Sunday, February 17, 2013

Follow Parents (12 p.m.) left house to Bandon, Oregon

I guess I am worried about them.  But of course I am worried about my parents.  My mother's eyes are hollowed out and dark and bloodshot like she was waterboarded. 

I hope someone follows them to Bandon, Oregon, because they come back from their trips on the weekend, looking trashed and tortured.  They just left the house around noon, in the Lexus SUV, and they are driving to Bandon, Oregon beach.  That's what they said.

My mother's right eye is particularly blackened on the inside corner and you can see where the outline is and she has fine blood streaks on the inside corners of the whites of her eyes (since being at Kathleen Brown's offices).  I have not been allowed to see my own Dad for 2 days, not yesterday or today.  But the last time I saw him, on Friday,  his eyes were blasted and blurry and red.  Not from crying, something else.  Then I went back over later that night, after he flickered a light twice, and looked and his left eye, specifically, was recessed further into his head and red.  It looked like somone put something inside of the corner of his eye and pushed in, or his entire eyeball sank inwards.  That had to be technology because no one was there from the time I left and then went back in, and it was targeted to suck in his eyeball inwards.

Every single weekend they have their "day away", and it's started since Agent Gregory Fowler, with the FBI, moved to Oregon.  At the same time that he moved in, and over, this current pastor, Kevin Boll, moved in.  And this is when they were being tortured again, and looked panicked.

I believe she was at dermatologist Kathleen Brown's offices yesterday.  I am not sure, but I think so.  I don't have a good feeling about her.  She was ordering antihistamines for my mother when my mother has chrome sores and needs to be tested for chromium poisoning.  Sorry, but antihistamines are like Katie Middleton Medicine.  Are Katie and Christa BFFs?

Because half or more, of what Christa Schneider did with trying to get proximity to me and my family, was for the Department of Justice and only bad things have happened from there.  I am positive they know eachother, and probably, one of them knows the friend of Christa whose mother dated Dick Whittemore.

Kevin Bolls sermon was on "The Prodigal Son".  I wanted to know and that's what they said it was about.

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