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U.S. Government's "Displaced Person" on FAFSA & Cruel and Degrading Treatment, Forced Housing With Military

Oh yeah, and let me tell you what other tricks the U.S. is pulling with Canadian perverts.  By the way, we may seem very "silly" to some of you Canadians, but I would rather be "silly" than an outright pervert and baby killer.

I filled out a FAFSA one year, and marked the box for "displaced worker".  Then, because I was blocked from having any money I also had to mark the box for food stamps. 

This year, the U.S. changed their FAFSA.


They changed it so that if you select "displaced worker" you cannot then select "food stamps".  So if you don't choose "displaced worker", then you have an option to state you are on, or will receive, food stamps.

The U.S. is in such deep trouble, they changed their FAFSA in a hope to entrap me into creating further documentation that works to their legal advantage.

It's illegal to adopt out the child of a displaced person or refugee.  The U.S. knew I'd checked the box for displaced worker in the past, which made them nervous, so then they felt sure that if they changed their form, I would choose 'food stamps' and not document that I am a displaced worker again. 

I was first told to choose food stamps, in 2002, by a PSU employee who used it as a form of bait, saying, "Why don't you select food stamps?"  I said, "Why would I?" and he said, "You are guaranteed federal work-study if you do."  He was lying.  He wanted me to choose food stamps to make me look like I was on a form of welfare, for others to look down on, and with ECE zero, it made no difference whether I added "food stamps" or not.

So the U.S. thought, when they changed their FAFSA form, that I would think the best way to get "work-study" would be to choose the option of food stamps and then I wouldn't select "displaced worker".

They don't want anything to do with "displaced" and "refugee" on a document with my name on it.  Why?  Because it means my son's adoption is


The U.S. was very sure I'd choose the food stamp option because I was again asking about work-study, just to be able to get enough money together to eventually leave this country with my family.  The U.S. was very clever, Clever Little Legal Team, to literally change their entire FAFSA form that is available to billions of citizens, all for the purpose of covering up a billion dollar "boo-boo" they made.

The United States is totally corrupt.

I will not be taking food stamps.  I am changing my options on the FAFSA to reflect the fact that I am a displaced worker, even if I mean I am a refugee and held hostage here.  I am a displaced worker for another country, not the U.S. 

The U.S. is my son's enemy.  The U.S. is also my enemy.  It's not that I am an "enemy of the state", it is that the U.S. made themselves enemies when they violated the law and their contractual obligation to me and my son to uphold our rights and to not torture us.  The U.S. tortured us, and continues to torture us.  That is not a friend, partner, or country.  That is what an enemy does. 

We are in enemy territory and my son was illegally adopted to the enemy when he was not available for adoption as a refugee.

So I will be making changes to my FAFSA and not taking food stamps and I will not be doing anything that gives the U.S. an excuse to say they are paying me a small amount for their torture of me.  $200 a month in food stamps. 

How generous.

The U.S. is so generous, they forced me out of housing in Wenatchee.  First they forced me out of the only shelters in town.  Then I signed up for the federal housing through Recovery Act, that I qualified for.  It allowed me to have my own apartment and try to get on my feet.  The U.S. federal government and Washington state didn't want me on my feet.

They wanted me on my back, sexually servicing their federal employees or being raped and not talking about it.

When I talk about cruel and degrading treatment, here is how bad the U.S. is--they knew that I could be protected, by having housing, through the money I was eligible for.  Instead of allowing me to be protected and have some dignity, as they raped and tortured my son Oliver, and brought him to visits showing me how hypnotism works, they forced me to sleep in the streets.

When I say "in the streets", I mean, literally, in the dirt.

The last thing I heard from Alvaro Pardo, before the U.S. and state forced me out of housing, was from Steve Mays house:  "Maybe you are crazy" after the earthquake in Chile.  Then I had all my belongings stolen by Wenatchee police.

I was forced to sleep outside in the dirt, next to a warehouse building, with a Wenatchee cop, driving past smirking at me, and while I was tortured there.  I had my body being heated up to extremes and then some kind of technology quit, so that then I was shivering uncontrollably.  I was tortured, while I was trying to find a place to sleep, in the town of Wenatchee, in the dirt next to a building.

I had to sleep under a bush in a trailer park a different night.  A Wenatchee cop again drove past.

Another night I slept under a porch of a restaurant, in the dirt.

This is what the United States did to me.

God damn this country to Hell.

In this condition, they tried to extort eggs from me.  I was then told, by a Mormon lawyer, the only way to get housing back would be if I gave egg donations to a Seattle fertility clinic and then gave him the full amount of the money:  $4,000. 

I was forced to sleep outside, degraded in this way, for one full month.  It was about one month, and then I was made an offer they thought I wouldn't refuse.

I refused, and was forced out of that housing that I was entitled to, permanently.  Did I go crying back to Alvaro?  No.  I never called him once.  The Wenatchee police were trying to force me to call him and telling me I could rent a place if I was with "a fiance" and I refused.

I am such a "gold digger" that the U.S. has tortured and punished me for being independent and refusing to sell out to them.  There was no reason for me to be sleeping in the dirt, degraded and with the entire town and other countries watching.  It was preventable, and the U.S. and Washington State deliberately caused intentional infliction of emotional distress.

From there, they forced me to live with U.S. Army and military.  They refused to restore my housing and used police to harass me and say they would arrest me for sleeping outside, to force me into the apartments of U.S. military.

God DAMN the United States.

So when I say, I am a hostage and a refugee and that my son is a refugee and was illegally kidnapped, I am not joking.  When I say the U.S. is my enemy and my son's enemy, I am not joking.  I have never NOT needed political asylum. 

William of Wale's little one night in a sleeping bag on the streets with "homeless" people was nothing.  The Middletons, at least, were looking pretty good.

I slept in the dirt, under porches, and bushes, for my freedom.

What has Kate done?  What has Dick Whittemore done? how about Fowler?  Mueller?  Leon Panetta?  NASA?  Laura Laughlin.

When did I sell out?  I never sold out, you mother rapists.

My son Oliver is going to be returned to me.

As if, I would actually live in Wenatchee, when that entire community saw what was going on and did nothing.  All of those cops, should be losing their jobs.  All of the detectives, evidence people, cops--every single one of them, including the guards, are corrupt. The FBI saw what was done to me and did nothing. 

Supposedly, taking housing away from me, was ordered through Seattle, but that's a lie.  Wenatchee employees had the final say and first contact with me.  They were the ones who were responsible for lying about my eligibility and they are all U.S. military.  I don't accept the excuse that "It was Seattle".  No, you perverts, it was YOU.
I want to add something.  For those who do not understand the nature of how cruel and degrading the treatment of me was, by forcing me into the streets, let me explain.

I understand that in some cities and countries, people sleep on park benches, or the sidewalk, or out in the open.  It's usually an extreme situation but most people would think it's because of mental illness or inability to arrange housing for oneself.

That is not what happened in Wenatchee, WA.

In Wenatchee, no one sleeps out in the open.  I have never seen anyone doing so, ever.  It is a large enclosed town where no one sleeps on the streets or outside.

When I was forced into that position, the entire community knew about it.  They systematically arranged for circumstances to have this occur.

I was not mentally ill.  I was not incapable of finding housing for myself, and I had applied for housing assistance and qualified.  I was deliberately kicked out of that assistance by Community Action.

I have met employees of "Community Action" in two states:  Washington and Oregon.  In Washington, I met with a woman and then a U.S. military man.  When I was in Oregon, and I visited them, again, I met a woman and then I was refered to speak to a U.S. Army employee.  The same logo is on both websites, so they appear to be organizations that are connected.

The reason I was given for being kicked out of housing assistance, was that "You didn't go to a budget class."

Going to a budget class was part of the requirement and I agreed to it.  I kept asking the director, the woman who approved the first couple of months, about that class.  I repeatedly asked her when it was and where to go.  I was told, by her, "You don't need to go yet--since you're getting adjusted, I'll waive the requirement for awhile and then you can start once you're settled in." I was the one inquiring about where to go for the class.  I was blocked from attending.

I was then told to meet a U.S. Army employee who also worked at that center.  It was a man who again said the same thing.

Then, out of the blue, I got a call from the woman, who told me, "You're kicked out of housing for not going to the budget meetings."  I said, "You didn't tell me where it was and you said I didn't have to go yet.  I have been asking you about it each month."  She said, "Too bad.  You agreed to do this and you didn't do it."

So the entire Wenatchee City Council, which oversees Community Action, went along with this.  When I said this was illegal and discrimination, I was told, "The decision came through Seattle, not us."

This was a lie.  If it was a Wenatchee employee that told me NOT to attend and said I could wait and they would WAIVE the requirement and let me know when they expected me to go, it was that Wenatchee employees fault.  I went to everyone there to have it corrected, and they refused.

This was done to me, after I had a major fight with my Dad when he came out to give the man I was then staying with, some canned goods.  He was telling me my son was fine without me, and I got upset.  Basically, he repeated what the criminal Chris Rozollo said to me which was, "I'm not worried about your son, it's YEW I'm worried about."

The man's house I first rented from, turns out to be, I believe, connected to U.S. Army.  When I was growing up in Moses Lake, WA, a man named Hermann Danielson lived next-door.  One of his kids married a Mays, and I believe they were in the Wenatchee area.  So it is possible Steve Mays is related to the Danielson family, and if so, it's a career-military family that staked our house out the entire time I grew up.

I wanted to move to my own apartment, alone, and there was funding for it.  Wenatchee lied to me, and the woman who lied claimed to be a "christian".  So when that town forced me out of the only housing that was left, they knowingly forced me out into the open, to sleep outside, as a single woman who was smart, talented, and in her right mind.  I was not mentally ill.  They knew I was not a homeless person and I had worked in Wenatchee as well, up to the childbirth of my son.  So Wenatchee, the entire community of so-called "christians" and Mormons, and Catholics and Jews and agnostics or whoevers, all knew that this was a form of cruel and degrading treatment.

I went to a Mormon law firm and the hispanic Mormon female at the front desk mocked me and I was told to see the lawyer, who ogled me.  I felt some of his body language was sexually suggestive.
He told me he wouldn't represent me and get my housing back for me unless I gave him a $4,000 retainer.  Before I was kicked out my housing, I had sent emails to a fertility clinic, asking about surrogacy and they gave me information about egg donation and said they would pay me $4,000 and they wanted to set up a meeting with me right away.

It was a Seattle fertility clinic.  I had just given my laptop to Andy Panda, a Mormon who worked on it when I had problems and who had told me he did work for the FBI.  So he would have had access to those emails and so would have the FBI.

I wasn't interested in donating my eggs.  I was open to the idea of being a surrogate where you just carry the child that belongs to someone else's egg and sperm, but I was not okay with being an egg donor and giving someone else my own eggs.

So basically, it was extortion.  I was forced to lose federal housing assistance, to sleep on the streets and be humiliated and degraded, and tortured, to such extremes, that someone hoped when I asked for a lawyer's help, I'd hear he needed $4,000 and I'd jump at the chance to give up my DNA/eggs to Seattle.  And then, the lawyer wanted all the money too.  So basically all I got out of it, was a roof over my head, when I already qualified for a roof over my head and I was illegally kicked out.  So they wanted me to have a roof over my head, while I gave them breeding material from my own body, but they wanted all the money so I would still be broke and unable to help my son or leave the state or country.

A major factor in considering Mitt Romney at election time, was some of these kinds of abuses by "Mormons".  Not only did Mormon Shannon Borg (in Seattle) and her Canadian partner steal all of my belongings when they assured me everything was safe there, the Mormon lawyer and Mormon internet service man attempted to extort me for eggs.  Oh, and Mormon Sible, who worked for the state, had tried to take my child from me before I gave birth, telling me a child needed a "mother AND a father in a 2-parent home."  And then there was the Seattle Mormon who was Irish, who was a piece of crap, who was the pastor of this Mormon ward I went to for assistance.  All I got was bad vibes and I felt "this man is FBI, not Mormon clergy".

I have met many very good Mormons and some tried to help, but based on what was done to me at my worst times, I could not vote for Romney.  The "friends" were enemies.  On top of this, the D.C. Mormon S.S.A. slandered me from FBI Headquarters in his report from me about Bujanda and Garza.  So these "Mormons" acted more like dirty federal employees, not "Mormons".

I was never homeless until what they did to me. 

After I was tortured and forced to live outside, I was only given the option of accepting offers from strangers who all turned out to be U.S. Army.  I also had to live with a U.S. Marine and his friend who was connected to Canada and claimed to be protestant (how was he protestant if he knew the Irish-Catholic from Boston?  Ryan didn't talk to hardly anyone and this other guy lived directly next door to him and they were friends.  They both knew eachother, in a context aside from being neighbors.  Ryan had only been in the state a short time, from Boston and rarely talked, so since he knew this other man, and they winked and nodded at eachother, I questioned whether this man with the white wine Canadian girlfriend of 2 years was really "protestant" like he claimed to be.  He went to the Assemblies of God church and that doesn't mean anything, not even if you join staff.)

So it's not like I was out sleeping in the streets because I couldn't pull myself together or was mentally ill.  It was forced of me, to degrade me and try to extort eggs from me.

That meets the definition of cruel and degrading treatment.  I think there were a few who tried to help, by paying for a hotel room here and there, but in general, there is no possible way I would ever live in Wenatchee and maybe that is because all these things were done to me, to keep me away for a reason.

What's the reason?  my son?

Or is it something else.

No group of people, like Community Action and "Seattle" and a bunch of Mormons, collude against someone to make it so horrific no normal person would go back, unless they don't want me to have proximity to something or someone, for some reason.

I am very sure many know what that might be.

This country is the enemy of my son.

I have looked at the CRC about rights of children, and the U.S. signed the treaty.  It doesn't matter if they "ratified" it.  They signed it.  The U.S. did NOT and has not signed a UN treaty about torture.  I guess the U.S. loves having it's torture freedoms, to assault their own citizens.  But they DID sign the treaty that governs legality of international adoptions and refugee status of children.  Saying it's "embarrassing" that the U.S. hasn't "ratified" it almost makes it sound as though the U.S. hasn't signed it, and it lacks power.

Too bad.  You signed it.  You (U.S.) signed it and are therefore subject to investigation for violations of what you signed.  A signature is all that's needed.  If you want to ratify it, go ahead, but that's just like saying "yes" twice.  It was "yes" the first time.  "Yes, we agree and we have signed it".

Yes yes is not required.

Oh yes!  Trouble.

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