Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tortured This Morning

I am being tortured this morning.

I saw my parents and nothing was wrong at that time and then I went back to my house and I was being tortured after I did my hair.

I am speaking of the torture to the brain that causes one eye to bulge out.

Tell me how John Kerry is an improvement to the Department of State.  His son is a drug dealer.  So basically, Obama doesn't mind hiring drug dealers, as long as they have lots of money and connections to the military.

I witnessed what his son was involved with in Portland, Oregon, and what I was around with Mike Tancer.  I don't see how this is supposed to restore faith in our system.

I don't care whether someone is Republican or Democrat.  I think Laura Bush assasinated her own boyfriend in high school by running into him with her car.  She then acted like this was why she "got religion".  Her family wasn't christian at all.  She's Republican.  And then just as I've criticized Republicans for some things, I have criticized Democrats and it has nothing to do with party lines or politics for me. 

I care about corruption.

Corruption manifests when for over 10 years, people who get their salaries off of U.S. tax payers' money, torture other citizens without reproach.

They're still alive.

It's the same people and the same group that started this, against me, in 1995.

So now what?  I can't make a complaint about Tancer or Heinz because I might offend Kerry.  The same Kerry that I was tortured over making comments about in 2005?  Who lost the Presidential race?  Like he's really fond of me.

It's not like he doesn't know who I am, because as a Presidential candidate, you keep an eye on who is around your own family.  He married Theresa Heinz and her kids are relevant to him.

He is just another part of the corruption and use of NASA and military intelligence to destroy other people's lives and commit crimes of torture.

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