Thursday, February 7, 2013

UPDATE: Murder of Gannon & Tortured (Convention Against Torture retaliation)

In addition to my teeth being targeted for torture last night, I have been tortured by NASA and Pentagon technology, to the head, for the last 4 days.

Today it has been constant and bad enough that I was not able to get any work done until about 3:30 p.m. after trying to sleep instead, hoping it went away.

It's not migraine.

It's torture.

It is only slightly better right now, and it only improved as I was writing an email to my son about the reason I cannot go to the post office today (headache and one eye bulging out and hurting).

Not only has it been constant headache, my right eye is bulging out after I have had severe jabs to the head repeatedly to that side.

My parents and my son don't get "migraine" either, and they have been targeted by NASA and Pentagon as well, to the head, and evidence shown by the affected side of the head's eye enlarging and distending out of the socket.

This country is pretty much going nowhere.  As long as they continue to encourage torture of their own citizens, it's all downhill.  I have no clue who thinks they are so untouchable that they get away with this, but it's billions upon billions of dollars from private donations that are involved.  It isn't just U.S. government, it's private donations.

My plan today, was to get dressed, work, go to the post office and mail something to my son, and I wasn't stopped by rain or inclement weather or any other thing.  I was stopped because of torture, and it's been 4 days of the same thing so far.

During these 4 days, the only thing that is different about this time, is it is during my CAT complaint process (I sent off the first part and am working on the rest), and I have been making records requests.  During the records requests, my email connection has been repeatedly shut off, every couple of minutes, and I've been tortured.

I am really not sure what country this is, because it's not "America".  I saw my mother's eyes this morning, now that it's been several days for the bruising to turn color, from the torture I reported several days ago, and her eyes are almost totally black.

There is no possible way to miss it, and it's a distinct outline.  There is NO WAY to miss it.  So I said, "Why won't you let me take a picture?" and she said no and I asked why didn't she take a picture of herself and she said "I've taken pictures of myself."

I think my mother has even tried to show people damages, and has been ignored or retaliated against.

They are the "Money Makers" for the United States afterall.  The U.S. and FBI have sucked the life out of them.  The FBI forces them to be quiet, for THEM, and the CIA program, because they are still making money off of them and don't want people to know where the first half of the money came from and why.  How many people abused them to get personal kickbacks?

While all of these different people and "friends" approached ME, and asked to live with me or me to live with them, they already knew about me.  These are people who had information from government sources, about me, before they ever sought me out.

When did the U.S. give ME information about myself?


After they allowed all of their U.S. federal employees to have proximity to me, and use me for their own predictive research and mockery, 7 years after my FOIA request I got a fraction of what they have, and only one document that helps at all, about MKUltra in 1977.  The FBI has always known about it.  They gave their agents access to me, knowing about me, and prevented me from having any insight into why things were being done to me, why I was approached, and why I was held hostage, and who was interested in me.

The U.S. thought THEY were my "guardian".

Look at how good of a job they do.  I don't mean my parents, I mean, the U.S. assumed authority over my life, above that of my Dad or Mom, when they illegally put me into the MKUltra program and enlisted me as a non-consenting mind-control victim. 

When the U.S. TAKES and kidnaps kids, to be forced into these programs, they assume the upper-hand over that of the natural parent.  They then apply this control throughout that person's entire life.  If the U.S. finds willing parents, they abuse the child in that situation.  If the parents are already blackmailed or abused it's easier.  If a parent is NOT willing, or hasn't been "let in on the secret", the U.S. literally abducts those children, and any parent attempting to flee with their own children, and puts them with family members or strangers they believe they can force compliance with.

The U.S., as my "guardian", has tortured me, given access to me to other employees, and all of my personal information, and withheld my own records and history from me.

What was the reason?  To protect me?  No, they did not withhold my own information from me to "protect me".

It was to PROTECT criminals.

The U.S. has committed federal crimes against me since I was a kid, and they continued to do so while I was a pre-teen, and a teenager, and then a young adult.  They gave all kinds of government secrets and information about ME to others, to allow them to get close to me, figure me out, and report back to them.  To try out their predictive abilities and to promote the program they lied about and told everyone they had abolished.

The U.S. has literally treated me like a "ward of the court" and under "U.S. guardianship" since I was born.  The do to this day.  Not once was I given records that could have helped me, within reasonable time.  Not once. 

My son is being treated the exact same way.

The U.S. kidnapped my son from me when they knew they had no legal right to do so.  We were and are refugees.

The latest thing that has happened, with retaliatory closures of my bank and email accounts, is Genext, a former email and wifi provider, decided they don't care to provide me with records of my account.

Guess what?  Genext is FBI.

So it is one more business that is directly connected to the FBI that is retaliating against me and obstructing me from justice by violating every standard contract I've ever had with any bank, business, court, jail, Judge, justice system, FBI, or email account.

Microsoft blocked me from my own email account, telling me it's because they have to verify my ID and it's only harassment.  They're not doing it for any other reason.  I say this, only because I have worked with them several times and provided all kinds of documents that prove I'm the owner.  If something changes, I'll let you know.  In the meantime, the alternate email account I had listed, for Microsoft account, in case something happened with my account with Microsoft, was Genext.

I have no idea what Genext's problem is but they have a problem.  I suppose being FBI helps a lot.  I contacted them to get confirmation of my account address or billing record for my name, and she (Sarah Zabrocki) already knew who I was.  She confirmed I'd had an account with them but she already knew exactly what I needed from her and she deliberately withheld information to prevent me from getting back to my account that has files about my own son Oliver.

It's not the first time I've had a problem with Genext either.  It's one thing to have a new problem and mistreatment by a company but it's just proof when you find they are just as bad now as they were then.  They never "changed" and they never will change.  Drew and Sarah Zabrocki are 100% incapable of any kind of positive change.  No one needlessly harasses someone, whom they already know has been through this much trauma, unless they are evil to the core and passive-aggressive.  I have no idea what kind of last name Zabrocki is, and I thought at first it was maybe Eastern European but I saw one of the brother's photos who lives in Maryland and he looks straight-up Irish.  He looks very similar to someone I saw lurking around when I was in Maryland, and I'm not just saying that because he has been living in Maryland.  Seriously, if he is related to the Zabrockis, and connected to Alvaro, then I have figured out part of the reason East Coast Alvaro had a motive for having my hair cut.  Wenatchee people, Washington people, who lied about me and said I was drug-seeking and a pot user when I wasn't.  Oh and it gets EVEN JUICY JUICY JUICIER than that.  Drews hobo-bro works for the U.S. Department of State.  SNAP.  So U.S. Department of State and Washington officials panic, send out spy-scout hobo-bro Zabrocki and voila.  A set-up gone wrong.  Oh but guess what?  HE got married in April 2009.  To some woman from The Philippines, where FBI agent Rick Baken's daughter went to school. 

The first time I had a complaint against Genext, it was September 2007.  Then recently, I asked for assistance with just a record confirmation.  Sarah told me they had a new system and that billing records would take some time to find or that she hadn't looked into yet.  I waited.  I made my first request January 23, 2013.  It's not that hard to send a quick reply.  She stalled and stalled and I was polite.  Then, she just ignored me.  When I then sent an email to her and copied the FBI on it, Genext retroactively blocked my email.  I have no idea how.  Or it was just a phony message claiming my email never went through.  Oh believe me--they got it.  I sent that email to them and copied the FBI, last night.  It "bounced back" from Genext this afternoon around 3 or 4 p.m.  claiming "permanently failed."  They got it.  I don't know that much about wifi and servers and computer tech stuff, but I know a lot of things are possible, and I am 100% positive they received and read my email.  I guess they wanted to look like they blocked it so they could claim they are not accountable for something they never received. 

Basically, she has the record, and out of malice, she refused to provide it to me, knowing it is another proof or verification I am the owner of the Microsoft account.

Who does this?  No reputable business does something like that.  Which is when it all came back to me--the horrible depressing feeling in their offices.  Going to their offices in person, to pay my bill, was like walking into a morgue.  There was just something shifty about it.  Someone, something, was straight out of Portland FBI feel ups in an elevator.  Weird.  It felt like some dark part of Europe in the Middle Ages.

I really don't know if the Philipinnes woman was found through Rick Baken or Nathan Zodrow, who is the Abbot for Mt. Angel Abbey and who lived in the adjoining town (Waterville) and whose new monk recruits are mainly Filipino.  The Filipino woman is from a convent school.  I saw the guy who looks like Zabrocki, the U.S. Department of State one, in Maryland, when a religious man (Catholic) was buying groceries for me at a store. He let me buy a few things and then I didn't see him again, but the other guy, who looked like Zabrocki or Nathan Bechtold (would have to look at photos again) was lurking around the whole time.

(It felt like a weird mix-up between Italians and Irish.  Like one of the groups didn't get along with the other one and someone wanted to gain control over me as quickly as possible.  The bad ones have always wanted control and to be first in line, because they have never wanted me to be out in the open around decent people.  They wanted to corral me into their territority and control everything.  If I got away, it might be OH NO for them.  If I was applying for work, it had to be for them, so they could use the opportunity to either torture me or write a bad report; if I dated someone, it had to be one of them, so they could abuse me, slander me to others, or, on the bright side, control my offspring and mind through hopes at converting me to their side.  If I wasn't married to one of them, then I was to be tortured and all open avenues obstructed.  They coordinated people against me from every viable U.S department that exists.  Then they bribed the ones who were not part of their group, to make it an attractive offer to harm me.)  Oh just think!  I could have been married to Alvaro Pardo and shaking hands with Our Perpetual Lady of Help Zabrocki.

So this woman Sarah, screwed me over on something very small recently. 

If she was decent, she had no need to do this.  If there is something wrong with them, my initial instincts back in 2007, are correct.

BOY do I have great instincts or WHAT.  She was a loser then and she's a loser now.  Affirmed.  The only thing that's different now, is I have confirmation she is a loser.  And, I have confirmation they work for the FBI.

So it's another FBI-U.S. Department of State-Colombia collusion and retaliation story.

Everyone is a suspect except them.

I think calling someone a loser is strong and harsh, and a kind of ultimatum, and over what seems to be a small thing too.  However, we are talking about a woman, "Sarah", who is established in her work, has no concerns with regard to her own children, living in a community more closely locked than 2 Wenatchee Police hand-cuffs.  She wears whatever she wants, she eats what she wants, she visits family at leisure, and has the pride of being a "business owner" in America.  She is married to "Drew", a man she is still in love with, and she is proud of their business partnership and their crime partnership.  No one blocked them from opening a business.  No one slashed their tires.  No one broke Sarah's windshield every single week so Drew had to pull money out of their life-savings and replace the windshield every couple of weeks. No one raped Sarah.  Rape?  Like Sarah knows what that is.  Rape is so "exotic-sounding" to her, like some kind of burlesque show.  No one slashed Drews face with a pocketknife lately, or dug fingernail clippers into his knuckles.  He doesn't get lasered at night either.  No purple penis for Drew.  No bugged-out eyes from extreme occular pressure to Sarah's brain.  Sarah looks out her window and thinks about where she's putting her 401K next.  Drew and Sarah Zabrocki have few "problems" aside from administration of their business.  They enjoy the stories they hear from their brother who works for the Department of State.  They feel the FBI is "Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm Is There".  They milk the FBI's cow and the FBI milks Zabrocki's cow.

So one day, when Sarah Zabrocki-Has-Never-Been-Obstructed-From-Business-And-Thinks-Rape-Is-Burlesque-Comedy gets an email from a woman she knows she and her husband conspired against, along with other members of their group, who is simply asking for one thing:

Could you confirm my email account, with my name or billing?

What does Sarah have to do?

A normal person would say, "Sure!  I will have to look it up and it may take a while.  Could I get back to you about it at the end of the week?"

Something like that.  Something like, "Yes, no problem."  Or, if it might take some looking around because of a new server, something like a general time approximation, "I will have to check and it will take me a couple of days" or "couple of weeks".  Whatever.

That is what a normal person does.

A loser, as Sarah is meeting the description for, allows you to email and makes a reply and doesn't answer the question.  Then she puts you on ignore.  Then her "no purple penis" husband blocks your incoming emails to avoid the question.

THIS is a Loser.

A Loser takes all that they have acquired in life, and still holds some kind of bizarre grade-school revenge card to be needlessly malicious to someone who they know has endured more trauma than 3 hospital ERs put together, and milks their revenge, drop by drop, because THIS is the only thing that makes a Loser

Feel Good.

In my book, anyone who avoids a straightforward task for purposes of causing any hardship or distress to another, is a Loser.  Especially when they are wanting to be taken seriously as a "professional" of any kind.

Sarah Zabrocki knows Christa Schneider.  It is not, in the least, surprising.  Oh, and how cute.  Sarah named her daughter, in 2011, Kaelyn James.  Like that is not obvious in the least.
Feb 17, 2010 – Central Washington Hospital, Wenatchee. Drew and Sarah Zabrocki, Wenatchee: Daughter, Kaelyn James.

Sarah Zabrocki was also involved in the pre-school I took my son to before he and I were both tortured (she's not the jealous type right? or Katie Middlies isn't, right?).  By the way, I saw, with my own eyes, Kate Middleton in Wenatchee one time.  If it was not her, she has an identical twin. Holiday Letter 2012  3 .pdf.
Sarah's father was Thomas Barnhart.  He flew planes and died in a plane.  He was U.S. Coast Guard and an New York Life Insurance underwriter, and I am going to have to return my Colby earphones now that I see there is a man named Colby in their family.  I am not even kidding.  Any family that has anything to do with Barnhart or Zabrocki is rotten. This man fulfilled his "dream" of being a pilot in 2001 and died from being a pilot in 2002.  God must have seen the opportunity and snatched it!  Do you think, Sarah, that God didn't already know what kind of a wretch Thomas Barnhart's daughter was?

Oh I am sure God didn't think, "And on January 23, 2013, Cameo will ask Sarah for confirmation of her record and Sarah will be beligerant and refuse."  I'm sure God had bigger things on His mind, like "torture of Oliver Garrett and slander of his mother Cameo".

Who knows.  But I like to think, Tom's plane went down ahead of time,  just for Sarah's response recently, alone.  A Loser like Sarah Zabrocki, God might think, deserves a payback that is as large as the need to slight by Sarah was small.  Something so unavoidable and so small to Sarah, which could mean an entire decade worth of history to Cameo Garrett, is something God might take a plane down over.

You, Sarah, are a criminal, not me.

a simple confirmation of my email address, to you, Sarah, costs you nothing.
to me, it potentially costs me 10 years of history.

You, Sarah, are like a false rich prophet that wants to steal the only lamb from someone who is poor when it is the only lamb they have.

You, Sarah, chose to ignore me when it might take a few minutes of your time to look up a record that you know will save some of the records I've kept for 10 years.

You, Sarah, are a malicious wretch, and God knew.

It might be your child next Sarah.  God might decide that the next child that gets photographed lying in the snow making a snow-angel, is your child, not mine.
Ryan Rush, related to Sarah Barnhart, is also related to Meghan Donohue, who is principal of the Columbia Motorcycle Training.

Sarah Barnhart-Zabrocki's mother is Sandra Lolos-Barnhart.  There is one Sandra Barnhart living in Hagerstown, MD but I don't know if it's correct information yet. 

Tom divorced Sandra and Sandra possibly moved to Maryland and has been there.   He remarried another woman, Nancy Harrington Adams.

If Sarah's mother lives in Maryland, she has company with a Zabrocki relative who lives there and went to University of Maryland.  So it would place both Sarah and Drew Zabrocki's family in Maryland.

It says Nancy Barnhart owns Barnhart Photography in Wenatchee and she also lived in San Diego, CA at some point.

The name attached in the obit is Adams.  I went to school with Shannon Adams.  I hope Nancy Barnhart Adams is not related.

I always wondered about one thing, having to do with Shannon Adams, and that was her parent's friendship with a woman who joined the U.S. Navy and tried to sue my mother for selling a house under "fraud" for cat pee, when there was no problem.  I always wondered how it was possible they were best friends with Shannon Adams Mom and Dad.  This was the woman who asked me to go with her to the U.S. Navy offices and I did, and it was to support her because she didn't want to go alone.  When I was there, I filled out their ASVAB and they scored it on-site, saying I had one of the highest scores they ever received, 1 point away.  For the vocab/verbal section.  I missed one.  Then they tried recruiting me, telling me they had jobs in journalism.  When I found out they had singing jobs I said I would audition to sing.  They scheduled the appointment date for Seattle, WA and I changed my mind.  The other woman didn't, and joined, and got out on a discharge. I think her name was Kelly.  Kelli or Kelly and she's in the yearbook.  She is not Kelly Halvorson.

Anyway, her parents were good friends with Shannon Adams parents.    I knew something bad had happened to my Mom about that time.  I thought she had possibly been assaulted along with the lawsuit threat.  And I believe, this was when she started having the unusual dizzy spells and our dogs started having dizzy spells and falling off the deck.

Also, I have recently refered to the man I first went on a date with at Sherwood as "Christian" but it was Matt Christiansen (I think. I always thought Christian, but possibly the other).  He died later, and he's in the yearbook, one year or grade older than me.

If Zabrockis are connected to Shannon Adams, they are also connected to Robin Bechtold.  Shannon is very good friends with Robin.

All of them, were friends with eachother.  I remember how they acted torwards my mother one time, which I've written about and they kept telling me to sit with them at a table (Robin Bechtold, Shannon Adams, Alicia Peterson, and a few others).  I said no, I'd sit with my Mom.  She was sitting across from George Bechtold, who was incredibly rude to her the entire time.  I also noticed the entire group of high school friends sort of...I don't know, not good energy...something was going on.  When I didn't move to sit with them they all looked shocked.

Something was brewing even back then.

You know, the CIA hires young.  Every single one of them had far more government information on me and my family than I had on anyone.  I was totally oblivious.  I won't go so far as to say they were already recruited, but there was definitely something brewing.  It was the first time I can remember looking over at all of them and thinking they looked like a pack of wolves.

I am very glad I didn't leave the table.  I think they wanted me to so George Bechtold could pick on my mother and terrorize her more.

A different time, at a cousin's wedding, I should have sat with my Mom but I thought she was okay because she was around Locklyn's family.  Well, I didn't realize my Mom wasn't friends with them or with Kyle Flick, their lawyer.  Maybe not Jodi, Rori's wife, either.  So my Mom cried.  My mother rarely cries.  It had to have been that she felt I was sitting next to demons for her to cry.  She looked upset when Kyle Flick was talking to me.  Maybe it's because she knew he had moved in on the family for the Middletons.  I asked her why she was crying and she said because I didn't sit next to her.  So there was definitely something going on there.  She cried that I sat next to Rori and Jodie but mostly when Kyle Flick was talking to me.

She cried that same way when I was singing and Barbara Greenman was there with her California Disney man.  Most likely, she knew I was joking around, innocent, with people who were trying to ruin our lives.  The other time was when I picked out dance dresses and once wouldn't let her into the dressing room with me because I was feeling modest.  I didn't realize my mother was literally being stalked and assaulted and had a need to be in the dressing room with me to be safe.  I still remember certain women around and feeling they were there snooping but I didn't have any clue.  However, it had never quit.  People were spying on me and my mother since I was 9-11 or so, at Berry's Clothing and Sporting Goods, buying a "tubby" for my brother's birthday.  In June.

That was when I remember the forces of the takeover.  The criminals.  And why should I remember so well, and why should everything be pointing to Middletons unless it really is partly about them, at least until I got into my litigations over other things.  I had no idea this "other stuff" was in the background all along.

My mother has suffered in ways I don't even know, I am sure.

I looked up Ray Baratcart the other night.  It's pronounced "Bar-cart".  It looks like the spelling for the movie "Borat" sort of.  I know something bad happened with Ray Baratcart.  It was when my mother knew Ray that she told me her first baby Gannon had died, she thought, from taking too much Vitamin A.  I asked, and she would never tell me and then one day, the same time period she was always talking to "Ray", I asked and she said, "I always thought it was maybe because I took too much Vitamin A."  I remembered the amount she said, and this conversation always.  Now that I'm older, I can understand Beta Carotene converts to Vitamin A in the body and cannot be fully excreted from the body.  Beta rays.

Their kid was murdered and they've always known.

In Canadian units, one Ray is equal to 6.667 UIs

My parents have been turning on and off lights all night.  When I was starting to write about the Canadian units, they turned on the diningroom light, which is in a circle.

They took a photo of me when I was 6, wearing a crown that had 666 on it.  It was 666666 or whatever, all the way around but it was, I had thought, a joke about my being six years old.  However, given the fact they knew Gannon was murdered, 666 looks like a reminder and message of Beta Rays.

Gannon was assassinated.

Look at the loop of hair on the video clip Boyz2men "I'll Make Love To You" that O'Reilly played recently on his show.  He said it's what Russia was showing to promote having more sex.  The woman stands up and has this loop over her hair.  O'Reilly chose this while I was looking up death certificates for Gannon and how to order one.  So then I looked up Beta and the symbol is the same loop.  Juliet Huddy thought it was hilarious.  Of course, she's from Hudson Bay, New Jersey and the U.S. Navy.

So guess what else I found about the Baratcarts?  Eleanor.  An obituary for this woman named Eleanor which I possibly saw before and forgot about, but she's Mormon and her sister is Catholic.  So it was some kind of Mormon-Catholic group my Mom knew through them. She had some "love of her life named 'Max'".  Well, Halea Meyers named her daughter Eleanor and called her cat "Max" the "love of my life".  Alternately, she called the cat "Lover".  How exactly does Halea Meyers get connected to the Baratcarts my Mom knew in Moses Lake, Washington?  Baratcarts are also connected to a bunch of Andersons, which has me wondering about Sharon Anderson (who wanted me to live with her), Anderson (cop Det. Grose works with), and Julie Anderson (Wenatchee lawyer who killed my case).

Anyway, back to Gannon.  If Gannon was born healthy and then was turning blue and losing oxygen off and on, that is a symptom of laser exposure.  He was murdered and the U.S. knows it.  At the time he was murdered,  laser technology experimentation was occuring in Seattle, Washington.  They were doing things to inmates in prison at that time, in Walla Walla, without their consent, to their testicles, literally lasering the testicles of grown men there, and the University of Washington participated in this "research" against humans, U.S. citizens that included men in prison, and newborn babies:  Gannon Levi Garrett.  Aside from long range technology being used, there were also very localized programs.  I think my parents feel Gannon was murdered by Mike Middleton's men.  I am not completely positive about that one, but it's a guess.  I know they believe, in their hearts, Gannon was assassinated by Beta Rays or some kind of laser technology.

My parents are psychic spies and would know by telling me this when I was younger, I would put it together, possibly, when I was older.

Therefore, Ray, ray, ray, ray.  Ray, ray ray ray.  My Mom constantly mentioned "ray".  And then into this conversation and meetings with possibly a despicable family and "Ray", my mother told me about the Vitamin A.  She told me even then, it was beta caratene and that it converts in the body to vitamin A and at high enough doses, it builds up in the body and can't be excreted.  Too much beta carotene.  Caro.  Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray.  ray ray ray ray ray.  You're still on the phone with ray?  ray ray ray ray ray....Gannon was killed by too much beta builds the body...and the body can't excrete it....turned blue....ray ray ....stopped breathing....then was fine....breathing....ray ray ray...turned blue.

Gannon was murdered and my mother, whom I had thought was friends with "Ray", was never friends with "Ray".  She pretended to be friends, but something was going on.  And Sharon McGuire and Carol Middleton began to enter the picture around that time too.

Also, carrots supposedly make you see better.  CIA.  And, Vitamin A could be abbreviated VA.  I think the main point is rays.  Beta rays and blue child and affected breathing from torture.

Washington state is guilty as HELL.  They killed my Uncle Howard there, Gannon there, and tortured Oliver with the same technology, and tortured my SON to HIS testicles until they turned blue and purple.  Just as they did with inmates at Walla Walla prison in 1970-1973.

The laser research supposedly was done from 1970-1973.  The document I found that supports this is published by Karoline Gourley.

The information about lasering the testicles of Walla Walla inmates (from a distance, long distance) is included in the footnotes and it was a project done by University of Washington Hospital.  This hospital is located in Seattle.

The research and technology was there in Seattle, through Boeing and University of Washington and other groups, and it was used on my parent's first baby.  So yes, he was assassinated.

1 RE is equal to 6.667 IUs by Commonwealth/Canada

My mother told me she took very high doses of it, over 30,000
UPDATE:  2/8/13.  By the way, the Baratcarts had twins:  Floyd and Lloyd. 


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