Friday, February 15, 2013

One Baby Murdered (not twins) In U.S.

Please read the last post.

It has information about why the U.S. murdered my baby, and how they tried to later create a cover for state-crimes, by suggesting it was a problematic twin pregnancy.

There was no twin.

There was one baby boy.

The U.S. murdered him.

James River.

Not only was he tortured first, in the U.S., before he was murdered (assassinated), I was being harassed by the CIA.

The U.S. military flew a helicopter up to my window on one occasion, when he was being tortured.  I also felt the effects while the roommate, who was Morrocan, was there in the next room.  I don't know if he did too, or if he was involved.

The U.S. also began tampering with my telecommunications and harassing me, so I attribute this to CIA. I was told telecommunications are controlled by CIA, so if that is the case, then the same harassment used against me in Washington state with telecommunications problems concurrent with torture, is the same source for Virginia.

I took the idea that maybe there was a twin, as a comfort for myself.  I wanted to believe something "good" had come out of it, and that it had saved my life.

It didn't save my life.

The U.S. has never been interested in "saving" my life.  They are not interested in saving the lives of their own citizens or babies, unborn or not, either.  The only reason the idea of a twin was brought up at all, is because when I had already asked for political asylum from the U.S. TWICE, to TWO different countries, and then the U.S. proceeded to keep my son from me (hostage, and obstruction of justice) and then MURDERED and tortured my next child...

It doesn't look good for the U.S.

I tried to escape the United States.  Twice, on the record.  And I made calls to various countries for assistance.

The U.S. continued torturing me and my son, tortured my next child born there in their territory, and murdered him.  Then after murdering my baby, they wanted to reverse the cause of death from "MRI machine" to "possible ectopic twin pregnancy".

One.  There was ONE.

The U.S. murdered my parents first baby Gannon, then they tortured my firstborn Oliver, and tortured me.  After I tried to get political asylum, they tortured and murdered my next child.  During this time, the U.S. and some Canadians tried in every possible way, to prevent me from having money or escaping.  They held me hostage, and they even used a psych ward, one time, to hold me hostage.  They did this to me, right after I came back from a surrogacy center and was trying to be a gestational surrogate for someone, when I was in Nashville, TN.

The U.S. wants a piece of me, and they want to control my DNA and use members of my family, but they don't want us escaping or being able to have a natural or normal life, so they control our finances and hold us hostage.

I had one couple ask me to be a traditional surrogate for them (using my own eggs) and they were ready to go and serious and I said no.  Even with the money offered to me directly, I said no, because I am not okay with using my own DNA or eggs.  I would be an excellent carrier for someone, but I did not compromise my values, and give the U.S. or anyone, even more control over our genetics, and DNA, even while I was tortured.

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