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My Parent's Artwork Stolen and Repressed

I am going to write about what the U.S. has done to my parents with regard to their artwork.

I took Art for 3 years in high school because I liked it.  The only time my teacher commented on my work, was on a drawing for a final test.  We had to do an still life of materials and objects he placed on a table.  Of course, depending upon where you sat, you had a different angle.  I ended up with a drawing that was sort of making a triangle of objects, because that's how they were.  He gave me an A+ and said why didn't he see more of that from me in class. Everyone had to do it on the spot, there in class, along with answering other questions, before the hour was up. 

However, I am not the greatest artist I don't think.  I've seen lots of talent, and I'm okay, at my own thing, but others are very good.

My parents, on the other hand, were forcibly repressed from revealing or practicing their art talent. When I was a little girl, my mother always said she didn't draw.  She colored with me in a coloring book now and then, and I never saw her draw.  Then one day I said please, draw a dog.

My mother drew a Sheltie and it wasn't a normal pencil drawing.  It was phenomenal.  I am not exaggerating.  Phenomenal.  I was shocked to the core.  She did it right in front of me, and worked quickly, and all of a sudden, it was this dog drawing that was just as good as artwork that people sold for money.  She drew the entire body.  Then she drew some horses for me and I later, one time, somewhere got to see drawings she had made when she was a little girl.  She was able to save a few of them.  She was a phenomenal artist.  Her sketches of horses as a little girl, had perception, angle, vanishing point, muscle.  She was a naturally gifted artist.

I don't know what happened to the drawings she made as a little girl.  I have never seen them again.  And the time she drew for me, in pencil, in person, with me watching, was never repeated.  It is impossible that someone with that much natural artistic talent, for drawing, is not drawing on their own at leisure, unless they are blocked from doing so.

Then around that time, I told someone so someone asked her to make a drawing of a head of a Sheltie for an awards cup for a Sheltie show, but it wasn't her best work, and they changed it some, and I saw what my mother could do.  I remember my mother was pressured in some way over it.  As a kid, I thought, she's acting like she doesn't want to do this or something is wrong, but she draws at home so well. 

The main things my mother drew were horses and dogs.  At least, this is the only thing I saw her draw, in person, and of her drawings when she was a little girl.

Anything my mother has done has been stolen and I believe others blocked her from practicing art.  They encouraged her to do house decorating instead.  My mother's first apartment was not the romantic victorian or vintage style she used later.  She was Mod.  My mother's artistic tastes were Modern.

So how someone extracted Victorian from Modern, I have no idea.  I realized this when I once saw photos of her first apartment and then where she and my Dad lived.  It was absolutely unequivicly Modern.  Everything was clean lines and geometric shapes and solid colors.

So imagine my shock.  I grew up in a house with pink lace curtains.  How do you get from clean lines, geometric shapes, solid colors, to pink, ruffled, ROSE patterned, lace curtains for the livingroom windows.?  It doesn't make sense.  (I am not only a Pro Se warrior-in-waiting, I am an Artistic Sleuth).

The clothes I had that were my mother's, were also Modern.  She had patterns, but only geometric ones.

Both my Mom and Dad were Mods.  My Dad and Mom were never hippies.

I'm not saying an artist doesn't change and try new things.  I am just saying, it makes no sense. 

My Dad is also an artist.  Guess how many people know that? He is not only a talented musician, he used to draw and use pastels and he painted murals.  My Grandma Dolores said, turning to me with a twinkle in her eye, "Some of it was nude women...He was really quite good."

So where are the drawings?  And his paintings?  where are they?  My Dad told me once that some of his paintings were stored somewhere by my Grandpa Garrett, but no one has ever seen them and then my Grandpa died.  No one has ever seen them.

Whenever I asked why my Dad quit art, he said, "I got into music".  I don't think it's either-or.  It's more like, he is extremely gifted musically, but someone told him to quit art.  What.  For THEIR benefit?  I've seen my mother draw animals, and actually, she had people in her drawings as a little girl too.  Horses, dogs, and people.  But my Dad never let me see anything he drew.  Not once did he draw for me when I asked, except to draw a cartoon face.

Which then makes me wonder about my Grandpa Garrett drawing his 'cartoons'.  It is looking now like someone forced him to make some kind of a cartoon comic series, that was woodsy, to cover up his real talent and the fact that his kids were/are talented.  My Grandpa Garrett taught Art and P.E.  His "comic books" came out about the same time my entire family was being repressed so Middletons could look like Artist Extraordinaires.  I mean, is that what it comes down to?  My Grandpa lived next to the Canadian border too.

I had thought, at the time, that maybe that was really the kind of art my Grandpa Garrett did, but then I think about my Dad.  Supposedly my Dad was quite the artist.  Landscapes, nudes, and he liked pastels a lot.  He drew, painted, and used pastels.  Pastels and charcoal/pencil were his favorites.  But all I've ever seen him draw is a cartoon face.  Not even a whole face.  A nose hanging over a wall with 2 big eyes peeking over.  Maybe 2 hands on either side, holding onto the wall.

Sort of like, the only thing some group wanted my Grandpa to publish, was a comic book with one or two comic characters.  My Mom's art gets commemorated on an award cup for a dog show.


Then while this group is working at ruining our other artistic talent, music, by poisoning me and ruining my singing voice and assaulting my Dad's hands so he can't play instruments, they were still stealing my paintings.  "I'd like to buy a painting from you."  Oh.  Stealing is cheaper.

Guess what happens when I give the next generation some paints?  My son Oliver is discouraged from art and told painting is for girls.


So whir all reddy ta chop sum wood fur thuh lumburyArds now!  yesirreee! cuz we manly men and we no nonsense wiminfolk!  we ain't got no nuthin on yew city folks and horsey houndsy huntsmen.  Aw shucks. nope!  we's just plainfolks.  we gots us a NAHCE t.v. set.  with anteneys 'n' everythang.
Cruella De Vil

Maybe my Dad only drew the man looking over the wall, because it was to represent being trapped and held hostage.  I look over at their house now and see their dog looking out of the window with two front feet hanging over the couch.

We are definitely tortured and definitely hostages.  I remember Stephanie Maiers once commenting on our pink curtains.  She thought it was cute or something.  I also remember a woman with a British accent at our house one time, looking at puppies when my mother was breeding them.  I was about 8 or so.  I was told to go outside and play.

My mother did the uphostery of the couch, rockingchair, and sitting chair, in a diamond pattern.  It was the same pattern as on this one skirt of hers from when she was younger.  I wore it later in high school, and it was stolen.  It was stolen from me at Sherwood High School  It showed up on Kate Middleton.  I saw a photo in 2009 or 2010, and I was shocked to see "that skirt".  What else does Kate have that belongs to me?

If that skirt was not the exact same skirt, it was an exact replica.

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