Saturday, February 23, 2013

Killing My Son's Pets

This country not only tortured my son, confined him, harassed him, and hypnotized him, they killed his pets and animals in front of him.

I bought him a Russian turtle and it was stepped on and crushed in front of my son, with my son watching.  I think it was not just animals and pets that were stepped on and crushed, it was done to his toys.  They ran over my son's turtle in front of him, on purpose, after crushing it.  People in this country also killed chicks and chickens he grew attached to.  They did this to him, knowing he was caring for them and loved them.  They also killed his fish, twice.

My son took home a turtle, in a daze, because the day he got it, he was drugged up by the United States of America.  CPS and their employees, all of them, are guilty of crimes.  There is not one good CPS worker in Wenatchee.  All of them got their Hanford-and-CIA proximity jobs, to steal children and abuse them, for a reason.  They lie.

My son was so happy to get his turtle and anything from me he treasured.  He acted drugged and hypnotized the day I saw him and it was around the same time CPS employees and cops in town were cutting his face, punching him in the face, knocking out teeth, and doing what they could for MKUltra.  He loved the turtle so they ran over it in front of him, from what I have figured out is probably the case.  I was told it went back to the pet store, but to my knowledge it didn't and no money was returned. 

They killed baby chicks in front of him, cops and CPS workers, and they caged him up, and they killed his fish.  They quit killing all the animals around him when he was old enough to go to school and tell on them.

I don't even know if my son's eye, that bulges out, is a permanent result of torture in the U.S., or if it from off-and-on, continual torture as has been done to me and my parents.  For him, it may well be permanent damages from something this country did to him, while my son was in U.S. guardianship.

Daddy U.S.A.Gov really has great plans for Oliver.  It doesn't matter if other countries were involved, because the U.S. has allowed this, on their territory.

I want Oliver returned to me.  There is going back, and there is looking back, and no, we are NOT moving forward with anything where it comes to my son.  My son is a hostage.  He is not "fine", he is not "nothing to be worried about" and he is not "just an active boy with lots of bruises from playing."

That Mormon cop was a liar just like Sibel, the Mormon state worker, is a liar.  It hasn't mattered if someone is Catholic, Mormon, Protestant, Satanic, or who knows, Agnostic, Hindu,...they tortured my son and lied about it there.

My son is getting older and his life is being wasted in this country.  The U.S. is also guilty of deliberately trying to harm and cause distress to each and every person that might care about him. They are deliberately trying to incite reactions and distress and trauma of others.

My own cousin Rani is involved.  Don't ever think that just because someone is "family", they are not ready to kill your own kid, out of jealousy.

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