2 transformer toys.  They looked exactly like the toys Panda had his boys playing with.

I got worried one time, about things my Dad was saying and mentioned something to my Mormon friend Geoff, and thought maybe his FBI uncle could help with my son and everything.  However, it's looking like Mormons have also been involved in using my family ever since the psychologist Alan Springer was planted by our house, with 2 U.S. Army families on our either side.

So who stole my boxes and bags of personal information?  Self-proclaimed "jack Mormon" Shannon Borg and her Canadian partner, who apparently know Geoff Rasmussen and his family.  How?  I guess FBI.  Oh, and they all traveled to England before Middleton got married and then both she and her Canadian partner, and the Rasmussens quit talking to me or emailing after Middleton was married.

The last thing I heard from Geoff's family was through his wife, and she said to me, "Why don't you move to England?"

Why don't I move to England? and she said it in a nasty way.  Why would she tell me to move to England?  The only person I said anything to, about England, was Shannon Borg, the Mormon in Seattle.  Both she and the Rasmussen's had just gotten back from England.  They were the ones going to England.  And all the time Geoff kept asking me for all of my genealogy history, he then never told me who I was related to.  He kept asking for every single family member I could think of, and then later they were going to England on a trip, but when I asked, over the course of 2 years, about that genealogy (he's a genealogy specialist) he never got back to me about any of it.  He just ignored me on it.

Which is odd.  Why would this best friend that I had for years, ask me for all the information for digging up my genealogy and ancestors, and then NOT tell me what he found?

Instead, I had Mormons trying to force me to give up my eggs.


Maybe they want a piece of the Royal Pie.

First of all, Geoff is a professional genealogist--it's what he does for a living.  Secondly, I was one of his closest friends for over a decade.  So it sounded to me, from his probing, that he wanted to find out and let me know.  But he would never tell me.  He just took off for England and when he got back, he still wouldn't tell me.

If they are all working on solving a problem, and expect to surprise me by handing my son back, I mean, all of them, by working with FBI or something, then I guess it has a happy ending.  Instead, it doesn't look very good.  It looks like, instead, they are all Middleton butt-kissers.

And where did Kara Springer get the idea to tie me and my brother up to chairs anyway?  When I think about it, it's not something a typical babysitter would do.  She set up two chairs, taking them away from the dining room tables, and put them side by side, and tied us up to the chairs.  Then she told us we had to drink something she made, "a witch's brew".  It's not looking too good for Alan and Tami Springer is it?  He's a psychologist, with access to medicines.  Why did their daughter have the idea of tying people to chairs, interrogation-style, and forcing them to drink something? 

BOY. It must be REALLY fun to be my Mom and Dad.  All those nice Mormons and U.S. military around too.  No wonder they always looked so happy.  Kara Springer was only 11-13 years old.  She was a very young babysitter and only a couple of years older than me.  It's not an idea she got from a movie, and her family didn't let them watch anything like that.

So what was really going on at the Springers?  were they just nice school psychologist Mormons? or were they psychologists working for the FBI or CIA and tying people up in their basement for interrogations and drugging, with a kid accidentally seeing it once or twice?

Kara Springer first tied our hands together, and then tied our entire bodies to chairs.  Then, with us watching her, facing the kitchen, as she had the chairs on linoleum floors, she started stirring up something in a pot, which she called "tea" and "witches brew".  Then gave us teaspoons of it and told us to open up our mouths as she fed us teaspoons or tablespoons full of liquid.  We couldn't drink out of the cups, because our hands were tied.  So she fed us "the medicine" with spoons.

Middleton's mother is a real Witch.

The other thing they taught us, was how to play "hide-and-seek" at night.  Instead of saying, "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" as my brother and I said, if we couldn't find the person and gave up looking, if it was hide-and-seek at night, it was "Witch, witch, come out tonight!"  or "Witch witch, come out tonight!"  I think it was supposed to be, "Witch, where are you tonight" but it was taught to us as "Witch witch are you tonight?" or witch witch come out tonight.

A different time, Kara played the "taste-testing" game with us, blind-folding us first.  When we were blind-folded we had to guess what she was giving us, by the teaspoon full.

But her real favorite, was tying us to chairs and tying our hands and feet and then she checked it.  She checked it making sure we couldn't get out. They were solid wood chairs and if my brother or I tried to get out we couldn't.  One time Kara had us try to escape and stood there telling us we couldn't go anywhere.  I then stood up with the chair strapped to my back and walked around with the chair tied to me.  So she retied us.  Possibly one time back to back but I mainly remember we were each tied up side to side with both chairs facing her as she approached us.

What seems like fun and games when you're a kid being babysat, starts to look indicative of CIA-FBI-Military "games" that are being copied by kids, which are not so "fun".

Kara was into tying people up with ropes, blindfolding, and forcing people to take "medicine".  Has she seen her hypnotherapist yet?  Maybe she could ask Katie if they can split the cost and do it double.

I am not surprised Katie wanted her wedding to be in the Spring.  Her Witch Mother Carol must have felt so delighted.

On top of tying us to chairs, she one time blind-folded us, while we tied to the chairs.  It was the only game she played when she babysat us.  She didn't do anything else with us, ever.  It was always "The witch" and "tying you up" game.

I wonder if she ever got married.  I mean, Kara Springer The Mormon.  My mother never wanted to talk about her mother, Tammy.  They talked about Alan sometimes, but not Tammy.  My mother did NOT like her and neither did my Dad.

We were never allowed to go into the basement when we played there.  Not until close to the time they were moving, and then I saw it for the first time.  It was all unfinished beams everywhere and concrete floors with a separate entrance.  They had some kind of playspace under the stairs, that had bars (wood beams) around it and someone told me I had to stay there.  I don't remember why I was there by myself, but I sat inside there by myself.  And then I read books.  Alan Springer came downstairs and asked what I was doing and I said, "Reading".  I read all of these different books and that's where I found "The Cranberry Christmas" and they told me I could take it home when I asked.

Kara's "witches brew" always had mint in it.  The only other person who gave me anything by the teaspoon was Granny, who gave me Royal Jelly one time with her special spoon (which has since disappeared).  Or, of course, as a kid, sugar with mashed aspirin on rare occasion if we were sick. Kara only gave us "medicine" if we were tied up and/or blind-folded.  One time she was going to blind-fold us too, but decided not to, and just tied us.  She took handkerchiefs and made triangles out of them.  After she folded them in half, to make a triangle, from a square, she then folded them until they were narrower and tied them over our eyes with knots in the back.  I think she used our cloth dinner napkins for it.  It's the only thing we had that she could have used, and back then, we had cloth dinner napkins.

(Be good Willy, or you'll have to wear a napkin on your HEAD!)

Sometimes the triangular flap hung over our nose but she folded that way.  Then she'd ask us many times "Can you see anything?"

"Now open your mouth."

One time she forced us to walk through the house blindfolded.  I am totally not kidding.  We were running into things and she pushed us along, with blindfolds over our eyes.  Then she pushed us down into chairs and tied us up that time.  First we were forced to walk around blindfolded though.  That happened more than once.  Sometimes she pushed us along from behind and other times she grabbed our hands and pulled us.  I used to be scared because she pulled us around like that and walked fast and I ran into things sometimes.  We were blindfolded.  She pulled us around through the living room and into the kitchen, sometimes, around the house, and eventually it was always the same thing: tied up and getting "medicated".  I am so not kidding.  She used to taunt us, asking us to "Try to untie yourselves".  Mormons.  Nice, homemaker, missionary, bright-sunny-cheery faced Middleton butt-kissers.  She would yell at us, and I'd pull back, saying, "You're going too fast" and she was yanking me around by my hand, while I was blindfolded.  She took us all throughout the house, telling us we were going to "go somewhere".  Then sometimes, when we got to the wood chairs, she took the blind folds off.  One time she said, "Now you have seen my face."  She said she was going to have to kill us because we had seen her face so we said no, we're not looking and closed our eyes and said we didn't remember.  I mean, later, when I was held hostage in St. John's, he took off his mask and I didn't want him to because I was worried if we saw his face he'd think he had to kill us.

I played a taste-testing game, copying her, as a babysitter later, but I never tied kids up.  I don't think anyone gets that idea or wants to do that unless they've seen their parents do this or have had it reinforced into their memories somehow.

I think I was about 9 years old.  When this was done to me, I was about 9 years old.  My brother was around 6 1/2 to 7 years old.  I wasn't able to do my own babysitting until I was age 11 and Kara babysat us before that and I was about 9.  So that was after Katie Middleton was born.  It was in about 1983.  I was 9 years old and Katie Middleton was 1 year old. 

From being tied to a chair, I was asked to babysit Ames' kids.  Funny, my mother had a couple of perfumes that were vintage that she liked.  One was in a baby blue bottle, Heaven's something or other, and the other was in a pink bottle, "April Showers", made by Cheramy.  I just looked, it was Heaven Sent (Alleghanny Pharmaceutical Company).  The other was April Showers. 

So when I think about my son Oliver now, and his safety, I don't trust him with any of those people.  There are corrupt government Mormons, Catholics, Protestants...whoever wants a piece of Royal Pie, and Middleton's Crack, tortures babies over it.

My son was kidnapped.

The S.A.s sent to me by the FBI were conflicts of interest.  The persons involved in everything to do with me and my son, are conflicts of interest.  Sorry, but I never tied Mormons up.  They tied me up and colluded with Catholics that wanted to get out of lawsuits.   Jewish, it didn't matter, they abused their authority to get to my parents and use them, and they've kidnapped my son.

Oh yeah, another thing I remember.  Kara coming over, or Allie coming over, to ask to "borrow an egg" or "borrow a cup of sugar".  Borrow an egg.  How about "Can I borrow an ovary?"

Maybe my mother was trying to tell me something when she said "Don't eat more of those grapes or you'll get sick."  I used to play a game with the Springer's son, Scotty, feeding me grapes (they were purple though and sometimes green but usually purple) and then Kara was babysitting us next. 

My mother met Shirley Sandberg when she was 23 years old, in 1977, after the MKUltra Senate Hearings, when I was 3 years old.  Or maybe she was 30 years old.  It was 23 or 30.  If she was 30 I was 10 years old and it was 1984. The Sandbergs were around when I broke my arm, so it was before that event. 

Do you know what's sort of creepy, is that when Sibel, the Mormon from Wenatchee, who works for the "State of Washington" was taking me to her house one day from her church (I went to visit and she approached me) she had a big plastic bowl with her like the one that held the grapes and she kept smirking over it.  Then she gave it to her son to hold.  This was in 2009.  This is the same Mormon woman who approached me in the library when I was about 6 months pregnant and told me I needed to give up my baby for adoption.

Sibel stalked me in the library, watching my every move while I was there, and after about a half hour of watching me while I looked at books.  Finally she came over to me and started conversation by asking how far along I was and then engaging me in conversation.  She then went on and on, telling me had I considered adoption, and there were very good arrangments for that.  Then it was a big lecture and guilt trip about how my child deserved a mother and father and I wasn't equipped to parent my son because I was a single mother.  After 20 minutes or so of this, I finally said, "Thank you, but I am keeping my baby.  I think  I have a lot of experience with children and I'll be a great mother."  There I was, with about 6-8 books on child development and infant and prenatal nutrition and development, sitting with another Mormon who worked for the  United States government and wanted to rob me.

So later, they took my son by force.  Which Mormon stood up for me?  I kept thinking, someone is going to stand up for me, but that didn't happen.  One friend, Geoff, helped me stay out of jail so I could visit my son, but that was after other Mormons colluded with other government people to SET ME UP for jail in the first place.  I was at risk of not seeing my son because of a "failure to appear" when I was attacked in Seattle, WA, having no car, and this was for the case where I was lied about and set up for "grand auto theft".

I demand the return of my son from the Government Grip.

When I was put into a cage in the van on the way to the Canadian immigration center, it was the same size as the barred "space" under the stairs at the Springer's house where they told me to stay.

Some of the other things Kara did, was rub our forearms up and down and force us to make a fist and pretend to inject us with something.  She pretended to take our blood pressure while we were tied up too, before she tied our hands and arms down.  After she tied us up she took our shoes from us.  She said, "Give me your shoes", maybe it was right before we were tied up in the chairs.

I am pretty sure she held a knife against us too, though I don't remember what kind (butterknife or what).  I don't remember her pretending to hold a gun but that's just now, off the top of my head.She did hold something in front of us to "hypnotize" us but it didn't work.  It was something at the end of a necklace, which she swung back and forth, but that was if we weren't blindfolded.

I think all of it ended when I said I didn't like being tied back to back in the chairs with my brother.  I told my parents and that was the end of her babysitting us.

Allie was constantly at our house asking to "borrow" a "cup of sugar" or eggs.  I did it one time and was told they weren't the grocery store or something like that.  Her mother begrudged me, or tried to begrudge me 1 egg or a little sugar, after they were at our house every week, asking for something.  I started to think it was a kind of game, so then I did it--I thought that's what neighbors did maybe, and then I got that reaction and was confused, as a kid, as to why Tammy sent her girls over to take our baking items all the time, but acted hostile if I asked to "borrow".

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